Friday, January 21, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Six)

Image of FIN! FIN! FIN!  2 Track Single

1. From A City In Ruins - Fin! Fin! Fin! (Self Released)
This is the debut single from Grimsby based band "From A City In Ruins".

release cover

2. Thurston Moore - Stained Silk (Carbon)
Oooo this is great. The best way to listen to it is as loud as you dare before the emergency services arrive to investigate a localised earth tremor. This is one of four tracks on a CD-R entitled "Suicide Noted For Acoustic Guitar" and I think it's safe to say this is one man who will not be growing old gracefully.

My Bedroom Cover Art

3. Darren Hayman - My Bedroom (Self Released)
I'm probably a bit late reminding you about this but the ever wonderful Darren Hayman is in the process of releasing a new song every day in the month of January. The project is nattily titled "January Songs" and can be found HERE. The songs only stay up for a couple of days after which you can purchase them for small fee from his Bandcamp page.

4. adamned.age - Nanof (Bad Panda)
Yet another top tune on Bad Panda. Adamned.age is actually a German artist called Hanne Adam who apparently does loads of this sort of stuff. I must try and find some of her earlier work.

Photo of Teller (RECORDING)
5. Teller - Nothing To See Here (Self Released)
Taken from the Bristol bands "Moments. Move. Meanings" E.P.

Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics

6. Ducktails - Don't Make Plans (Woodsist)
Why is it there always seems to be a new Ducktails record at any given time. Perhaps it's just me going a bit bonkers. This track is from the new album 2Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics" which is as far as my ears are concerned the best Ducktails record yet.

rest from what Cover Art

7. Wolff Parkinson White - Sadness Surrounds Us (Self Released)
This is superb. I had a touch of flu earlier in the week. To be fair it was probably only a cold but you dont get much sympathy for having one of those so it was flu. Then this album came into my possession and within one hour of first administration I was cured. The album is called "Rest From What" and is just the kind of chaotic electronic niceness that makes my toes overheat. Simply excellent and I must guide you towards the bandcamp page where for a small fee you too can experience the pleasure. It seems there was a previous Wolff Parkinson White record issued back in 2007 called "Ride The Rueckert" which you can also find on bandcamp and which I will certainly be buying.

The Gazetteers - We Are Here

8. The Gazetteers - Trapped Inside A Skill Crane (Jigsaw)
Taken from the album "We Are Here" which was actually released back in the Summer but typically I've only just  got to hear it. Still it's always good to score in injury time.

Women / Cold Pumas / Fair Ohs / Friendo split 7" Cover Art

9. Cold Pumas - The French Note (Faux Discx)
This is Cold Pumas contribution to a split seven inch single which also features the likes of Women, Fair Ohs and Friendo. There are only 500 copies pressed so you had better get a move on if you want to secure one. It was released on 10th January so the possibility exists that it may already have sold out. If that is the case all is not lost as you can still download the tracks from the Faux Discx bandcamp site for a mere three pounds. All four tracks are well worth hearing and, I don't know, it's just something about seven inch E.P.s that makes  me go a bit potty.

10. No Joy - Hawaii (Mexican Summer/Fat Possum)
This is No Joy's contribution to another split single which No Joy share with Best Coast and Wavves. It's called "Summer Is Forever" and features tracks from the three bands latest albums. As far as I'm aware it is only available from gigs on the current American tour the tree of them are participating in.

Why Buy the Cow 7" Cover Art

11. The Thick Shakes - Neighbor's Goods (Aurora)
This is a track from the Boston bands new single which will soon be released as a 7" on Aurora Records. In the meantime you can download the full three track EP further down this page.

12. Neon Blud - Bleed Blud (Drugged Consience)
I thinnk I played you the b-sides to this a while ago but you really need to hear the a-side. This is best listened to at brain crushing volume.