Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Eighteen)

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1. Mamuthones - The Call (Boring Machines)
This album has been around since the March but I've only just got to hear it. It's a self titled release by Mamuthones and nothing less than a torrent of sonic bliss.

Fortune Rumors Cover Art

2. Smug Brothers - Company Man (Self Released)
This track comes from a delightful record called "Fortune Rumors" which contains no less than eighteen tracks most of which are relatively brief but certainly very good. For some reason it reminds me of the debut Teenage Fanclub album "A Catholic Education" which entertained us back in 1990 which is actually quite scary because some of you reading this rubbish may not have even been nearly ready to be conceived then. You can check out "Fortune Rumors" in full at the Dayton band's Bandcamp Page.

Like a Fire Without Sound
3. Should - Slumberland (Words On Music)
This is a record I've been waiting for for ages. You might remember I featured a couple of tracks from a sampler a couple of months ago and now I finally have the full album which I can only really describe as the most beautiful thing I've heard this year. The record is called "Like A Fire Without Sound" and is available now on the Words On Music label. It should be remembered that it's been thirteen years since Should last released a record and to be perfectly honest I can't remember what their nineteen ninety eight album "Feed Like Fishes" actually sounded like but I have a copy somewhere so I'll check it out while I'm watching the football this afternoon. You will certainly be hearing more from this record though.

4. Fabio Orsi - Loipe 5 (Boring Machines)
Fabio Orsi is an Italian who now lives in Berlin. This is a track from his first release on Boring Machines "Wo Ist Behle" which is available now from the Boring Machines shop.

adriatic sea no surf Cover Art

5. Havah - Until You Find Out (Self Released)
It's not everyday you come across a cover version of a Ned's Atomic Dustbin track but this is one. It's from an album which was released last October called "Adriatic Sea No Surf" which can be downloaded for everyone's favourite price from the Havah (not sure if they prefer their name in capital letters, I suspect they do) Bandcamp Page.

6. The Tinklers - Don't Put Your Finger In The Fan (Shimmy Disc)
Some wise advice from the Baltimore band's 1990 debut album "Casserole".

7. Bibio - Willenhall (Warp)
This is the other side of that rather fine split twelve inch which features Clark on the reverse. The record was released on 16th April in celebration of Record Store day and although I promised myself not to mention the sleeve again, it is bloody gorgeous.

8. Los Campesinos - Light Leaves, Light Sees (Heat Rash)
This is a track from the seven inch single you will receive if you subscribe to the Los Campesinos quarterly zine "Heat Rash". The first issue has just been released and as well as a superb publication you also become the custodian of a seven inch single which featured two brand new, never heard before tracks and this one I think is particularly good. You can get more details on how to become a subscriber by going to the bands Heat Rash page.

Nerve Gliding EP Cover Art

9. Bleed Stone - WAV 3 (Self Released)
This track comes from a seven track E.P. which has been made available through the bands Bandcamp Page. I must admit I'm sorely tempted to post the whole thing here because it really is a record I think you should listen to at least once in your life, or perhaps this coffee's having a bit of a strange effect on me today.

Image of Lotus Fucker/Penis Geyser Split 7"

10. Penis Geyser - Penis Geyser Side (Solar Funeral/SPHC)
This is the Penis Geyser contribution to the split seven inch which they share with Lotus Fucker. I was told it had sold out but it appears to still be in stock HERE. You better get a move on though!

11. Djedjotronik - Bugle (Original Mix) (BNR Trax)
Boyz Noize label "Trax" is rapidly becoming my favourite record label of the year. From nowhere they have come, storming over the hills with sack loads of sounds to make your ears proud.


12. Ganglians - Jungle (Souterrain Transmissions)
This is a track from the new Ganglians album "Still Living" which will be released on 23rd August on Souterrain Transmissions in Europe and Lefse Records in the USA.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Seventeen)

In Between Fires Cover Art

1. The Vera Violets - Let The Silence End (Self Released)
Taken from the Tampa bands new album "In Between Fires" which you can download from their Bandcamp Page

2. Clark - Basterville Grinch (Warp)
Only a couple of weeks ago I was moaning that there hadn't been any new Chris Clark records for far too long and in protest of this I was just about to go and firebomb Warp HQ in Sheffield. They were clearly petrified because this little gem has just made it's way into the world. It's a split single involving Clark on one side with his "Basterville Grinch" and on the other we are treated to the not inconsiderable talents of Bibio who presents us with a track entitled "Willenhall" which is also excellent. The thing which makes this record even better though is the Warp Records company sleeve which houses it. If you cast your mind back to the start of the nineties (old people only) some of the best records on the planet at the time came dressed in similar attire. 

Not Today

3. The Sundelles - Kiss The Coast (Working For The Family)
Taken from the album "Georgia Swan" which is available now.

4. Sad Accordions - Sacrificial Chumpsucker Diatribe (Rainboot)
This is the new single from Sad Accordians. It precedes the bands debut album "The Colors And The Kill" which will be released on Rainboot on 23rd May and on the strength of this track it going to be a real treat.

5. Lotus Fucker - The Snake That Eats Its Own Tail (Solar Funeral/SPHC)
This brief piece is taken from a split seven inch which Lotus Fucker share with the delightfully named Penis Geyser. Lotus Fucker contribute three tracks with this being the most lengthy while Penis Geyser contribute just the one which is a bit of a masterpiece and clocks in at over six minutes. Apparently there were only five hundred and fifty copies pressed and it has now sold out so the possibilities are there to treat you to the whole damn thing. 

Split LP

6. Oval - Kreak (Thrill Jockey)
This track is taken from another split release. This time it's Oval sharing with Liturgy who provide us with a pretty fine nineteen minute piece on this release. 

Acting Thick for Money Cover Art

7. The Wind-Up Birds - Stay Close To The Driver (Self Released)
This is one of the tracks I keep coming back to on the Leeds based bands debut album "Acting Thick For The Money" which you can download in full from their Bandcamp Page at whatever price you wish to pay.

Gruesome Flowers: A Tribute To The Wake

8. Wild Nothing - Gruesome Castle (Captured Tracks)
This is the other side of the "Gruesome Flowers, A Tribute To The Wake" seven inch single which Wild Nothing share with Beach Fossils whose version of "Plastic Flowers" was included in last weeks Fodder. 

Here Comes Everybody and Singles

9.The Wake - Plastic Flowers (Factory)
This is the original version of the track which was posted in last weeks Fodder. It's been a long time since I last played this record but to be honest it still sounds pretty good. Taken from the 1985 album "Here Comes Everybody".

10. Boogie Monster - Castle In The Clouds (Needs More Ram)
Boogie Monster describe themselves as a noise/rock duo from Vancouver and have kindly sent me their debut album "Zecimechi" which as far as I can make out was released this week, in Vancouver at least. This is the single version of a track on the album and if you like this you certainly won't be disappointed with everything else. The track I really wanted to play you is "Lost In Bollywood" which is quite frankly magnificent   but the band would rather you heard this track so you'll just have to go and buy your own copy which you can do at Boogie Monster's Bandcamp Page for a mere five dollars.

11. Duplodeck - Strange Girl (Pug Records)
Taken from the bands new E.P. which is available as a free download from the Pug Records website.

12. The Douglas Firs - A Military Farewell (Armellodie)
Taken from the Scottish bands new album "Happy As A Windless Flag" which will be released on 16th May on Armellodie Records. It will be available on CD, cassette and digital download which once agin demonstrates the resurgance of the lowly cassette which has been making a big comeback over the last year or so.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Daytrotter Session

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

This is a set The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart recently recorded for the Daytrotter website. It features four tracks, two from the new album, one from the first and one I'm not familiar with. Enjoy.

1. Welcome To Daytrotter
2. Belong
3. Come Saturday
4. Heart In Your Heartbreak
5. I Wanna Go All The Way

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Sixteen)

Psychedelic Horseshit present \'Shitty Sundays\' - FREE Download Series Starts TODAY!
1. Psychedelic Horseshit - Punk Chix (Fat Cat)
This is a track from the second installment in the Psychedelic Horseshit's  "Shitty Sundays" series which is basically a bunch of tunes released every Sunday until 8th May. To download these fine works for free you need to hotfoot it over to the Fat Cat website where I thnk you can still get last weeks three tracks as well.
Kitty (Is A Bad Kitty)
2. Local Girls - Girlfriends/Pornstars (Sour Puss Records)
This track is taken from a four track E.P. called the "Wedding Jitters E.P." which will be released on Sour Puss records on 18th April. This is the first record I've heard from the London band and I will certainly be carrying out further investigations into their activities. If you buy the limited edition vinyl version you will be additionally pleasured by an exclusive download and a secret track. Truly excellent stuff.

3. Fabian - Puzzle (Binary)
This track is just brilliant!

Twelve Dark Noons

4. Naked On The Vague - Clock Of 12's (Sacred Bones)
This is a track from the Australian bands new six track E.P. "Twelve Dark Noons" which follows last years "Heaps Of Nothing" album. It is of course available on vinyl accompanied by the now obligatory digital download.

figurine e.p. Cover Art

5. Moonbell - Nostalgia For The Future (Self Released)
This comes from a four track E.P. which you can purchase in full from the San Francisco bands Bandcamp Page.

6. Ceremony - Leaves Me Cold (Custom Made Music)
This is a track from the new four track "Not Tonight E.P." from everyone's favourite Virginia band.

Mad Love

7. Lush - Leaves Me Cold (4AD)
A classic track taken from the bands first release, the brilliant "Mad Love" E.P. which was released back in 1990 on 4AD.

Gruesome Flowers: A Tribute To The Wake
8. Beach Fossils - Plastic Flowers (Captured Tracks)
This is one of two tracks on a seven inch single called "Gruesome Flowers, A Tribute To The Wake" who you might remember (if you're old enough) were senior members of the Sarah Records stable. This is Beach fossils take on "Plastic Flowers" and on the other side you get Wild Nothing having a bash at "Gruesome Castle" which might crop up in a future Fodder if I remember which pretty much guarantees that it won't. The single is released this week on Captured Tracks who are also putting out a series of three Wake seven inches which come in original retro sleeves. I don't know how many have been pressed but I would guess at not a lot.

Hardbells (Rough Version)

9. Bobmo - Hardbells (Rough Version) (BNR Trax)
This is one of three mixes of "Hardbells" which forms the current Bobmo single along with another track called "Northside".

10. Brain Handle - Trapped In A Toilet (Beautiful Member) (Self Released/Mind Cure)
Taken from the Pittsburgh bands "Baseball" seven inch single.

A I A : Dream Loss

11. Grouper - No Other (Yellowelectric)
This is part one of Liz Harris aka Grouper's latest work. It's an album called "A I A Dream Loss" and will be followed by "A I A: Alien Observer" which I have already ordered and quite frankly it can't come fast enough.

Memory Boy

12. Deerhunter - Memory Boy (4AD)
New single from Deerhunter which is available as a limited edition seven inch.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Fifteen)

1. Times New Viking - New Vertical Dwellings (Wichita)
Taken from the new Times New Viking album "Dancer Equired" which will be released on Wichita on 25th April. 

III:Arcade Dynamics

2. Ducktails  - Killin The Vibe (Woodsist)
Definitely my favourite track on the third album by New Jersey artist Matthew Mondanile aka Ducktails. The album "III: Arcade Dynamics" was released on Woodsist Records in January and I really should have paid it more attention.

3. Dumbo Gets Mad - You Make You Feel (End's Not Near Remix) (Bad Panda)
This is the End's Not Near entry to the Dumbo Gets Mad remix contest which anyone is welcome to participate in. The deadline has been moves back to the end of April. More details can be found HERE.


4. K-Conjog - Uno Is Walking (Bad Panda)
K-Conjog is an Italian one man band who has previously released two albums on Snowdonia and Dirty Demos and will be releasing his third album on Abandon building before we are very much older.

5. Fat Tulips - Nostalgia (Vinyl Japan)
I just fancied hearing this again. It's the lead track on from the bands 1992 "Nostalgia E.P." which still sounds really good. For some reason I have a French promo copy and I really can't remember why?

Psychedelic Horseshit present \'Shitty Sundays\' - FREE Download Series Starts TODAY!

6. Psychedelic Horseshit - Pyramid Eyes (Fat Cat)
This is a track from the first bunch of tunes Psychedelic Horseshit have released as part of their wonderfully named "Shitty Sundays" series which will see them putting out a bunch of tunes every weekend until 8th May. You can download the first three track bundle from the Fat Cat Records website HERE and presumably this will be the place to come every Sunday to find some more.

7. Sarandon - Mackenzie (Odd Box)
Taken frommthe new Sarandon album "Sarandon's Age Of Reason" which is on Slumberland records in the USA.

There Will Never Be Another Night Like Tonight Cover Art

8. The Arctic Flow - There Will Never Be Another Night Like Tonight (Self Released)
New single from the Myrtle Beach band. It's a three track E.P. which is available as a free download from Bandcamp.

The Big Roar

9. The Joy Formidable - A Heavy Abacus (Atlantic)
Another record which should have had a bit more attention in these parts is the long awaited "proper" debut album from The Joy Formidable. I'm sure you've all got a copy of "The Big Roar" by now but just in case some of you are a bit daft let me assure you that this is one record you need to own.

10. Slowness - Little King (Self Released)
This is a track from the  San Francisco bands debut E.P. "Hopeless But Otherwise". Apparently they are planning to play some dates in Europe at some point this year. Hope they visit the UK.

11. Autechre - 6852 (ATP)
I want to draw your attention to an exiting event which will take place at The Forum, Kentish Town, London on Thursday 21st April. It's a benefit gig for the victims of the recent disaster in Japan with all proceeds going directly to Red Cross Japan who will help and support those affected by the tragedy not only now but also in the long term as they rebuild their lives and recover from the terrible events of last month.
The line up is fantastic and includes the likes of LFO, Fuck Buttons and Squarepusher. Tickets cost £20 and can be purchased from THIS LINK. This track by Autechre has been made available to support this event and if I can wangle some free time on the 21st April I'll be there.

12. Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't - Lost In The Pancakes (Promo)
I'm afraid I can't tell you very much at all about Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't apart from that it's the side project of Olive Tremor Control keyboardist Peter Erchick and this is the title track from a new album which I can only assume will be available soon.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Death To The Brutes - Permanent Exhaustion E.P.

This is more like it. Probably the most angry record I've heard all week. Why is every one so bloody happy at the moment. Nix is away this week so I'm probably just a bit grumpy about having to tackle cooking (not a good track record, I can set eggs on fire). Nevertheless this is a great E.P. from Death To The Brutes which consists solely of Brigitte Roussele from Nac/Hut Report who have been featured in these pages many times in the passed. This is probably Brigitte's best work to date, certainly very different to the far more tuneful "9th Overflowing...Milky Slaughterhouse...Dream of Incubator" album which I posted on this site last year. You can probably still find it if you search hard enough. 

1. Death Set 
2. Dada Wasn't Modern
3. No Love, No Ecstacy
4. Red Dust
5. I'm Out