Friday, September 03, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Eighty Eight)

1. Falling and Laughing - Roly-Poly (Odd Box)
This is a track from a new E.P. on Odd Box Records who have been very consistent in releasing great records this year. This time it's a band called Falling & Laughing who are a two piece from Birmingham. They employ nothing more complicated than guitar and drums in their works and they have produced this rather wonderful debut E.P. According to the press release it will be released as a CD with "gorgeous screen printed  chipboard box artwork" (if that doesn't get you exited nothing will) and will be released on 6th September with a run of just 120!

 2. Big Troubles - (Olde English Spelling Bee)
Taken from the album "Worry" which was released this week on the Olde English Spelling Bee label. 

Drop Top - Drop Top - Machete 
3. Drop Top - Machete (High Rankin Remix) (Suicide Dub)
So this is what they get up to in Portugal. This is my favorite mix of Drop Top's current single.

4. Symfoniorkestern - Vilse (Slutlet Remake) (Bad Panda)
Symfoniorkestern are described by the Bad Panda website as an Indie Symphony Orchestra which to my mind sounds disgustingly like something your ears don't need to hear. The proof of the pie is in the eating though and this slice is quite tasty. It's a cover of a track by Slutet which I think featured in a Pod Fodder a while back (then again I may have dreamed it). and if you like this then pop over to their website HERE you'll find another three EP's waiting to be downloaded.

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5. Wild Nothing - Summer Holiday (Captured Tracks)
I have to admit that this is the first track I've heard from Virginia based Wild Nothing who released their debut album "Gemini" back in June. This track is from that album and a great introduction it is as well. I feel like I've been the stupid kid for the last couple of months!

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6. Sad Day For Puppets - Sorrow Sorrow (Sonic Cathedral)
This is another track from the Swedish bands current album "Pale Silver And Shiny Gold" which will be released next week on Sonic Cathedral. They will be coming to our shores at the end of the month to play just two gigs. The lucky venue's are:-

25th September - Cambridge, Portland Arms
27th September - Brighton, Hope

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7. Calories - FFWD (Tough Love)
Taken from Calories second album "Basic Nature" which will be released on Tough Love on 13th September. I'm almost sure I saw them play last year but I can't for the life of me remember who they were supporting or even if I'm thinking of the same band.

3rd September - London, Clang @ Catch, Shoreditch
5th September - Hainault Forest, Offset Festival
11th September - Birmingham, The Rainbow
17th September - London, White Light @ The Lexington
1st October - Leeds, The Well
10th October - Tunbridge Wells, The Forum
16th November - Birmingham, Hare and Hounds

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8. No Age - Life Prowler (Sub Pop)
I've been waiting for this album all year. I wanted it to be one of the best records of the year and to contain at least thirteen tracks of which every single one would be a winner. I wanted it to be so good that I would want to play it again as soon as it had finished and to have no idea which track I liked best just to thank my ears for allowing me such pleasure. Usually when you have such high expectation you get battered back down to earth within the first couple of tracks but no... "Everything In Between" does exactly what you want it to and is quite frankly the best thing I've experienced all year (including the new Fall album). Be warned, this record is almost perfect! It will be unleashed on 27th September.

4th October - Brighton, Audio
5th October - Cardiff, Barfly
6th October - Norwich, Art Centre
7th October - Newcastle, The Cluny
8th October - Sheffield, Rollerpalooza @ SkateCentral
9th October - Glasgow, Stereo
10th October - Dublin, Whelans
12th October - Leeds, Brudnell Social Club
13th October - Manchester, Night and Day
14th October - London, XOYO

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9. Datsik - Three Fist Style (Basshead Music)
I heard this on last weeks Tom Ravenscroft on BBC 6 Music and had to get myself a copy immediately. Maybe it's just me but these kind of samples are just superb. Listening to this puts me in mind of a record from 1994 by Depth Charge called "Nine Deadly Venome" if you have never heard that it's well worth tracking down.

10. Midstates 3 - Everyday We Grow 
I'm afraid I can tell you slightly less than nothing about this track because the e-mail which accompanied it has been stolen by the big hairy (yet invisible) e-mail thief which keeps stalking around my computer. Great track though.