Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred)

1. Reading Rainbow - Let's dream Tonight (HoZac)
Taken from the Philadelphia duo's excellent debut album "Prism Eyes". Reading Rainbows could well be one of the bands to watch next year.

2. The Rebel - Colaboration (Junior Aspirin)
The Rebel is the new musical outlet for former Country Teasers frontman Ben Wallers and the first release under this moniker is an album entiltled "The Race Against Time Hots Up". There is of course a limited edition vinyl pressing although I don't know exactly how many have been pressed. This is exactly the kind of record my Dad would hate and given the opportunity I'd like to play it to him.

3. Horsepower Productions - Mexican Slayride (Tempa)
 Taken from the album "Quest For The Sonic Bounty" which is released on Tempa next week.

4. The Wind Up Birds - This Boat Is Going Nowhere Son (Sturdy)
Taken from the Leeds bands new EP "Courage Now, For Tomorrow Will Be Worse" which will be released on Sturdy Records on 6th December.

Frkwys Vol. 3
5. ARP and Anthoney Moore - Spinette (RVNG)
Taken fron the album "Frkwys Vol. 3"

6. Sex Worker - Tough Love (Not Not Fun)
This is the first track on the new Sex Worker album which was released this week. It contains six tracks, five of which are great (like this one) the other being a rather dubious cover of DeBarge's "Rhythm Of The Night" but don't let that put you off.

You Thought You Saw a Shooting Star But Yr Eyes Were Blurred With Tears and That Lighthouse Can Be Pretty Deceiving With the Sky So Clear and Sea So Calm
7. Johnny Foreigner - Who Needs Comment Boxes When You've Got Knives (Alcopop)
Johnny Foreigner are back with a new six track EP/mini album thingy. It goes under the catchy little title "You Thought You Saw A Shooting Star But Yr Eyes Were Blurred With Tears And That Lighthouse Can Be Pretty Deceiving With The Sky So Clear And Sea So Calm". I love a snappy title.

The Reconstruction Of Fives
8. Nadja - I Used To Be Sad (n5MD)
This is a track from the compilation "The Reconstruction Of Fives" which is released this week on n5MD. This is what the label has to say about it.

"To mark the imprint's 10th anniversary n5MD has assembled a very special compilation with a slightly different viewpoint. “The Reconstruction of Fives” features songs from the n5MD catalog covered by a hand picked group of like minded and personally admired artists. Pale Sketcher (Justin Broadrick/Jesu/Final), Nadja, Architect (Daniel Myer/Haujobb), worriedaboutsatan, Bersarin Quartett, Ben Lukas Boysen (Hecq), Jasper TX, Rafael Anton Irisarri (The Sight Below), Boy Is Fiction, and Miwon all re-envision their favorite n5MD tracks in their own signature styles. Two of n5MD latest signings Dalot and Winterlight also weigh in on covers from two of the label's alumni. A different perspective on n5MD's output which is a must have for fans of the label or any of the participating artist's bodies of work. 

When ordering "The Of The Reconstruction Of Fives" directly from n5MD (or n5Mailorder) the album comes with a special bonus digital release of all the original versions covered on the compilation."

Ghost Blonde
 9. No Joy - Pacific Pride (Mexican Summer)
Taken from the album "Ghost Blonde".

10. Scott Cortez - Part III (Line)
This track is taken from the Chicago noise merchant's latest offering "Twin Radiant Flux". Strictly speaking it's not a new record in that all the track here were recorded between 1997 and 1999 and for some reason not released. The suprising thing then is that "Twin Radiant Flux" (great name by the way) still manages to sound like it it was recorded yesterday.

11. Misio - The Cathedral (Self Released)
This is the title track from "The Cathedral EP" the other tracks from which can be sampled here.

12. Sometimes Always - Old Fashioned Baby (Eardrums Pop)
Another track from that free EP you can download in full from the wonderful Eardrums Pop website.


  1. Congratulations for this 100th podcast!

  2. Cheers,
    I want to thank everyone who downloads this stuff every week. Even though there are now millions of sites doing similar things I still think Burning World offers something a bit different and less commercial than most. As long as people still want it, I'll keep doing it.
    I should probably thank the bands, labels & other organisations which keep me supplied with new records (on top of all the stuff I buy) without whom this site wouldn't be as diverse.

    Keep it loud,

  3. Great Work Burning World!
    100 Pod Fodder - thanks! Congratulations!

  4. Lovely.
    If you ever need more songs to add to a mix, you are welcome to anything over at pen & mallet.

    My latest:

    I also contributed to this:


  5. Anonymous9:37 am


    Thanks for all the hard work it is appreciated. This blog is absolutely cracking and I'll continue to download, listen and love it.

    Any chance of an end of year best of that you've done previously? Ever since the Festive Fifty finished with John Peel's death there's been a big hole in my life and this blog goes somewhere near to filling it.

    Thanks again and I look forward to another 100


  6. I have toyed with the idea of a best of year thing but there are always so many new records to play and I think it's more important to play those. If however this is something you want to happen then the best way to do it would be for people to let me know their favourite tracks of the year either through comments or e-mail and if I get enough I'll work it into some kind of Fodder. Anyway it's snowing here and I've just found my sledge so byeeee.

  7. Conrats on the 100th podcast Kris, from a long time listener.
    A sterling effort! It's appreciated

  8. Congratulations! Thanks for a your compilations and discoveries.

    Hopefully for a very long time.

    Greets from the Netherlands.

  9. Congrats on the 100th!

    I'm pretty sure this isn't Wallers first LP under the name The Rebel. Or am I missing something?

    (you might need to copy-paste)