Tuesday, January 18, 2011

one year of original music from February Records Cover Art
"One Year Of Original Music From February Records" is pretty much as you would expect, full of tracks from their 2010 releases. The label began pumping out  releases at an alarming rate back in January 2010 and  as well as spoiling us with quantity also managed to keep the quality somewhere between excellent and bloody brilliant. This compilation brings together some of the best tracks of the year plus a few you might have missed plus a few new tracks you won't have heard before because... well  they're new. All in all this deserves to hold down a place on your ipod and if you do particularly care for some of these tracks then have a look at the February Records website where you will be able to purchase the full E.P.'s. 

1. Secret Charisma - I Thought You Wanted To Know
2. Abby Mott - She Don't Play Nice
3. Onward Chariots - Seven Miles Away
4. Boy Genius - When Sunday Goes
5. The Cavemen Go - The Saddest Affair
6. Even Artichokes Have Hearts - If
7. Dexter Poindexter - Sixteen Candles
8. Brilliant At Breakfast - If Monday'd Never Come
9. Ghost Of Chance - Jennifer
10. Summer Library - Past The Railroad Tracks
11. Two If By The Sea - Westbound Train
12. The Month Of June - Daffodil
13. Birds Of California - Laugh Out Loud
14. The Tyler Trudeau Attempt - We've Got The Look
15. Bourgeois Heroes - Elizabeth Is Bored (Live)
16. The Inclined Plane - The Wax Museum
17. The Fictional West - Soul For Suckers
18. Jayson Munro - Strangely Black Was The Night
19 Womens Basketball - Indian Lunch Buffet  

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