Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunshower Orphans - Avenue Abyss

Avenue Abyss Cover Art

You might remember a couple of months ago I posted a brilliant single by New York band Sunshower Orphans. It was, and still is called "Seikilos" and is still available elsewere on this site. I promised in that post that I would be keeping my peepers on them and now they have presented us with their first full length album and being very nice people would like you to download it for free. I am pleased to say that the standard set in their earlier recordings has been kept in the clouds and several tracks on here can only be described as sublime. It beggars belief to think that this lot are still unsigned but perhaps that's the best way to do business these days. As long as you produce good quality product and send it to the right people potentially millions of people can hear your work. I'm not saying millions of people come on this site. I sometimes wonder if I'm talking to myself but if just twenty extra people hear records such as this, as good as this then my job is done.
...and I love that picture. 

1. Rockaway Vespas
2. Kaleidoscope Plan
3. Live Cultures
4. Unisphere
5. Sunspots
6. Solidarity
7. Lies In Sepia
8. Nobody's Sorry
9. Manic Flaneur
10. Public Pool Daze
11. Breukelen
12. Braille
13. Manhattan Beach Junction
14. Crescent Apartments

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