Friday, August 27, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Eighty Seven)

1. Disconcerts - Trouble Keeping (Self Released)
Those of you who have been following this site for a while might remember a couple of years ago I was gushing all kinds of love on a band from Chichester called Disconcerts who released a bit of a corking debut single. Well they have finally returned with a new one. It's called "Copper Green Gone" and will be released sometime in September. Hopefully this will be the start of a slightly busier time for them. Disconcerts will be playing at the Offset Festival in London on 4th & 5th September.

2. Junior 85 - Raymond Scott (Bad Panda)
Junior 85 is otherwise known as Tony Higgins from Galway, Ireland. As well as being the ex drummer in So Cow he also drums for Vince Mack Mahon, Seamus Fogarty, Laura Sheeran, Viking Moses and Imogen Gunner to name but five. It's amazing he can find time to empty his bladder let alone record an album of his own. But that is exactly what he has done, well not exactly. Junior 85's debut album contains remastered versions of all the tracks from his "Wiiiiiiide Awake" and "Sleepy" E.P.s and a brand new bonus track. The album can be purchased from the Psychometric Records website HERE.

The Bitters: Have a Nap Hotel 
3. The Bitters - Trapper (Sacred Bones
This is taken from the Toronto duo's new 12" E.P. which is entitled "Have A Nap Hotel". It contains five tracks and is well worth an investment. The pair have recently released an album called "Mexican Summer" which to my disgust I haven't heard but by this time next week that will be rectified.

4. The Tyler Trudeau Attempt - We'll Win This Yet (February)
This is the b-side of the new 7" single from Haven/New Brooklyn residents The Tyler Trudeau attempt. The single contains two tracks from the forthcoming album "Something, Anything Else" which I look forward to listening to. The single "These Are Dark Times" will be available from the increasingly wonderful February Records from 7th September.

Product Details
 5. The Twilight Sad - The Wrong Car (Fat Cat)
This is the title track from the Scottish bands new E.P. which will be released on Fat Cat on 27th September. A real return to form!

6. The Clientele - As The World Rises And Falls (Pointy)
This is a track from the London band's forthcoming mini album "Minotaur" which will be released on Pointy Records in the UK on 6th September. In celebration of this they will be playing at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London on 2nd September.

7. Boy 8 Bit - Yard Birds (Turbo)
Title track from Boy 8 Bit's current E.P. which is available now on Turbo.

Image of Enigma Variations - Ltd Edition Cassette (of 50)
 8. Guilty Ghosts - Mists & Tides (Words & Dreams)
One of my favorite records of the weeks is an album by Brooklyn band Guilty Ghosts. Well it's not so much an album as a five track cassette but the noise it makes has brightened my week no end. It's called "Enigma Variations" and has been released as a limited edition of just fifty copies on the Words & Dreams label.   The band are currently locked in a studio somewhere recording their debut full length album "Veils" which will be released in the Autumn and it can't come soon enough for me.

Twisted Little Piggies Cover Art 
9. Whole Sky Monitor - White Skin Suit (Firebomb Radio)
This has just come in this very morning and cor blimey what a great sound. The band is Whole Sky Monitor who ply their trade down the road in Leeds. This track is taken from their second album "Twisted Little Piggies" which will be released on Firebomb Radio on September 28th. According to the bands Myspace they don't have any gigs on the horizon but I would hope they might do some to coincide with the release of the album. Just one would do actually as long as it could be in York. I've just discovered that if you go to the Whole Sky Monitor bandcamp page HERE you can purchase the full album in digital formats for six quid!.

 Jojo Burger Tempest
10. Working For A Nuclear Free City - Silent Times (Melodic)
This is one of the tracks I keep coming back to on the new album from Working For A Nuclear Free City which has been hogging my headphones for the last week or so. The album is called Jojo Burger Tempest and will be released on Melodic on 12th October. It actually comes as a double album with just one thirty three minute track on the second volume. If you enjoyed their 2007 album "Businessmen & Ghosts" then this should be top of your shopping list!