Saturday, November 06, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Ninety Seven)

Never Follow Suit [VINYL]
1. The Radio Dept - Never Swallow Fruit (Dub by Disco Pistol) (Labrador)
This is a remix of the new Radio Dept single which is released on 12" vinyl on 9th November through Labrador records and will be strictly limited to a mere 1000 copies.

2. Super Visas - Duly Noted Projections (Self Released)
Taken from the album "Read (I Found Out)".

3. Teen Daze - Cold House (Self Released)
I really love the idea of a digital seven inch. I mean what the devil is it seven inches of? This track comes from a digital seven inch (perhaps it should come pre-loaded with surface noise) by Vancouver based Teen Daze. It has been issued as a free download so if you like what you hear here you should slide over to the Teen Daze website and download the other track "Everywhere" which is equally as good. Now, about that surface noise...

4. Oreaganomics - Empty House Ruse (Self Released)
It's about bloody time Oreaganomics got off their back sides and recorded an album so I'm pleased to be able to report that they have. Apparently it's going to be called "Hand Turkey" and the band describe it's contents as "Recession Era Music" which sounds rather delicious don't you think. This track is one of two new tracks the band sent me and I'm sure you'll agree it sounds splendid. I'd like to be able to comment on the other track "Ghost Town Generation" but I can't get the sodding file to play!

First Demos Cover Art
5. Nature Set - I Am A Planet (Self Released)
Nature Set come from Sheffield and are made up of fragments of other (presumably deceased) bands Long Blondes & Navvy. Apparently further recordings have been made and I'm wetting myself with anticipation because this track is superb.

2nd December - Sheffield, SAWA

Peverelist & Hyetal - The Hum / rrrr
6. Perverelist & Hyetal - The Humm (Punch Drunk)
Taken from the current 12" on Punch Drunk

7. The Orchids - Les Spectacles De La Foire (Pebble)
Just when you think all the Sarah bands have gone, one pops up again. The Orchids are back (once again) with a new album. I was a little worried that "The Lost Star" might not live up to the legend that is The Orchids but I needn't have fretted. While it might be some distance away from the band at their "Lyceum" best it's still a very good record and as this track demonstrates they still have a bit left in the tank.

8. Trembling Blue Stars - The Imperfection Of Memory (Elefant)
Well fancy that, following one former Sarah band with another (well, all but in name surely). If you were here a couple of weeks ago you will already know all about this album. It's going to be the final album from former Field Mice supremo Bobby Wratton. The album is called "Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires" and is quite frankly brilliant. This track features Cath Carroll on vocals.

Running - Running LP/Tape art
9. Running - Back And Forth (Permanent
This is a track from Running's debut album. It's available now on Permanent Records of Chicago. There is a pressing of 500 vinyl copies the first 125 of which are on butterscotch coloured vinyl but all of those have now sold out. There are also 100 copies on cassette if you like that sort of thing.

In The Absence Cover Art
10. Secret Colours - In The Absence (Self Released)
This is a track from the new Secret Colours digital release which also features another new track called "Carry My Soul" and can be downloaded for free from their Bandcamp site.

11. The Scottish Enlightenment - The First Will Be Last (Armellodie)
Taken from the album "St Thomas" which will be released next week on Armellodie Records (possibly Scotland's most delicious label).

Emeralds (2) - Lake Effect Snow / Science Center
12. Emeralds - Lake Effect Snow (Wagon)
I thought it might be nice to finish this weeks Fodder with a moment of beautiful noise. All I can suggest is turn your turn your headphones up as loud as you can and hope for the best.

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