Thursday, February 24, 2011

Should - Like A Fire Without Sound

Like A Fire Without Sound Cover Art

This is a taster of what the new Should album will sound like when it's released by Words On Music In April. Remarkably it's the bands first album in thirteen years and took five years to record. As I hope these two tracks demonstrate, their efforts have not been in vain.

1. Turned Tables
2. Glasshouse

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Inca Gold

Inca Gold Cover Art

This is the first in a series of three E.P.s to be released this year by the London duo which comprises of Talvihorros and Ezequiel Ezequiel who both released material on Bad Panda last year.

1. It's Happening Again
2. All The Very Best
3. Holly Buzzer!
4. Hypnotize

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Ten)

1. Dead Wife - RX From Dr Gay (Swill Children)
This is the Dead Wife contribution to a split seven inch which Dead Wife share with Hunters whose track "Deadbeat" was featured in last weeks Fodder.

2. 1 Speed Bike - This Country Is Torture (Bad Panda)

3. Me You Us Them - Research (Kill Red Rocket/Triple Down)
Taken from a split seven inch single which Me You Us Them share with Bloody Knives. I think this was released back in November so it could be tricky to track down.

4. Dream Diary Something Tells Her (Kanine)
This was a nice surprise. "You Are The Beat" is the debut album by Brooklyn based outfit Dream Diary and without going over the top is bloody good. The vinyl version comes in very pretty translucent red vinyl accompanied by the now essential mp3 version.

Digital 7" No. 2 - Together b/w Something Cover Art

5. Teen Gaze - Together (Cultus Vibes)
This is a track from the bands new digital single which is available in full further down this page.

still, she stays... Cover Art

6. Bonne Nouvelle - A Guide For The Perplexed (Self Released)
Taken from the Eastbourne bands debut album "Still, She Says" which is available as a free download from their Bandcamp page

7. The Chewers - Fire On The Hill (Self Released)
This brief track is taken from The Chewers debut album "Every Drop Disorganised" which can be purchased from the bands website HERE on one of those pay what you want deals, or free if you don't want to pay anything but I hope you will consider it worth at least a couple of pounds.

Ephémère Cover Art
8. Caterwauler - Ephemere (Self Released)
This is a track available free from the bands Bandcamp page. I'm really starting to like Bandcamp.

7" Cover Art

9. The Barettas - Touche (Self Released)
This is the first I've heard from The Barettas and it brings home what a wonderful invention Bandcamp is. I probably use it more than my kettle these days, mind you coffee machines have come on in leaps and bounds. Anyway the point is that this is a track from yet another free single which you can download from Bandcamp. as a digital seven inch single (you'll just have to imagine the seven inch bit) along with another track called "Black Sheep" which kicks rather a lot of ass as well.

Colour Trip

10. Ringo Deathstar - Imagine Hearts (Club AC30)
"Colour Trip" is the new album from noisy Texans, Ringo Deathstar. It's currently the most played record on my ipod which doesn't actually mean anything at all apart from it sounds great at brain crushing volume. "Imagine Hearts" is the first track on the album and as such is probably the best place to start but let me tell you there is not a single floppy minute on this record and as far as I'm concerned a new member of the family has been born. You can be quite confident you'll be hearing more from this lot on this site.

7th March - London, Luninaire

Decay Decoy

11. The Megaphonic Thrift - Candy Sin (Club AC30)
Another new release on the Club AC30 label is the debut album by Norwegian noise masters The Megaphonic Thrift. Apparently the CD version of "Decay Decoy" comes as a six panel digifile package which I'm sure will excite  you as much as it has me.

Image of Dumbo Gets Mad - Elephants At The Door LP (12'', Printed Gatefold Jacket, Ltd Edition) - PRE-ORDER
12. Dumbo Gets Mad - Marmelade Kids (Bad Panda)
This is a track from what will be the first physical release on Bad Panda. it's by Dumbo Gets Mad who is an Italian now living in Los Angeles. The album is called "Elephants At The Door" and is a bit of a stange experience. It manages to sound new and old all at the same time, probably due to the fact that much of it has been recorded on vintage equipment, tape machines, synths etc. Still it makes a pretty good listen and actually reminds me of a record you might remember from a couple of months ago by the very strange Moon Wiring Club. I'm told the vinyl will be available from this week as some kind of gatefold sleeve issue.
...and before some smart Alec emails in to tell me I've spelled marmalade wrong that's how it's spelled on the files. I was really tempted to correct it but if that's the way it's meant to be...

Monday, February 21, 2011

RxGibbs - Bleu Celeste E.P.

Bleu Celeste ep Cover Art

This is the third E.P. by the Michigan band. The previous two "Disclosure" and "Ecko" which were both released last year can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page

1. Triangulars
2. Spark
3. Sumerian Sky
4. Bleu Celeste

Teen Daze - Together/Something

Digital 7" No. 2 - Together b/w Something Cover Art

This is the first release on new internet label Cultus Vibes. It's two brand new tracks from the superb Teen Daze who have been known to perpetrate these pages in the past. I really like the idea of free internet singles and more and more artists are realising that it's a great way to get your stuff into peoples ears. Let's face it records like this just aren't going to get any airplay at all (apart from on BBc 6 Music who have already played this record but are completely the exeption) and so people who might have fallen in love with the record wont. Make sure you keep checking out the Cultus Vibes website for more releases.

1. Together
2. Something

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Nine)

Download Zip File

1. Quiet Lights - No More Canyons (Old Flame)
This is a track from the forthcoming seven inch single by the Brooklyn band. The vinyl will be released on 15th February on Old Flame Records and I'm told we can look forward to an album in the spring.

2. Puro Instinct - Lost At Sea (Mexican Summer)
From what I believe to be their second album. "Headbangers In Exctacy" is superb and will be available soon on the increasingly sexy Mexican Summer label who seem to be putting together a quite awesome roster of bands at the moment.

Propeller Versus Wings
3. Zoey Van Goey - Sackville Sun (Chemikal Underground)
Another track from the Scottish bands second album "Propeller Versus Wings" which is relesed this week on Chemikal Underground. I was hoping to be able to bring you exiting news of a tour but it appears I must have imagined that after a bottle of wine. There are three gigs coming up however including a Leeds show which I just might be able to make.

19th February - Liverpool, Zanzibar
20th February - London, The Slaughtered Lamb
21st February - Leeds, Orporto

4. Hunters - Deadbeat (Swill Children)
This track comes from a seven inch single which Hunters share with Dead Wife.

Seminal Live
5. The Fall - Deadbeat Decendant (Beggars Banquet)
...well I bet you didn't see that one coming. Taken from the 1989 album "Seminal Live".

He Gets Me High
6. Dum Dum Girls - He Gets Me High (Sub Pop)    
I'm probably the last person in the world to get into Dum Dum Girls. I completely missed their debut album last year and although people kept banging on about them they somehow slipped through a gaping hole in the net. Anyway this is the title track from the new E.P. which features three new tracks and a cover of The Smiths "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out". The band have loads of gigs coming up including some in the UK next month. Check out their Myspace for more details.

Sarah June: Beneath Black Robes
7. Sarah June - Run Run (Silber)
This is the first track on the new Sarah June album "Beneath Black Robes" which is basically a remix album from Sarah's 2010 album "In Black Robes". As with most remix albums it's a bit hit and miss but there are some realy good tracks on here and the better news is that the good folk at Silber Records are giving this album away as a free download which you can get HERE.

8. Dressed In Wires - A Cut On My Tongue (Bear With Me)
Another track from the great album "When That Wicked King Was Slain, The Dogs, Did They Not Lick His Blood?" which was released on 14th February. There is a very limited edition of twenty five copies which come in the form of a hand sewn sixteen page booklet and they are probably all gone already but if you see one snap it up (and send it to me).

Fractals Cover Art

9. Ports Of Call - Selective Memory Machine (Self Released)
It seems like a hell of a long time since Ports Of Call last entertained us. It was actually back in 2008 with their debut album "Like Thieves" tracks from which were featured on this site. Not to worry though because a mere three years later they're back with a new E.P. "Fractals" contains five brand new tracks and can be downloaded from the bands Bandcamp Page as seems pretty much the norm these days. I hope we don't have to wait another three years before we see them again.

Heavenly - She Says

10. Heavenly - Escort Crash On Marston Street (K)
No real reason for including this other than I was listening to it the other day and thought it was well worth hearing again. Released in 1991 on K Records and only available in the UK as a rather expensive import seven inch.

Owe No Homage Unto The Sun Cover Art
11. Sonnet LVIII - Oceans (And Blue Skies) (Self Released)
I really am enjoying this album at the moment. It's called "Owe No Homage To The Sun" and can be downloaded for free further down this page. Possibly the best band in The Philippines at the moment.

12. Lower Heaven - Wilderness (Self Released)
My favourite track on the American bands new album "All We Have Is Today" which is the follow-up to their 2008 debut "Ashes".

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sonnet lviii - Owe No Homage To The Sun

Owe No Homage Unto The Sun Cover Art

This is the debut album by new Philippines band Sonnet xviiii. Although there are times it seems like they must have listened to a lot of old shoegaze records from the early nineties there is something a little bit special about this record which makes it quite addictive. Anyway you don't need me to tell you about it because the band have decided to release the whole thing for free and I think that will turn out to be a good move because a lot of people are going to gain pleasure from this and hopefully support Sonnet lviii in the future.

1.  Car Crash At 95 mph
2.  Oceans (And Blue Skies)
3. Hurricane Aurora
4. Pristine
5. Granted
6. Treasure Heaven
7. Seagull Drive
8. A Perfect Day
9. Hands
10. Unhades
11. Brighter
12. Weary

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Eight)

Download Zip File

1. Zeno's Paradox - The Evil Men Do (Self Released)
Taken from the "White And Black Rag" single.

My Little Pony – Making Marks (2011) [MP3]

2. My Little Pony - Break Up With Myself (Spoon Train)
This is possibly my favourite record at the moment. It's the second album by Norwegian band My Little Pony and has been pestering my ipod all week. Some of these songs will embed themselves in your life and attempt to stop you doing whatever it is you're meant to be doing. The album is called "Making Marks" and is available now on the Spoon Train label.

3. Best Coast - Sunny Adventure (Volcom)
This is the track Best Coast contribute to a a split 7" single which they share with Jeff The Brotherhood. The release is part of the Volcom Entertainment Vinyl Club so joining that might be the only way to get your hands on one of these pink vinyl lovelies.

Simon Werner A Disparu

4. Sonic Youth - La Cabane au Zodiac (SYR)
Another track from the excellent soundtrack album "Simon Werner a Disparu". You really need to hear all of the tracks on this record which will be released on 14th February on SYR.

Some Vegetable Waste Cover JPEG
5. Illness - Bedlington Terriers (Self Released)
Taken from the Brighton bands debut album "Some Vegetable Waste".


6. Delicate Steve - Butterfly (Bad Panda)
Delicate Steve comes from New Jersey and is currently touring the U.S. with Akron Family. Despite being this weeks offering from Bad Panda records this track can also be found on Delicate Steve's debut album "Wondervisions" which is available now on Luaka Bop.

7. Puro Instinct - Lost At Sea (Mexican Summer)
Taken from the superbly named "Headbangers In Ecstasy" album which will released on 22nd February on Mexican Summer, the label who you will recall have recently brought us that unbelievable No Joy album which hopefully everyone now possesses. 

Nice Trash

8. Jeans Wilder - Be My Shade (Atelier Ciseaux/La Statio Radar)
Taken from the strange album "Nice Trash" which was released back in December.

Rare Forms [VINYL]

9. Woodsman - Insects (Lefse)
Taken from the superb album "Rare Forms" which is released this week on Lefse.


10. Seefeel - Dead Guitars (Warp)
Usually when a band returns after god knows how many years with a new album you wonder why they bothered. This doesn't apply to Seefeel who one their new album which was released on Warp Records last week give us probably the best music they have ever produced.

11. Exlovers - Motheaten Memories (Young & Lost)
This is the b-side of the new Exlovers single "Blowing Kisses" which will be released on Young & Lost on 7th March.The band are currently locked away in Rockfield Studios in Wales completing their debut album but will be setting out on a headlining tour of the UK next month.

17th February - Manchester, Fallowfield Troff
18th February - Leeds, Verve
20th February - Southampton, Joiners
22nd February - Nottingham, Bodega
23rd February - Bristol, Louisiana
24th February - Bath, Moles
26th February - Brighton, Jam
28th February - London, The Lexington
2nd March - Birmingham, HMV Institute
3rd March - Glasgow, King Tuts
5th January - Oxford, The Cellar

12. Lohio - Adelai (Self Released)
Taken from the Pittsburgh bands latest release, the "Family Tree" E.P.