Friday, December 03, 2010

Gouthy - Emotional Dimensions (Acustronica AT013)

This is a superb record which I'm chuffed to be able to give you for free. It's the second album by Spanish artist "Gouthy" and hits all the right buttons, at least in my head. And look at that sleeve. I've been saying for years there just aren't enough fungus's in music these days. 
If you like this then go to the Acustronica website where you will be able to locate and download (also for free) Gouthy's first record "A Long Travel For The Space".

1. Enter
2. Dead Man Walking Live Style
3. Impro
4. At The School
5. Problems At The School
6. Robot Simphony
7. Robot Attack
8. Aeropuerto
9. Observaciones
10. Aikido
11. Run

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