Monday, April 18, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Sixteen)

Psychedelic Horseshit present \'Shitty Sundays\' - FREE Download Series Starts TODAY!
1. Psychedelic Horseshit - Punk Chix (Fat Cat)
This is a track from the second installment in the Psychedelic Horseshit's  "Shitty Sundays" series which is basically a bunch of tunes released every Sunday until 8th May. To download these fine works for free you need to hotfoot it over to the Fat Cat website where I thnk you can still get last weeks three tracks as well.
Kitty (Is A Bad Kitty)
2. Local Girls - Girlfriends/Pornstars (Sour Puss Records)
This track is taken from a four track E.P. called the "Wedding Jitters E.P." which will be released on Sour Puss records on 18th April. This is the first record I've heard from the London band and I will certainly be carrying out further investigations into their activities. If you buy the limited edition vinyl version you will be additionally pleasured by an exclusive download and a secret track. Truly excellent stuff.

3. Fabian - Puzzle (Binary)
This track is just brilliant!

Twelve Dark Noons

4. Naked On The Vague - Clock Of 12's (Sacred Bones)
This is a track from the Australian bands new six track E.P. "Twelve Dark Noons" which follows last years "Heaps Of Nothing" album. It is of course available on vinyl accompanied by the now obligatory digital download.

figurine e.p. Cover Art

5. Moonbell - Nostalgia For The Future (Self Released)
This comes from a four track E.P. which you can purchase in full from the San Francisco bands Bandcamp Page.

6. Ceremony - Leaves Me Cold (Custom Made Music)
This is a track from the new four track "Not Tonight E.P." from everyone's favourite Virginia band.

Mad Love

7. Lush - Leaves Me Cold (4AD)
A classic track taken from the bands first release, the brilliant "Mad Love" E.P. which was released back in 1990 on 4AD.

Gruesome Flowers: A Tribute To The Wake
8. Beach Fossils - Plastic Flowers (Captured Tracks)
This is one of two tracks on a seven inch single called "Gruesome Flowers, A Tribute To The Wake" who you might remember (if you're old enough) were senior members of the Sarah Records stable. This is Beach fossils take on "Plastic Flowers" and on the other side you get Wild Nothing having a bash at "Gruesome Castle" which might crop up in a future Fodder if I remember which pretty much guarantees that it won't. The single is released this week on Captured Tracks who are also putting out a series of three Wake seven inches which come in original retro sleeves. I don't know how many have been pressed but I would guess at not a lot.

Hardbells (Rough Version)

9. Bobmo - Hardbells (Rough Version) (BNR Trax)
This is one of three mixes of "Hardbells" which forms the current Bobmo single along with another track called "Northside".

10. Brain Handle - Trapped In A Toilet (Beautiful Member) (Self Released/Mind Cure)
Taken from the Pittsburgh bands "Baseball" seven inch single.

A I A : Dream Loss

11. Grouper - No Other (Yellowelectric)
This is part one of Liz Harris aka Grouper's latest work. It's an album called "A I A Dream Loss" and will be followed by "A I A: Alien Observer" which I have already ordered and quite frankly it can't come fast enough.

Memory Boy

12. Deerhunter - Memory Boy (4AD)
New single from Deerhunter which is available as a limited edition seven inch.

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