Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Ten)

1. Dead Wife - RX From Dr Gay (Swill Children)
This is the Dead Wife contribution to a split seven inch which Dead Wife share with Hunters whose track "Deadbeat" was featured in last weeks Fodder.

2. 1 Speed Bike - This Country Is Torture (Bad Panda)

3. Me You Us Them - Research (Kill Red Rocket/Triple Down)
Taken from a split seven inch single which Me You Us Them share with Bloody Knives. I think this was released back in November so it could be tricky to track down.

4. Dream Diary Something Tells Her (Kanine)
This was a nice surprise. "You Are The Beat" is the debut album by Brooklyn based outfit Dream Diary and without going over the top is bloody good. The vinyl version comes in very pretty translucent red vinyl accompanied by the now essential mp3 version.

Digital 7" No. 2 - Together b/w Something Cover Art

5. Teen Gaze - Together (Cultus Vibes)
This is a track from the bands new digital single which is available in full further down this page.

still, she stays... Cover Art

6. Bonne Nouvelle - A Guide For The Perplexed (Self Released)
Taken from the Eastbourne bands debut album "Still, She Says" which is available as a free download from their Bandcamp page

7. The Chewers - Fire On The Hill (Self Released)
This brief track is taken from The Chewers debut album "Every Drop Disorganised" which can be purchased from the bands website HERE on one of those pay what you want deals, or free if you don't want to pay anything but I hope you will consider it worth at least a couple of pounds.

Ephémère Cover Art
8. Caterwauler - Ephemere (Self Released)
This is a track available free from the bands Bandcamp page. I'm really starting to like Bandcamp.

7" Cover Art

9. The Barettas - Touche (Self Released)
This is the first I've heard from The Barettas and it brings home what a wonderful invention Bandcamp is. I probably use it more than my kettle these days, mind you coffee machines have come on in leaps and bounds. Anyway the point is that this is a track from yet another free single which you can download from Bandcamp. as a digital seven inch single (you'll just have to imagine the seven inch bit) along with another track called "Black Sheep" which kicks rather a lot of ass as well.

Colour Trip

10. Ringo Deathstar - Imagine Hearts (Club AC30)
"Colour Trip" is the new album from noisy Texans, Ringo Deathstar. It's currently the most played record on my ipod which doesn't actually mean anything at all apart from it sounds great at brain crushing volume. "Imagine Hearts" is the first track on the album and as such is probably the best place to start but let me tell you there is not a single floppy minute on this record and as far as I'm concerned a new member of the family has been born. You can be quite confident you'll be hearing more from this lot on this site.

7th March - London, Luninaire

Decay Decoy

11. The Megaphonic Thrift - Candy Sin (Club AC30)
Another new release on the Club AC30 label is the debut album by Norwegian noise masters The Megaphonic Thrift. Apparently the CD version of "Decay Decoy" comes as a six panel digifile package which I'm sure will excite  you as much as it has me.

Image of Dumbo Gets Mad - Elephants At The Door LP (12'', Printed Gatefold Jacket, Ltd Edition) - PRE-ORDER
12. Dumbo Gets Mad - Marmelade Kids (Bad Panda)
This is a track from what will be the first physical release on Bad Panda. it's by Dumbo Gets Mad who is an Italian now living in Los Angeles. The album is called "Elephants At The Door" and is a bit of a stange experience. It manages to sound new and old all at the same time, probably due to the fact that much of it has been recorded on vintage equipment, tape machines, synths etc. Still it makes a pretty good listen and actually reminds me of a record you might remember from a couple of months ago by the very strange Moon Wiring Club. I'm told the vinyl will be available from this week as some kind of gatefold sleeve issue.
...and before some smart Alec emails in to tell me I've spelled marmalade wrong that's how it's spelled on the files. I was really tempted to correct it but if that's the way it's meant to be...