Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nac/Hut Report - 9th Overflowing...Milky Slaughterhouse...Dream of Incubator

This is the new album by Polish noise extremists Nac/Hut Report. It's a bit on the good side so ipods at the ready and don't forget to listen to listen to this as loud as possible. I've discovered that there are sounds on here which if played at the correct volume excites cats! 
There is also a new single available "142 Drugs" which is contained on the album but there are a couple of brilliant remixes as well and one of those will appear on the next Pod Fodder. 
By the way the above picture isn't the album cover but who can ignore legs like that?

1. Die Traume Part 1
2. Dead Steps
3. Sand
4. Not Completely Legal
5. 142 Drugs
6. Die Traume Part 2
7. Easy Act-A
8. Empire...Cut Or Die
9. Butterflies On Bodies

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