Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Joy Formidable - Manchester, Academy 3, 4th October 2010

Ryan Muir - (with special thanks)
 As fingernails become shortened in frustration at the agonisingly long wait for the new Joy Formidable album the band continue to play all around the country (and the world for that matter). They have over the last eighteen months or so become one of the most formidable live acts on the circuits and I'll never forget the first time I witnessed them at Fibbers in York a couple of years ago and thought "them sods are a bit good". Since then of course we have had the brilliant "A Balloon Called Moaning" mini album which I trust everyone in the world now possesses. If you don't you should be ashamed of yourself and possibly inserted into a cow as punishment. 
 This set was recorded in Manchester as part of the current NME Radar tour with which the band are currently involved. It does contain a few new tracks which give a clue as to what we can expect on the new album which will hopefully be released in the not too distant future. 

1. Cradle
2. The Magnifying Glass
3. I Don't Want To See You Like This
4. The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade
5. Austere
6. Ostrich
7. Grethounds In The Slips
8. My Beerdrunk Soul Is Sadder Than A Hundred Dead Christmas Trees
9. The Last Drop
10. Whirring
11. The Ever Changing Spectrum Of A Lie

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