Friday, September 24, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Ninety One)

1. Rokhausen - Mad Max Ending/Hamburger Hellhole 
There's no better way to start a Fodder than with a song about mad computers which are fed people!

2. Banjo Or Freakout - Over There (Lefse)
This is a track from a record called "Way Slow Volume One" which features seven tracks by Banjo Or Freakout. This is what the press had to say...

"Way Slow is a new series curated by Lefse Records. While maintaining the basic structures of a formal record label, they are embracing creativity in everything from artist sound to packaging. Each release will be a unique creation from start to finish. Many of the artists are going to be releasing material that is well outside of their normal sound, some will be collaborations, some will be from parts of the world where most of us will never see. Alongside digital downloads, they will be offering limited edition cd’s, cassettes, and even vinyl in some cases. All physical products will be hand wrapped/sewn/carved individually for every release and presented as a heartwarming package of beautiful sound.

Volume 1 comes from Banjo or Freakout on October 12th (pre-order it here) and will continue indefinitely. Other artists already on board are: Ganglians, Sonny Smith, Houses/Teen Daze, Phaseone, The Traditionist, Aloha Tigers, Sunnybrook, Algodon Egipcio, Brothertiger, Tape Deck Mountain, Solter, and Black Glass.
 BROADCAST & THE FOCUS GROUP - Study Series 04: Familiar Shapes and Noises, Ghost Box 
3. Broadcast & The Focus Group - Inside Out (Ghost Box)
The latest offering in the study series of 7" singles is this offering from Broadcast & The Focus Group. It contains three tracks all of which are simply delightful.

BAD POP Cover Art 
4. Soft Powers - Who Is Tim Durmah? (Self Released)
Sometimes I get sent digital versions of records with absolutely no information whatsoever and this is one of those occasions. I must admit I kind of like it that way because it buts some of the mystery back into music if you don't know much about what you're listening to just like years ago when you could walk into an independent record shop and purchase a bag full of obscure American import seven inch singles and not know anything about any of the bands involved. I think my inspiration for buying vinyl was either an interesting  sleeve or some kind of coloured vinyl. I have always been a bit of a sucker for that nice marble effect which looks so splendid on the turntable.
This is a track by Soft Powers and comes from an album called "Bad Pop" which you will be delighted to learn you can download in full and for free from their Bandcamp page.

5. Com Truise - BASF Ace (Self Released)
Taken from the "Cyanide Sisters" E.P. which you can download in full from the Com Truise website HERE.

6. RocketNumberNine - You Reflect Me (Bad Panda)
This weeks offering from the nice people at Bad Panda is a track by brothers Ben and Tom page who also play in Rothko. The track is actually the title track comes from the duo's debut album which is available now on Trace Recordings. Check out their Myspace for forthcoming live dates including a mouth watering event with Four Tet called The Warehouse Project which takes place in Manchester in November.

7. Dinosaur Jr - Freak Scene (SST)
No particular reason for playing this. I was listening to Dinosaur Jr's "Bug" album from 1988 earlier this week and thought some of you might like to hear this fine piece of insolence again.

Helvetica Cover Art
8. Time Wharp - A Doll, Fiddle Her  (Self Released)
Taken from the album "Helvetica" which I know absolutely nothing about apart from it sounds great, the sleeve gives me a headache and you can get it from HERE.

Ten Things to do with Ninety Thousand Sequins Cover Art 
9. The Seagreen Incorruptible - Confetti (Self Released)
A certain Mr Vincent commented last week that I was putting too many commercial sounding records in Fodders these days. He certainly can't use that argument this week. This track is taken from the new album by Chicago weirdos The Seagreen Incorruptible. It's called  "10 Things To Do With 90'000 Sequins" and is likely to be polluting my ipod for some time to come.

10. Secret Cities - You Don't Know (Western Vinyl)
This track is one of two on the new Secret Cities 7" single which is available now on Western Vinyl. 

11. Abbey GoGo - Louder Than Dreams (Double Phantom)
This is a track from Abby GoGo's debut album which will be released on Double Phantom Records on 30th November. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Ninety)

1. Black Math - Part Of Me (Permanent)
Taken from the album "Phantom Power" which follows 2009's almost impossible to find "Black Math " album and can be purchased from the Permanent Records website on limited edition white vinyl.

2. The High Violets - Midnight's Child (Self Released)
This is a track from the Portland bands new album "Cinema" which was released last week.

3. Captain Polaroid - Inside A Swill Bucket (Self Released)
The Captain is back with the fourth instalment of his Beat Nostalgia series of five E.P.s. This is a track from E.P. four which listen to in full along with the all of the previous records from Captain Polaroid at his website HERE.

4. Big Troubles - Modern Intimacy (Olde English Spelling Bee)
Another track from what is one of the most played records on my ipod at the moment. The band celebrate under the slightly disappointing moniker of Big Troubles and have recently released their debut album "Worry" through the consistently brilliant Olde English Spelling Bee label.

5. Underground Cities - It's Raining In The Attic (River Jones Music)
Taken from the Arizona band's new record "The Dalliance Album".

FIGHT LIKE APES: The Body of Christ & the Legs of Tina Turner  (CD) 
6. Fight Like Apes - Jenny Kelly (Model Citizen)
Fight Like Apes are back with their second album. The follow up to their 2008 classic "Fight Like Apes & The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion" is similar in that it has an equally good title. The new record is called "The Body Of Christ & The Legs Of Tina Turner". I've read a few slightly negative reviews about it but I'm not going to jump on that bandwagon. The Dublin bands debut was so good they were never going to replicate it and I for one am glad to hear they haven't tried. The new record may just take a few more listens to fall in love with than it's predecessor but as long as My Kay struggles to complete a verse without using expletives everything will be just fine.

7. Worlds End Girlfriend - Teen Age Ziggy? (Virgin Babylon Records)
Worlds End Girlfriend have been making records for years but this is the first one that has really captured my attention. The album is called "Seven Idiots" and is completely impossible to stuff into any particular genre such is the range of activities going on here. I'll post another track in next weeks Fodder but it won't sound anything like this. I can only imagine what kind of experience their live shows must be but as they are based in Japan it's unlikely I'll ever find out.

8. Lianne Hall - Telephone In A Foreign City (Malinki)
Lianne Hall is back with her first album in quite while and quite superb it is. Some people are just incapable of writing crap and Lianne Hall falls into that category. Me on the other hand... Oh by the way you can get this on beautiful white vinyl... just thought I'd mention it.

Skatalites - Jones Town Special  /  Eric Morris - Ungodly People 
9. Eric Morris - Ungodly People (King Edward)
This is the b-side of The Skatalites seven inch I played you last week. Very nice!

10. Synkro - Reservoir (Box Clever)
One side of a new 12" on the Box Clever label (001). What a great way to start.

The Joy Formidable: I Don’t Want To See You Like This: Limited Picture Disc packshot 
11. The Joy Formidable - I Don't Want To See You Like This (Canvasback/Atlantic)
This is the much anticipated new single from The Joy Formidable which will hopefully herald the imminent release of a new album. The band have spent the last year or so travelling just about anywhere it's possible to walk, getting fawned over by the music press and generally being rather good. On top of all that they have been busily putting together their new album which apparently is finished and should be with us soon. You can  expect another bout of serious touring to coincide with the release as well. The new single "I Don't Want To See You Like This" will be released on October 10th on the usual formats with a very nice limited edition 7" picture disc thrown in to get you scrambling.

26th September - Gloucester, Underground Festival
27th September - Birmingham, O2 Academy
28th September - Norwich, Waterfront
30th September - Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
1st October - Glasgow, King Tuts
2nd October - Aberdeen, Tunnels
4th October - Manchester, Academy 3
5th October - Newcastle, Academy 2
6th October - Leeds, Cockpit
7th October - Basingstoke, Sugarmill
8th October - Cardiff, Millennium Music Hall
10th October - Oxford, O2 Academy
11th October - Brighton, Concorde 2
13th October - Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms
14th October - London, Koko

12. Eluvium - A Life In Tides Less Current (Temporary Residence)
Mr Vincent told me the other day that he thought Burning World was getting a bit commercial. Well stick this one up your funnel!!!!
Taken from the "Leaves Eclipse The Light E.P." on Temporary Residence.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Eighty Nine)

Product Details 
1. The Strange Death Of Liberal England - Like A Curtain Falling (TSDOLE)
Taken from the new album "Drown Your Heart Again" which will be released next week on the bands own label. The Southsea five piece will be celebrating this with a jaunt around the UK next month.

18th September - Southsea, Kings Theatre
2nd October - Cheltenham, Frog And Fiddle
11th October - Leeds, Milo
12th October - Aberdeen, Tunnels
13th October - Dundee, Dexters
14th October - Sunderland, Plugged In
15th October - Glasgow, Maggie Mays
16th October - Bathgate, Attic
17th October - Inverness, Hootenannys
18th October - York, Stereo
20th October - Liverpool, Masque
21st October - Sheffield, The Hub
22nd October - Leicester, Firebug
25th October - London, The Lexington
26th October - Bristol, The Lanes
27th October - Birmingham, The Flapper
28th October - Manchester, Ruby Lounge
29th October - Exeter, The Time Piece
30th October - Truro, Wig And Pen
1st November - Cardiff, Buffalo Bar
2nd November - Brighton, Hydrant
3rd November - Stoke, Sugarmill

 2. Royal Hideouts - Deaf Sister (Bad Panda)
Another winner from the Bad Panda Panda stable. This time it's the creation of what the press release describes as "one college kid living in Boston" which sounds rather sad in a way. Waht you do need to know however is that this track is taken from a four track E.P. called "Pine Sharks" which can be downloaded from HERE and if you like that there is another E.P. called "Coral Casino" which is also available for free download HERE.

3. The Scarlett Runners - Mary Hamilton (Self Released)
Taken from the album "How You Bean?" which you can download in it's entirety from their Bandcamp page HERE.

Product Details 
4. Depth Charge - Bounty Killers (Vinyl Solution)
I mentioned Depth Charge in last weeks Fodder and that inspired me to dig out this record. If you like samples this is the track for you. Taken from the 1994 album "Nine Deadly Venoms" this should be played at immense volume.

5. Truman Peyote - Kartwheels (The Whitehaus Family Record Label)
This is one of four tracks Truman Peyote have contributed to a new split 12" which they share with Many Mansions on the brilliantly named Whitehaus Family Record Label. If I remember I'll stick a Many Mansions track in next weeks Fodder.

6. Calm Palm Vapour - Hate To See You Smile (Self Released) 
I posted a track by Calm Palm Vapour in a Fodder a couple of weeks ago but you wouldn't have known because I rather stupidly referred to them as Midstates which is what they used to call themselves. This is a track from their impressive debut album "Morning Pacific" which will be available soon. You can check out three tracks from this wonderful volume HERE.

Bedroom Adventures Cover Art 
7. Hooray! - Homee (Self Released)
Taken from the album "Bedroom Adventures" which is available in digital format from the Hooray! Bandcamp  page HERE where it will cost you five dollars or you can pop over to the Wonder Beard Tapes website HERE and get kitted out with very nice physical cassette.

8. Crocodiles - Kill Joe Arpaio (Fat Possum)
This track is taken from a free four thrack E.P. which you can download from HERE. It's been made available to promote the new Crocodiles album "Sleep Forever" which will be released on Fat Possum on 14th September.

Skatalites - Jones Town Special  /  Eric Morris - Ungodly People 
9. The Skatalites - Jones Town Special (King Edward)
I love this record and for the last few years I have been wondering what happened to my copy which mysteriously vanished. After several years of trying to track down the thief it has turned up. I'd filed it under K.

10. Humming Kitten - Flush (Demo)
I can't tell you a great deal about Humming Kitten except that this E.P. has been in my inbox for e disgustingly long time. As far as I can make out it's just a demo which may mean that it will be quite hard to track down. It is however well worth the effort as you can probably tell from this track.

 Forest Moon Of Enderby
11. MJ Hibbert & The Validators - Never Going Back To Aldi's (Artists Against Success)
This is a track from a new compilation of old stuff by MJ Hibbett & The Validators. It's called "Forest Moon Of Enderby" and if you've never heard MJ Hibbett you should probably have a listen to this.

Summer Camp - Young EP 
12. Summer Camp - Jake Ryan (Moshi Moshi)
Taken from the "Young E.P." which was released on Moshi Moshi last week.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Eighty Eight)

1. Falling and Laughing - Roly-Poly (Odd Box)
This is a track from a new E.P. on Odd Box Records who have been very consistent in releasing great records this year. This time it's a band called Falling & Laughing who are a two piece from Birmingham. They employ nothing more complicated than guitar and drums in their works and they have produced this rather wonderful debut E.P. According to the press release it will be released as a CD with "gorgeous screen printed  chipboard box artwork" (if that doesn't get you exited nothing will) and will be released on 6th September with a run of just 120!

 2. Big Troubles - (Olde English Spelling Bee)
Taken from the album "Worry" which was released this week on the Olde English Spelling Bee label. 

Drop Top - Drop Top - Machete 
3. Drop Top - Machete (High Rankin Remix) (Suicide Dub)
So this is what they get up to in Portugal. This is my favorite mix of Drop Top's current single.

4. Symfoniorkestern - Vilse (Slutlet Remake) (Bad Panda)
Symfoniorkestern are described by the Bad Panda website as an Indie Symphony Orchestra which to my mind sounds disgustingly like something your ears don't need to hear. The proof of the pie is in the eating though and this slice is quite tasty. It's a cover of a track by Slutet which I think featured in a Pod Fodder a while back (then again I may have dreamed it). and if you like this then pop over to their website HERE you'll find another three EP's waiting to be downloaded.

Product Details 
5. Wild Nothing - Summer Holiday (Captured Tracks)
I have to admit that this is the first track I've heard from Virginia based Wild Nothing who released their debut album "Gemini" back in June. This track is from that album and a great introduction it is as well. I feel like I've been the stupid kid for the last couple of months!

Product Details 
6. Sad Day For Puppets - Sorrow Sorrow (Sonic Cathedral)
This is another track from the Swedish bands current album "Pale Silver And Shiny Gold" which will be released next week on Sonic Cathedral. They will be coming to our shores at the end of the month to play just two gigs. The lucky venue's are:-

25th September - Cambridge, Portland Arms
27th September - Brighton, Hope

Product Details 
7. Calories - FFWD (Tough Love)
Taken from Calories second album "Basic Nature" which will be released on Tough Love on 13th September. I'm almost sure I saw them play last year but I can't for the life of me remember who they were supporting or even if I'm thinking of the same band.

3rd September - London, Clang @ Catch, Shoreditch
5th September - Hainault Forest, Offset Festival
11th September - Birmingham, The Rainbow
17th September - London, White Light @ The Lexington
1st October - Leeds, The Well
10th October - Tunbridge Wells, The Forum
16th November - Birmingham, Hare and Hounds

Product Details 
8. No Age - Life Prowler (Sub Pop)
I've been waiting for this album all year. I wanted it to be one of the best records of the year and to contain at least thirteen tracks of which every single one would be a winner. I wanted it to be so good that I would want to play it again as soon as it had finished and to have no idea which track I liked best just to thank my ears for allowing me such pleasure. Usually when you have such high expectation you get battered back down to earth within the first couple of tracks but no... "Everything In Between" does exactly what you want it to and is quite frankly the best thing I've experienced all year (including the new Fall album). Be warned, this record is almost perfect! It will be unleashed on 27th September.

4th October - Brighton, Audio
5th October - Cardiff, Barfly
6th October - Norwich, Art Centre
7th October - Newcastle, The Cluny
8th October - Sheffield, Rollerpalooza @ SkateCentral
9th October - Glasgow, Stereo
10th October - Dublin, Whelans
12th October - Leeds, Brudnell Social Club
13th October - Manchester, Night and Day
14th October - London, XOYO

Product Details 
9. Datsik - Three Fist Style (Basshead Music)
I heard this on last weeks Tom Ravenscroft on BBC 6 Music and had to get myself a copy immediately. Maybe it's just me but these kind of samples are just superb. Listening to this puts me in mind of a record from 1994 by Depth Charge called "Nine Deadly Venome" if you have never heard that it's well worth tracking down.

10. Midstates 3 - Everyday We Grow 
I'm afraid I can tell you slightly less than nothing about this track because the e-mail which accompanied it has been stolen by the big hairy (yet invisible) e-mail thief which keeps stalking around my computer. Great track though.