Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Fourteen)


1. Low - Try To Sleep (Sub Pop)
Taken from the new album "C'mon" which will be released on Sub Pop on 11th April.

FOUR TET / DAPHNI (CARIBOU) - Pinnacles / Ye Ye image

2. Four Tet - Pinnacles (Text)
This track is one side of a twelve inch which Four Tet aka Mr Hebden share with Daphni which is Dan Snaith from Caribou in disguise. Every time Four Tet do these one off twelve inch thingies it always seems to produce something a bit special and this is no exception. "Pinnacle" is an eight minute monster, I almost typed mobster there which would probably have been more appropriate.

Purling Hiss RSD

3. Purling Hiss - Walking Down The Street (Permanent
This is one side of a split twelve inch which Purling Hiss share with Puffy Areolas. It's been released to celebrate something called Record Store Day 2011 which is something I'm not familiar with but which sound a great idea. The record is limited to just 750 copies and is pressed "deep grooved" which means it will be as loud as loud can be. Unfortunately I've just broken my headphones and the pair I'm using now are a bit shitty.

Chopped & Screwed

4. Micachu And The Shapes - Medicine Drank (Rough Trade)
This track is taken from the new Micachu And The Shapes album which is a collaboration with London Sinfonietta of whom I know nothing. The whole thing was recorded in front of a live audience (as opposed to a dead one) at Kings Place in London last May. "Chopped And Screwed" is released on Rough Trade this week.

Growls Garden
5. Clark - The Magnet Mine (Warp)
It's about time we had some new stuff from Chris Clark. This is a track from his superb "Growls Garden" E.P. of 2009. Clark will be performing a headline set at Leisure System LDN.01 which is on 1st April at Corsica Studios in south east London. The bill also includes Jimmy Edgar, Machinedrum, Young Montana, Lando Kal, Koreless, Puzzle, Patten, Seia, Anxst, Area Boy and N>E>D. If I was in the London area I would definitely be paying that a visit. Tickets range from eight to thirteen pounds and can be bought from

Brilliant! Tragic!

6. Art Brut - Axel Rose (Cooking Vinyl)
Eddie Argos and the boys are back with a new record. I hope Mr Argos is okay because on some tracks he sounds decidedly unwell, still I suppose the rock n' roll lifestyle must take it our of you after a while. The new record is called "Brilliant Tragic" and will be released on Cooking Vinyl on 23rd May so still a little while to wait. A new single "Lost Weekend" will precede the album....sometime.

Avenue Abyss Cover Art

7. Sunshower Orphans - Sunspots (Self Released)
Taken from the debut album by the New York band. The album is called "Abyss Avenue" and has a fantastic cover and just in case you haven't looked below you can download the whole thing further down this page.

8. Baby Jazz - Billy Ocean (Bad Panda)
Baby Jazz is a collaboration between Golden Chow (Simon Cooper of Sunglasses) and Teen Wolfe (Elgin Braden of Aux Arc). Currently Baby Jazz is releasing individual singles which will eventually be collected together and released as an album which will be come with a companion comic book. "Billy Ocean is the third single released by the duo.

9. Raw Radar War - All Arrows In (Chainsaw Safety)
This is one of  five tracks on a seven inch single called "On A Field Of White" which can be ordered from the Chainsaw Safety Records website and if you're prepared to part with fifteen dollars you can have a t-shirt as well!

Privilege, Pt. III: Mend & Make Do

10. Parenthetical Girls - Careful Who You Dance With (Slender Means Society)
This isn't really something which would appeal to me but that voice is just sublime. Synths really don't do that much for me but combined with that vocal really needs to be heard. It comes from the latest Parenthetical Girls E.P "Privilege Pt III" which oddly enough is the third instalment in the Privilege series and is available now on Slender Means Society.

11. Cosmonauts - Dorothy (Permanent)
Another winner out of the Permanent Records stable. This time it's the debut album by Orange County band Cosmonauts. If you get yourself over to the Permanent Records website quickly you should still be able to get one of the 150 Easter Egg yellow copies of the album which if you inspect the above picture I'm sure you'll consider scrumptious.

unrequited Cover Art

12. Blissgaze - Unrequited (Self Released)
There's nothing quite like a bit of loveliness to end a Fodder. This track is taken from the Brighton bands bandcamp page.