Saturday, April 09, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Fifteen)

1. Times New Viking - New Vertical Dwellings (Wichita)
Taken from the new Times New Viking album "Dancer Equired" which will be released on Wichita on 25th April. 

III:Arcade Dynamics

2. Ducktails  - Killin The Vibe (Woodsist)
Definitely my favourite track on the third album by New Jersey artist Matthew Mondanile aka Ducktails. The album "III: Arcade Dynamics" was released on Woodsist Records in January and I really should have paid it more attention.

3. Dumbo Gets Mad - You Make You Feel (End's Not Near Remix) (Bad Panda)
This is the End's Not Near entry to the Dumbo Gets Mad remix contest which anyone is welcome to participate in. The deadline has been moves back to the end of April. More details can be found HERE.


4. K-Conjog - Uno Is Walking (Bad Panda)
K-Conjog is an Italian one man band who has previously released two albums on Snowdonia and Dirty Demos and will be releasing his third album on Abandon building before we are very much older.

5. Fat Tulips - Nostalgia (Vinyl Japan)
I just fancied hearing this again. It's the lead track on from the bands 1992 "Nostalgia E.P." which still sounds really good. For some reason I have a French promo copy and I really can't remember why?

Psychedelic Horseshit present \'Shitty Sundays\' - FREE Download Series Starts TODAY!

6. Psychedelic Horseshit - Pyramid Eyes (Fat Cat)
This is a track from the first bunch of tunes Psychedelic Horseshit have released as part of their wonderfully named "Shitty Sundays" series which will see them putting out a bunch of tunes every weekend until 8th May. You can download the first three track bundle from the Fat Cat Records website HERE and presumably this will be the place to come every Sunday to find some more.

7. Sarandon - Mackenzie (Odd Box)
Taken frommthe new Sarandon album "Sarandon's Age Of Reason" which is on Slumberland records in the USA.

There Will Never Be Another Night Like Tonight Cover Art

8. The Arctic Flow - There Will Never Be Another Night Like Tonight (Self Released)
New single from the Myrtle Beach band. It's a three track E.P. which is available as a free download from Bandcamp.

The Big Roar

9. The Joy Formidable - A Heavy Abacus (Atlantic)
Another record which should have had a bit more attention in these parts is the long awaited "proper" debut album from The Joy Formidable. I'm sure you've all got a copy of "The Big Roar" by now but just in case some of you are a bit daft let me assure you that this is one record you need to own.

10. Slowness - Little King (Self Released)
This is a track from the  San Francisco bands debut E.P. "Hopeless But Otherwise". Apparently they are planning to play some dates in Europe at some point this year. Hope they visit the UK.

11. Autechre - 6852 (ATP)
I want to draw your attention to an exiting event which will take place at The Forum, Kentish Town, London on Thursday 21st April. It's a benefit gig for the victims of the recent disaster in Japan with all proceeds going directly to Red Cross Japan who will help and support those affected by the tragedy not only now but also in the long term as they rebuild their lives and recover from the terrible events of last month.
The line up is fantastic and includes the likes of LFO, Fuck Buttons and Squarepusher. Tickets cost £20 and can be purchased from THIS LINK. This track by Autechre has been made available to support this event and if I can wangle some free time on the 21st April I'll be there.

12. Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't - Lost In The Pancakes (Promo)
I'm afraid I can't tell you very much at all about Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't apart from that it's the side project of Olive Tremor Control keyboardist Peter Erchick and this is the title track from a new album which I can only assume will be available soon.

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