Friday, August 20, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Eighty Six)

 1.  Strawberry Whiplash - Stop, Look And Listen (Dandelion Radio Session)
This is a track from the recent session the Glasgow band recorded for Dandelion Radio.

 2. Boy 8-Bit - From The Depths (Turbo)
I love the sounds on this especially the plane sound at the beginning. I'm also rather partial to lawnmower noises and hopefully 8 bit boy will bear this in mind. Taken from "The Yard Birds" E.P. which is available now  on Turbo Records.

Pastor/Al, Roman Ruins 3. Roman Ruins - The Comedown (Gold Robot)
This is the b-side of the current Roman Ruins 7" single which was released last month on Gold Robot. There are only 500 copies, each of which look resplendent on orange vinyl and as you can hear sound pretty fine as well.

 Railcars - Railcars Remixes4. Railcars - Castles (No Age Remix) (Gold Robot)
I found this quite by accident while I was on the Gold Robot website. It's one of their free digital releases which consists of four remixes of "Castles" and four remixes of "Cathedral With no Eyes" and let's face it who can resist anything which has been poked by the bony finger of New Age.

The Prids : Chronosynclastic 5. The Prids - Fragile (Velvet Blue Music)
I just wanted to remind you about this record. The album is called "Chronosynclastic" and is quite frankly one of THE records of 2010. I really hope they find their way over to the UK before I'm very much older.

Epic 6. Dummejungs - Stunner (Original Mix) (Oh My God It's Techno Music)
Take from the new single "Epic". which is available now on the wonderfully named Oh My God It's Techno Music label.

Product Details 7. Pale Sketcher - The Playgrounds Are Empty (Slumber Mix) (Ghostly International)
Pale Sketcher is the latest incarnation of Justin Broadrick (Napalm Death/Jesu) and this time he's decided to take Jesu's 1997 album "Pale Sketches" and remix, or rather de-mix it as Justin likes to say until it's barely recognisable. "Jesu: Pale Sketches De-mixed" will be released on Ghostly international on 24th August.

Product Details 8. Sad Day For Puppets - Such A Waste (Sonic Cathedral)
Taken from the Swedish bands new album "Pale Silver & Shiny Gold" which will be re;eased through Sonic Cathedral on 6th September.

audiofunfactoryep200 9. Audiofun - Factory (Southern Fried)
Audiofun are from Manchester and this is the original mix from their current E.P. which is released this week on Southern Fried Records.

28th August - Portrush, Lush
11th September - Portrush, Kelly's
21st September - Manchester, Area 51

 Grouper - Hold/Sick (Download)10. Grouper - Hold (Room 40)
A moment of loveliness to finish this weeks Fodder. This is a track from the new Grouper 7" tour single which will be available from 6th October on Room 40.