Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred)

1. Reading Rainbow - Let's dream Tonight (HoZac)
Taken from the Philadelphia duo's excellent debut album "Prism Eyes". Reading Rainbows could well be one of the bands to watch next year.

2. The Rebel - Colaboration (Junior Aspirin)
The Rebel is the new musical outlet for former Country Teasers frontman Ben Wallers and the first release under this moniker is an album entiltled "The Race Against Time Hots Up". There is of course a limited edition vinyl pressing although I don't know exactly how many have been pressed. This is exactly the kind of record my Dad would hate and given the opportunity I'd like to play it to him.

3. Horsepower Productions - Mexican Slayride (Tempa)
 Taken from the album "Quest For The Sonic Bounty" which is released on Tempa next week.

4. The Wind Up Birds - This Boat Is Going Nowhere Son (Sturdy)
Taken from the Leeds bands new EP "Courage Now, For Tomorrow Will Be Worse" which will be released on Sturdy Records on 6th December.

Frkwys Vol. 3
5. ARP and Anthoney Moore - Spinette (RVNG)
Taken fron the album "Frkwys Vol. 3"

6. Sex Worker - Tough Love (Not Not Fun)
This is the first track on the new Sex Worker album which was released this week. It contains six tracks, five of which are great (like this one) the other being a rather dubious cover of DeBarge's "Rhythm Of The Night" but don't let that put you off.

You Thought You Saw a Shooting Star But Yr Eyes Were Blurred With Tears and That Lighthouse Can Be Pretty Deceiving With the Sky So Clear and Sea So Calm
7. Johnny Foreigner - Who Needs Comment Boxes When You've Got Knives (Alcopop)
Johnny Foreigner are back with a new six track EP/mini album thingy. It goes under the catchy little title "You Thought You Saw A Shooting Star But Yr Eyes Were Blurred With Tears And That Lighthouse Can Be Pretty Deceiving With The Sky So Clear And Sea So Calm". I love a snappy title.

The Reconstruction Of Fives
8. Nadja - I Used To Be Sad (n5MD)
This is a track from the compilation "The Reconstruction Of Fives" which is released this week on n5MD. This is what the label has to say about it.

"To mark the imprint's 10th anniversary n5MD has assembled a very special compilation with a slightly different viewpoint. “The Reconstruction of Fives” features songs from the n5MD catalog covered by a hand picked group of like minded and personally admired artists. Pale Sketcher (Justin Broadrick/Jesu/Final), Nadja, Architect (Daniel Myer/Haujobb), worriedaboutsatan, Bersarin Quartett, Ben Lukas Boysen (Hecq), Jasper TX, Rafael Anton Irisarri (The Sight Below), Boy Is Fiction, and Miwon all re-envision their favorite n5MD tracks in their own signature styles. Two of n5MD latest signings Dalot and Winterlight also weigh in on covers from two of the label's alumni. A different perspective on n5MD's output which is a must have for fans of the label or any of the participating artist's bodies of work. 

When ordering "The Of The Reconstruction Of Fives" directly from n5MD (or n5Mailorder) the album comes with a special bonus digital release of all the original versions covered on the compilation."

Ghost Blonde
 9. No Joy - Pacific Pride (Mexican Summer)
Taken from the album "Ghost Blonde".

10. Scott Cortez - Part III (Line)
This track is taken from the Chicago noise merchant's latest offering "Twin Radiant Flux". Strictly speaking it's not a new record in that all the track here were recorded between 1997 and 1999 and for some reason not released. The suprising thing then is that "Twin Radiant Flux" (great name by the way) still manages to sound like it it was recorded yesterday.

11. Misio - The Cathedral (Self Released)
This is the title track from "The Cathedral EP" the other tracks from which can be sampled here.

12. Sometimes Always - Old Fashioned Baby (Eardrums Pop)
Another track from that free EP you can download in full from the wonderful Eardrums Pop website.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Suckerbombs - Demo (1993)

This is a demo CD which arrived on my doormat a couple of weeks ago and then promptly got lost. It was rediscovered just yesterday as it had somehow hidden itself behind the coffee peculator. Anyway another couple of weeks probably won't matter too much as it was recorded seventeen years ago and has only just found it's way to me (I thought I worked slowly). This is what Guy Naylor has to say about it:-

"We recorded this in 1993 and played a few low key gigs. 
Guy and Gary were founder members of Resistance 77 who are still playing today. We both left and then after a while decided to write a few more songs."

If you would like to get in touch with Guy with any feedback or questions or monetary bribes:-

Gary Naylor - Drums
Guy Naylor - Guitar
Marianne - Bass
Pegg - Vocals

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Space Holiday Rocks - Mnemonic

mnemonic Cover Art

This is the third EP from Russin band Space Holiday Rocks. If you like this you can download their previous two records from the bands Bandcamp page.

1. Bubblewrap
2. Nahohon Our Friend
3. Doggy Song
4. Stage

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Ninety Nine)

Download Zip File

Colour Stitch / Photo by Johanna Michael
1. Tripwires - Cinnamon (Club AC30)
This is the first offering from new Reading outfit Tripwires who have just finished recording their debut album which will be released next year on Club AC30.

7th December - Buffalo Bar (with Ringo Deathstar)
11th December - Reading, The Oakford

Thorn1 - So Far as Fast
2. Thorn1 - Safe Trip (Sibler)
This is a track from the debut album by Russian band Thorn1 who according to the press release "embrace winter with blankets of guitar drone". Can't argue with that.

3. Insect Guide - Bats (Eardums Pop)
This is the lead track on a free digital single by Leeds band Insect Guide. It's been released through net label Eardrums Pop who have a wonderful philosophy of making everything available for free. The last five releases are available on their website and I have to say it's tremendous stuff.

4. Sometimes Always - You Can All Hide (Eardrums Pop)
This one of four tracks on the current Sometimes Always digital single which you can download for free from the Eardrums Pop website.

5. Kriget - Martyr (Bad Panda)
This is the latest offering from Bad Panda Recordings. This time it's a track by Stockholm based Kriget about whom I know absolutely nothing. 

6. Nac/Hut Report - 142 Drugs (†‡ Rrritulazzz Remix) (Self Released)
I just love the disturbing banshee like screech which runs through this track. It's a remix of the current single from Polish band Nac/Hut report. If you downloaded their new album "9th Overflowing...Milky Slaughterhouse...Dream of Incubator" available further down this page you will already be familiar with their noise. If you haven't I suggest you get scrolling.

Lose Yourself / Reasons Digital 7" Cover Art
7. Iowa - Lose Yourself (Self Released)
this is one of two tracks on a new single from Melbourne based Iowa. You can download it for free from the bands Bandcamp page or if your a bit more like me you will prefer the red vinyl seven inch which can also be purchased from there.

8. Pigeons -Trésor (Soft Abuse)
Taken from the New York duo's third album "Liasons".

Waveform Transmission Vol.1
9. Jeff Mills - The Hacker (Tresor)
An absolute classic from 1992. It's taken from the album "Waveform Transmissions Vol 1" which is for me one of the best electronic albums ever created. 

10. Young Circles - Lightning (Self Released)
Young Circles come from Florida and this is a track from their debut release. The "Bones EP" will be released on 11th January and features five delicious tracks, each one as good as this!

Running - Running LP/Tape art
11. Running - Do The Do The (Permanent)
Taken from the excellent self titled album available now on Permanent Records of Chicago.

12. The Bavarian Druglords - Groove Alone (Kill Art Movement)
What a great name for a band. This is a track from their new album "229" which was released last month and is the first material I've heard from the New York band.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nac/Hut Report - 9th Overflowing...Milky Slaughterhouse...Dream of Incubator

This is the new album by Polish noise extremists Nac/Hut Report. It's a bit on the good side so ipods at the ready and don't forget to listen to listen to this as loud as possible. I've discovered that there are sounds on here which if played at the correct volume excites cats! 
There is also a new single available "142 Drugs" which is contained on the album but there are a couple of brilliant remixes as well and one of those will appear on the next Pod Fodder. 
By the way the above picture isn't the album cover but who can ignore legs like that?

1. Die Traume Part 1
2. Dead Steps
3. Sand
4. Not Completely Legal
5. 142 Drugs
6. Die Traume Part 2
7. Easy Act-A
8. Empire...Cut Or Die
9. Butterflies On Bodies

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Chasms - Index Of Spirits

This is the second album by The Chasms who come from that hotbed of talent that is the Isle Of Man. Despite having been making noise for a while the band are yet to play a gig, however this will be put to rights on 20th November when they will take to the stage at Notting Hill  Arts Club at a gig to promote a compilation abum called "Broadcast One" which has been lovingly put together by the folks at Dandelion Radio and features "Electrostatic" by The Chasms. Apparently it all starts at 4pm which sounds a little early but it's free entry so well worth a trip if you're in the area. If you want to buy this on CD or perhaps download some of the bands earlier material then the bands official website is the place to be. 

1. Blue Sun, Golden Sky
2. Micheal Whiteout
3. Xeroxed Mirror
4. Purpose, Source, Destination
5. Shadows In The Water
6. I Dream't I Melted Marble Halls
7. The Voice Of Wormwood
8. Electrostatic
9. The Wind Under The Door

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Ninety Eight)

1. Elika - All The People Mourning (Automatic Entertainment)
Taken from the New York artists new album "Snuggle Bunnies".

2. Dads - Dub Creek (Katorga Works)
This is the fourth track on the current Dads 7" single "Hat Creek". As you might suspect it's basically dub version of the title track but personally I think I prefer this version. Once again you can get all the tracks on this release without having to part with any of your hard earned money. Simply go to the Katorga Works website and click on the record sleeve.

Ghost Blonde
3. No Joy - Mediumship (Mexican Summer)
This is still my favourite record at the moment. "Ghost Blonde" is the debut album by No Joy (soon to be the best band in the world) and is released on 16th November.

4. The Yellow Melodies - Found Your Smile (Sundae Mix) (Bubbletone Discos)
This track is taken from a free digital single which formed the first release on the Bubbletone records singles club thingy which they have called Club 7. There have been four releases to date and all of them are well worth checking out. Other releases come from the likes of Skittle Alley, The Arctic Flow and Fireflies, the latter you can hear below.

5. Fireflies - New November Leaves (Bubbletone Discos)
Another track from one of those free singles from the nice people at the Bubbletone Discos. This track reallt puts me in mind of a band called Brighter who came from Bristol and released a series ou superb records on the Sarah label about twenty years ago.

Matta – Prototype (2010)
6. Matta - Suicide Stutter (Ad Noiseam)
Taken from the album "Prototype" which collects the tracks from the duo's previous 12" singles plus at least one new track (new on me anyway). "Prototype" is released this week on Ad Noiseam.

New Release: Asobi Seksu: <i>Fluorescence</i>
7. Asobi Seksu - Trails (Polyvinyl)
This is the first taster from the forthcoming fourth Asobi Seksu album "Flourescence" which will be released on 14th February. The first 1500 vinyl copies will be a luscious shade of pink. I must confess I was not entirely impressed with the last album but on the strength of this track they are back in business.

8. White Mountain - Bells (Waaga)
This is a track from Peter James aka White Mountains new album "Wilderness" which is available now on Waaga.

9. Randolph's Leap - Back To Square One (Olive Grove)
Another track from the superb debut EP by Glasgow's Randolph's Leap. "Battleships & Kettle Chips" should be available about now so do yourself a favour...

10. Boyz & Girl - Be My Friend (Self Released)
You might remember a couple of months ago I included a track from this album and really should have played a couple more. I still maintain it's a terrible name for a band but it's a great record. I'm not sure how you would go about getting a copy of it outside Japan but I'm sure the internet will know.

11. The Sequins - On The Streets Of Japan (Sturdy)
This is the b-side of the new Sequins single "Japan/Alive" which was released on Sturdy Records last week.

12. Broken Little Sister - Colour (Nature Bliss)
More lovely noise from Japan. This is the first material I've heard by Broken Little Sister and it's already had several plays on the Burning World ipod. The album is called "Memories, Violet & Demons" and is available now on Nature Bliss in Japan and Darla Records in the US.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Ninety Seven)

Never Follow Suit [VINYL]
1. The Radio Dept - Never Swallow Fruit (Dub by Disco Pistol) (Labrador)
This is a remix of the new Radio Dept single which is released on 12" vinyl on 9th November through Labrador records and will be strictly limited to a mere 1000 copies.

2. Super Visas - Duly Noted Projections (Self Released)
Taken from the album "Read (I Found Out)".

3. Teen Daze - Cold House (Self Released)
I really love the idea of a digital seven inch. I mean what the devil is it seven inches of? This track comes from a digital seven inch (perhaps it should come pre-loaded with surface noise) by Vancouver based Teen Daze. It has been issued as a free download so if you like what you hear here you should slide over to the Teen Daze website and download the other track "Everywhere" which is equally as good. Now, about that surface noise...

4. Oreaganomics - Empty House Ruse (Self Released)
It's about bloody time Oreaganomics got off their back sides and recorded an album so I'm pleased to be able to report that they have. Apparently it's going to be called "Hand Turkey" and the band describe it's contents as "Recession Era Music" which sounds rather delicious don't you think. This track is one of two new tracks the band sent me and I'm sure you'll agree it sounds splendid. I'd like to be able to comment on the other track "Ghost Town Generation" but I can't get the sodding file to play!

First Demos Cover Art
5. Nature Set - I Am A Planet (Self Released)
Nature Set come from Sheffield and are made up of fragments of other (presumably deceased) bands Long Blondes & Navvy. Apparently further recordings have been made and I'm wetting myself with anticipation because this track is superb.

2nd December - Sheffield, SAWA

Peverelist & Hyetal - The Hum / rrrr
6. Perverelist & Hyetal - The Humm (Punch Drunk)
Taken from the current 12" on Punch Drunk

7. The Orchids - Les Spectacles De La Foire (Pebble)
Just when you think all the Sarah bands have gone, one pops up again. The Orchids are back (once again) with a new album. I was a little worried that "The Lost Star" might not live up to the legend that is The Orchids but I needn't have fretted. While it might be some distance away from the band at their "Lyceum" best it's still a very good record and as this track demonstrates they still have a bit left in the tank.

8. Trembling Blue Stars - The Imperfection Of Memory (Elefant)
Well fancy that, following one former Sarah band with another (well, all but in name surely). If you were here a couple of weeks ago you will already know all about this album. It's going to be the final album from former Field Mice supremo Bobby Wratton. The album is called "Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires" and is quite frankly brilliant. This track features Cath Carroll on vocals.

Running - Running LP/Tape art
9. Running - Back And Forth (Permanent
This is a track from Running's debut album. It's available now on Permanent Records of Chicago. There is a pressing of 500 vinyl copies the first 125 of which are on butterscotch coloured vinyl but all of those have now sold out. There are also 100 copies on cassette if you like that sort of thing.

In The Absence Cover Art
10. Secret Colours - In The Absence (Self Released)
This is a track from the new Secret Colours digital release which also features another new track called "Carry My Soul" and can be downloaded for free from their Bandcamp site.

11. The Scottish Enlightenment - The First Will Be Last (Armellodie)
Taken from the album "St Thomas" which will be released next week on Armellodie Records (possibly Scotland's most delicious label).

Emeralds (2) - Lake Effect Snow / Science Center
12. Emeralds - Lake Effect Snow (Wagon)
I thought it might be nice to finish this weeks Fodder with a moment of beautiful noise. All I can suggest is turn your turn your headphones up as loud as you can and hope for the best.