Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Fourteen)


1. Low - Try To Sleep (Sub Pop)
Taken from the new album "C'mon" which will be released on Sub Pop on 11th April.

FOUR TET / DAPHNI (CARIBOU) - Pinnacles / Ye Ye image

2. Four Tet - Pinnacles (Text)
This track is one side of a twelve inch which Four Tet aka Mr Hebden share with Daphni which is Dan Snaith from Caribou in disguise. Every time Four Tet do these one off twelve inch thingies it always seems to produce something a bit special and this is no exception. "Pinnacle" is an eight minute monster, I almost typed mobster there which would probably have been more appropriate.

Purling Hiss RSD

3. Purling Hiss - Walking Down The Street (Permanent
This is one side of a split twelve inch which Purling Hiss share with Puffy Areolas. It's been released to celebrate something called Record Store Day 2011 which is something I'm not familiar with but which sound a great idea. The record is limited to just 750 copies and is pressed "deep grooved" which means it will be as loud as loud can be. Unfortunately I've just broken my headphones and the pair I'm using now are a bit shitty.

Chopped & Screwed

4. Micachu And The Shapes - Medicine Drank (Rough Trade)
This track is taken from the new Micachu And The Shapes album which is a collaboration with London Sinfonietta of whom I know nothing. The whole thing was recorded in front of a live audience (as opposed to a dead one) at Kings Place in London last May. "Chopped And Screwed" is released on Rough Trade this week.

Growls Garden
5. Clark - The Magnet Mine (Warp)
It's about time we had some new stuff from Chris Clark. This is a track from his superb "Growls Garden" E.P. of 2009. Clark will be performing a headline set at Leisure System LDN.01 which is on 1st April at Corsica Studios in south east London. The bill also includes Jimmy Edgar, Machinedrum, Young Montana, Lando Kal, Koreless, Puzzle, Patten, Seia, Anxst, Area Boy and N>E>D. If I was in the London area I would definitely be paying that a visit. Tickets range from eight to thirteen pounds and can be bought from

Brilliant! Tragic!

6. Art Brut - Axel Rose (Cooking Vinyl)
Eddie Argos and the boys are back with a new record. I hope Mr Argos is okay because on some tracks he sounds decidedly unwell, still I suppose the rock n' roll lifestyle must take it our of you after a while. The new record is called "Brilliant Tragic" and will be released on Cooking Vinyl on 23rd May so still a little while to wait. A new single "Lost Weekend" will precede the album....sometime.

Avenue Abyss Cover Art

7. Sunshower Orphans - Sunspots (Self Released)
Taken from the debut album by the New York band. The album is called "Abyss Avenue" and has a fantastic cover and just in case you haven't looked below you can download the whole thing further down this page.

8. Baby Jazz - Billy Ocean (Bad Panda)
Baby Jazz is a collaboration between Golden Chow (Simon Cooper of Sunglasses) and Teen Wolfe (Elgin Braden of Aux Arc). Currently Baby Jazz is releasing individual singles which will eventually be collected together and released as an album which will be come with a companion comic book. "Billy Ocean is the third single released by the duo.

9. Raw Radar War - All Arrows In (Chainsaw Safety)
This is one of  five tracks on a seven inch single called "On A Field Of White" which can be ordered from the Chainsaw Safety Records website and if you're prepared to part with fifteen dollars you can have a t-shirt as well!

Privilege, Pt. III: Mend & Make Do

10. Parenthetical Girls - Careful Who You Dance With (Slender Means Society)
This isn't really something which would appeal to me but that voice is just sublime. Synths really don't do that much for me but combined with that vocal really needs to be heard. It comes from the latest Parenthetical Girls E.P "Privilege Pt III" which oddly enough is the third instalment in the Privilege series and is available now on Slender Means Society.

11. Cosmonauts - Dorothy (Permanent)
Another winner out of the Permanent Records stable. This time it's the debut album by Orange County band Cosmonauts. If you get yourself over to the Permanent Records website quickly you should still be able to get one of the 150 Easter Egg yellow copies of the album which if you inspect the above picture I'm sure you'll consider scrumptious.

unrequited Cover Art

12. Blissgaze - Unrequited (Self Released)
There's nothing quite like a bit of loveliness to end a Fodder. This track is taken from the Brighton bands bandcamp page.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunshower Orphans - Avenue Abyss

Avenue Abyss Cover Art

You might remember a couple of months ago I posted a brilliant single by New York band Sunshower Orphans. It was, and still is called "Seikilos" and is still available elsewere on this site. I promised in that post that I would be keeping my peepers on them and now they have presented us with their first full length album and being very nice people would like you to download it for free. I am pleased to say that the standard set in their earlier recordings has been kept in the clouds and several tracks on here can only be described as sublime. It beggars belief to think that this lot are still unsigned but perhaps that's the best way to do business these days. As long as you produce good quality product and send it to the right people potentially millions of people can hear your work. I'm not saying millions of people come on this site. I sometimes wonder if I'm talking to myself but if just twenty extra people hear records such as this, as good as this then my job is done.
...and I love that picture. 

1. Rockaway Vespas
2. Kaleidoscope Plan
3. Live Cultures
4. Unisphere
5. Sunspots
6. Solidarity
7. Lies In Sepia
8. Nobody's Sorry
9. Manic Flaneur
10. Public Pool Daze
11. Breukelen
12. Braille
13. Manhattan Beach Junction
14. Crescent Apartments

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cash Cow

This is a three track CD which came through my door a week or so ago. Unfortunately I have literally no information to pass on to  you other than they probably come from somewhere in the UK. The important thing of course is whether or not they sound good and I'm sure you'll concur after listening to these tracks that we will be needing a lot more Cash Cow in the future.

1. She's Diggin' My Grave Again
2. Ride The Dragon (Part 3)
3. Business Not Pleasure

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pod Fodder (One Hundred And Thirteen)

Download Zip File


1. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Heavens Gonna Happen Now (Slumberland)
Taken from the new Pains album "Belong" which will be released on Slumberland on 29th March. 

Common Era

2. Belong - Perfect Life (Kranky)
This piece of loveliness is taken from the New Orleans bands first album in five years. "Common Era" is released next week on Kranky Records.

White Fox
3. Ham Sandwich - OH OH (Route 109A)
Taken from the Dublin bands excellent album "White Fox" which was released towards the back ebd of last year but in time honoured fashion has only just found it's way to my ears.

4. The Echelon Effect - We Will Spin Forever (Bad Panda)
A new track from The Echelon Effect, hopefully it might precede an album as I think a full length recording is well overdue. This is quite simply beautiful.

5. Cyclo - id#01 (Raster Noton)
Taken from the album "id". This is the second track on the album the first is called id#00 and is a very unpleasant listen being made up of tones and beeps some of which are at such frequencies that they are quite distressing to hear. I could have played you that track but I don't want to be responsible for making your head explode. However if you should choose to subject yourself to this in the privacy of your own headphones huge volume is the way to go.  

6. Dawn Of Humans - Bung Life (Toxic State)
I don't know anything about this record at all and sometime that is the best way to be. This is one of five tracks on a seven inch single which could well prove difficult to get hold of.

The Telewire Cover Art

7. The Telewire - Building Up To Something (Self Released)
Taken from The Telewire's debut album which can be dowloaded for as little as five dollars on the bands Bandcamp page.

Cob Dominos

8. The Lovely Eggs - Don't Look At Me (I Don't Like It) (Cherryade)
I'm still loving this album. In case you missed last weeks Fodder it's called "Cob Dominos" and is quite frankly something you need to have . I think if you go on You Tube you can find a rather amusing video for this track.

Bohla EP

9. Blawan - Kaz (R&S)
It's good to see quality records still coming out of R&S after all these years. Back in the early nineties R&S records were a codename for quality electronic music and you knew that any twelve inch which bore that distinctive label would be right on the money. Unfortunately they went through a bit of a dodgy period a few years ago which was why I was a bit apprehensive as I placed this on the turntable. I need not have worried however because as your ears will tell you this is superb. It's the first of three tracks by Blawan on what is called the "Bohla EP".

Making Marks

10. My Little Pony - Fragments Of An Island (Spoon Train)
Taken from the Norwegian bands second album "Making Marks".

rest from what Cover Art

11. Wolff Parkinson White - Anal Jesus (Self Released)
I feel I haven't played you enough from this record. It's the debut album by Wolff Parkinson White a track from which was featured on here a couple of months ago. "Rest From What" can be downloaded for eight US Dollars from their Bandcamp page.

Cape Dory

12. Tennis - Seafarer (Fat Possum)
Taken from the album "Cape Dory" which is available now on Fat Possum.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Primitives - The Coventry Demos (1985)

This is a re-post by popular request, well one person has asked for it anyway and why not because I think these demo's are great. This is The Primitives at their best, around the time of the recording of their first few singles which were bundled together on an album called "Lazy 86-88" at some point but I think that too may take some finding now. These demo's were recorded on 31st October 1985 in Coventry oddly enough. I mean how good did they sound before the hype set in.

1. Thru The Flowers
2. Crash
3. All The Way Down
4. Thru The Flowers (different version)
5. Spacehead
6. As Tears Go By
7. Across My Shoulder
8. Stop Killing Me
9. Shadow

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Twelve)

Never Kill a Secret - EP

1. The Primitives - Rattle My Cage (Fortuna Pop)
I never thought I would ever hear a new Primitives record again but after reforming last year and playing to packed out venues they have decided to go back into the studio. The result is a four track EP which features two new songs and two covers. This is the lead track and very nice it is too. It's a bit strange hearing Tracy's voice on a new record though. I don't know if this will be the only new record or if there is an album on the way but this will more than suffice for now.

La Sera

2. La Sera - You're Going To Cry (Hardly Art
When I heard La Sera's "Never Come Around" single last year I thought that would be just about that from Vivian Girls Katy Goodman's side project. especially with the release of the new Vivian Girls album almost upon us you wouldn't think she would have had the time to put together a full album of songs under the La Sera banner. However the busy young scamp has done exactly that and it was actually released last month, Valentines Day to be precise but has only just found my turntable. The thing is you know what you're going to get from Katy Goodman, lots of well crafted, well written multi layered pop songs and that is exactly what this is.

3. Young Team - Black Lodge (Northern Star)
This is a track from the Swedish band brilliant debut album "Daydreamer" which is available now on Northern Star.

Seefeel / Seefeel's new album is out now - read reviews, watch ICA live footage plus MP3 download

4. Seefeel - Rip Run (Warp)
Another track from the self titled album which was released a couple of months ago on Warp.

Cob Dominos

5. The Lovely Eggs - Panic Plants (Cherryade)
I'm in love with this record. It's the second album by The Lovely Eggs and to be honest it's a bit of a masterpiece. It's called "Cob Dominos" and is probably my favourite record of the year so far. I was listening to it while cycling through town the other day and got so excited I crashed into a bollard.

Balkans - Edita V (Import 7")

6. Balkans - Edita V (Double Phantom)
This is a track from the Atlanta bands Self titled debut album which will be released on May 10th on Double Phantom Records. "Edita V" also forms the A side of a limited edition seven inch single which costs a rather expensive six pound fifty pence in the UK.

Fade Cave EP Cover Art

7. Yellow Ostrich - Firefly (Self Released)
Taken from the "Fade Cave E.P." which was released last year and can be downloaded from their Bandcamp Page on a pay what you want basis.

8. Sarandon - Mustn't Grumble (Oddbox)
Taken from the new album "Sarandon's Age Of Reason" which will be released on Oddbox next week. There is a launch party for the record at The Windmill, Brixton Hill, London on 26th March which will also feature Phil Wilson, Dora Brilliant and Ralegh Long. Interestingly there will also be Sarandon's Age Of Reason beer on tap which sounds like a fantastic night and for those of us who don't live in London there will be another launch party, this time in Leeds organised by Revolutions Brewery who are the company responsible for Sarandon's Age Of Reason Beer at The Hop, Leeds which is under the railway arches near the station in case you're interested.

The Phantom Forest

9. Bearsuit - When Will I Be Queen? (Fortuna Pop)
One of tracks I keep coming back to on the Norwich bands forthcoming fourth album "The Phantom Forest".

 joseph childress

10. The Sandwitches - Lightfoot (Empty Cellar)
The Sandwitches come from San Francisco and have been around since 2008. This track is taken from their debut album "Mrs Jones Cookies" which is released on Empty Cellar Records on 29th March. That voice is extraordinary.

11. Natural Law - The Nail That Sticks Up... (Self Released)
This track is one of five on a cassette issued by the band. Apparently these are demo versions of tracks which will appear on an album later in the year.

12. The Mock Turtles - Magic Boomerang (Imaginary)
There's no good reason for including this track. I was listening to some old twelve inches earlier in the week and happened to play this. At the time I used to love this track.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Eleven)

Music Sounds Better With You

1. Acid House Kings - (I'm In) A Chorus Line (Labrador)
Taken from the Swedish bands new album "Music Sounds Better With You" which is their first release in about six years! It will be released on CD and vinyl on Labrador Records on 22nd March.

2. Primitive Motion - Circle Of Light (Soft Abuse)
This is a tarck from the debut EP by Australian duo Primitive Motion. It's called "Certain Materials" and will be released very soon on Soft Abuse limited to three hundred copies. Apparently there will be a cassette edition in the not too distant future as well.

OLD APPARATUS - Old Apparatus image

3. Old Apparatus - Track 2 (Deep Medi)
I can't tell you very much about this record at all. The two tracks on this twelve inch don't even seem to have titles, perhaps they don't need them. It was released about a month ago on Deep Medi and is pretty devastating. I hope you can still get hold of one of these as I know certain online retailers have sold out.


4. Baaneex - Weird Dance (Odd Box)
This is the first of four tracks on what I take to be the debut E.P. by London based Baaneex. All four tracks on here are called Weird Dance (followed by a number) but seem to be completely unrelated. "Weird Dance 7" is particularly satisfying as it's a thirteen second blast of pure anger. The E.P. is available now from the Odd Box Records online shop.

5. Zoey Van Goey - My Aviator (Chemikal Underground)
Another track from the Scottish bands superb second album "Propeller Vs Wings" which is an absolute treat. There is a vinyl version available which is limited to five hundred copies and these can be purchased from the Chemikal Underground website.

6. NSI - +•ΓΈ> (Non Standard Productions)
NSI comprises of German producers Tobias Freund and Max Loderbauer and together they have produced an album called "Sync". This is the second of the twenty four tracks on here, some of which are very brief but all have these strange symbols for titles. I think this was actually issued at the end of last year but I've only just got around to listening to it.


7. Pale Sketcher - Drag Your Feet (Ghostly International)
Justin K Broadrick is back under his Pale Sketcher guise with a new E.P. It's called "Seventh Heaven" and features five new tracks. It was released last week on Ghostly international and is available on limited edition vinyl (five hundred copies if you're interested) as well as the now usual download formats. This is probably my favourite track although it's not typical of the other four tracks on here which all contain a lot more beats.

The Sounds We Heard at the End of the World Cover Art
8. Kevin Broome  - Before The Jet Hits (Self Released)
This is the first offering from "The Sounds We Heard At The End Of The World" which will be released on 1st June.

Vivian Girls - Share The Joy (2011)

9 . Vivian Girls - Trying To Pretend (Polyvinyl)
This is a track from Vivian Girls third album "Share The Joy" which will be released by Polyvinyl next month.

Old Friends

10. I Was A King - Echoes (Sounds Familyre)
Taken from the Oslo bands new album "Old Friends".

11. Dressed In Wires - Jelly Dong (Bear With Me)
Another track from the superb new record by Dressed In Wires "When That Wicked King Was Slain, The Dogs, Did They Not Lick His Blood" which was released last month. Apparently this is the first part of something called "Bring The Exhibits" which will comprise of a further three releases later in the year.

12. La Sera -