Friday, March 04, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Eleven)

Music Sounds Better With You

1. Acid House Kings - (I'm In) A Chorus Line (Labrador)
Taken from the Swedish bands new album "Music Sounds Better With You" which is their first release in about six years! It will be released on CD and vinyl on Labrador Records on 22nd March.

2. Primitive Motion - Circle Of Light (Soft Abuse)
This is a tarck from the debut EP by Australian duo Primitive Motion. It's called "Certain Materials" and will be released very soon on Soft Abuse limited to three hundred copies. Apparently there will be a cassette edition in the not too distant future as well.

OLD APPARATUS - Old Apparatus image

3. Old Apparatus - Track 2 (Deep Medi)
I can't tell you very much about this record at all. The two tracks on this twelve inch don't even seem to have titles, perhaps they don't need them. It was released about a month ago on Deep Medi and is pretty devastating. I hope you can still get hold of one of these as I know certain online retailers have sold out.


4. Baaneex - Weird Dance (Odd Box)
This is the first of four tracks on what I take to be the debut E.P. by London based Baaneex. All four tracks on here are called Weird Dance (followed by a number) but seem to be completely unrelated. "Weird Dance 7" is particularly satisfying as it's a thirteen second blast of pure anger. The E.P. is available now from the Odd Box Records online shop.

5. Zoey Van Goey - My Aviator (Chemikal Underground)
Another track from the Scottish bands superb second album "Propeller Vs Wings" which is an absolute treat. There is a vinyl version available which is limited to five hundred copies and these can be purchased from the Chemikal Underground website.

6. NSI - +•ΓΈ> (Non Standard Productions)
NSI comprises of German producers Tobias Freund and Max Loderbauer and together they have produced an album called "Sync". This is the second of the twenty four tracks on here, some of which are very brief but all have these strange symbols for titles. I think this was actually issued at the end of last year but I've only just got around to listening to it.


7. Pale Sketcher - Drag Your Feet (Ghostly International)
Justin K Broadrick is back under his Pale Sketcher guise with a new E.P. It's called "Seventh Heaven" and features five new tracks. It was released last week on Ghostly international and is available on limited edition vinyl (five hundred copies if you're interested) as well as the now usual download formats. This is probably my favourite track although it's not typical of the other four tracks on here which all contain a lot more beats.

The Sounds We Heard at the End of the World Cover Art
8. Kevin Broome  - Before The Jet Hits (Self Released)
This is the first offering from "The Sounds We Heard At The End Of The World" which will be released on 1st June.

Vivian Girls - Share The Joy (2011)

9 . Vivian Girls - Trying To Pretend (Polyvinyl)
This is a track from Vivian Girls third album "Share The Joy" which will be released by Polyvinyl next month.

Old Friends

10. I Was A King - Echoes (Sounds Familyre)
Taken from the Oslo bands new album "Old Friends".

11. Dressed In Wires - Jelly Dong (Bear With Me)
Another track from the superb new record by Dressed In Wires "When That Wicked King Was Slain, The Dogs, Did They Not Lick His Blood" which was released last month. Apparently this is the first part of something called "Bring The Exhibits" which will comprise of a further three releases later in the year.

12. La Sera -

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