Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Ninety Five)

1. Trembling Blue Stars - All Our Tomorrows (Elefant)

This month heralds the release of the final Trembling Blue Stars record, bringing to an end twenty odd years of sad, wonderful and amazingly heartfelt music from the mind of Bobby Wratten. His first band "The Field Mice" seem like a lifetime ago now but Bobby has always written with honesty, or at least that's the way his music has always come across. So then the final record, It's called "Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires" and will not disappoint. There's not a bad track on here and on "The Imperfection Of Memory" we are treated to the sweet vocals of a certain Cath Carroll. All in all a wonderful record to end a tremendous two and a bit decades of music, if indeed it is the end. I wouldn't put it past Bobby to pop up again in a different guise at some point.

2. Banjo Or Freakout - 0156 (Lefse)
Taken from the album "Way Slow Volume 1" which is the first release in the Way Slow series of records on Lefse. The idea is to release a string of completely unique sounding records with artists pushing the boundaries of what they normally do or collaborations or... I'm sure you're getting the idea. "Way Slow Volume One" is released this week on cassette and CD. I'm led to believe that all physical items will be hand wrapped, stitched or any other weird activity they see fit before it is dispatched.

6th November - Amsterdam, Tropen Museum
11th November - Brighton, Audio (with Gold Panda)
13th November - Newcastle - The Cut (with Gold Panda)
15th November - Manchester, Ruby Lounge (with Gold Panda)
16th November - Glasgow, King Tuts (with Gold Panda)
18th November - London, Corsica Studios (with Gold Panda)
19th November - Bristol, Start The Bus (with Gold Panda)
20th November - Norwich, Arts Centre (with Gold Panda)

3. Xiu Xiu - Sashay Away (Self Released)
This is a track from the new Xiu Xiu digital, all tracks from which can be downloaded from the artists website.

4. Born Ruffians - Plinky Plonky (Warp)
This is the title track from the new Born Ruffians E.P. "Plinky Plonk", well almost the title track anyway. "Plinky Plonk" is a collection of tracks which didn't make it onto the Canadian bands last album which is a shame because I was a bit disappointed by "Say It" and much prefer the offerings on here. "Plinky Plonk" will be available on digital formats only from 2nd November unless you attend one of their shows in which case you can purchase a shiny compact disc.

23rd October - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
25th October - Seattle, WA - Born Ruffians @ Chop Suey
26th October - Missoula, MT - Top Hat
28th October - Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock Social Club
29th October - Chicago, IL - Born Ruffians @ Empty Bottle
30th October - Detroit, MI - Majestic Cafe
18th November - Edinburgh, Electric Circus
19th November - Liverpool, O2 Academy
20th November - Manchester, Ruby Lounge
21st November - Leeds, Brudnell Social Club
23rd November - Brighton, Audio
24th November - London, Scala

5. Gnod & White Hills - Run-A-Round (Rocket Recordings
Taken from the Manchester band's new double vinyl album "God Drop Out With White Hills II". Check out that sleeve, it looks fantastic on the record.

30th October - Ulverston, Newby Bridge - All Hallow The Eve 2010
7th November - Salford, Islington Mill
21st November - Salford, Islington Mill

6. Sugar Candy Noise - Star In The Sky (Self Released)
This is the title track from the "Star In The Sky E.P."

7. Kirsty Hawkshaw & Ulrich Schnauss - Dreaming Of Now (Self Released)
Apparently this track was originally recorded by Opus 111 but I must confess to never having heard that version. This is one of three tracks on the "Two Trees" E.P. which is available as a limited edition CD. There are only 100 copies and all are signed by Kirsty Hawkshaw and made out of rather nice hemp paper. There is a rather more available digital version though for those who don't care about things like that however and that is out there now in all the usual places.

Image of Comet Gain - I Never Happened 7"
8. Comet Gain - I Never Happened (What's Your Rupture)
Taken rom the new four track 7" single on What's Your Rupture which according to the label website has already sold out. Probably something to do with the fact that it came out about three months ago but I've only just found out about it.

Masters of War (Yang Yang b-side) Cover Art
9. Anika - Terry (Invada)
Taken from Anika's self titled debut album which was released through Invada last week on CD/Vinyl (including a rather stunning white vinyl pressing).

10. Team Ghost - High Hopes (Sonic Cathedral)
Taken from the French band's new "Celebrate What You Can't See E.P.

Autumn, again
11. A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Petition To Refrain From Repetition (Self Released)
Taken from the Philadelphia bands enchanting third album "Autumn Again" which can be downloaded from the bands website HERE. There is also a vinyl version which I'm told is maroon in colour.

Pay for Band À Part - No Sé Por Qué . mp3
12. Band à Part  - No Sé Por Qué (Elefant)
This is the title track from the bands new four track 7" E.P. which is available now on Elefant Records of Madrid.