Friday, July 30, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Eighty Three)

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 1. Tada Tata - Susie (Arctic Nutter)
I know absolutely nothing about Tada Tata except for the fact that they come from Sweden and sound pretty sweet. What more do you need?

The Blanche Hudson Weekend SQRL28 Hate Is A Loaded Gun EP 2. The Blanch Hudson Weekend - Song For Kristen (Squirrel)
The Blanch Hudson Weekend have just released their third EP on Squirrel Records of Leeds. Of the three tracks on here this is the one I keep coming back to. The band will be appearing at the Indietracks Festival at the Midland Railway Centre on 25th July.

 3. Heinali & Matt Finney - End Of July (Self Released)
This track is taken from the second collaboration between American poet Matt Finney and Ukrainian composer Heinali. It's called the "Lemonade EP" and as I'm sure you'll detect from this track is full of rather dark stories. You can download the EP in full from their Bandcamp page HERE.

Remora: Mecha
4. Remora - Lilly (Silber)
This track comes from the new Remora album "Mecha" which is available now through the consistently remarkable Silber label. The Silber website describes the album as "Post apocalyptic pop. Blurps & bleeps. Bridges between machine & human brains. Music for androids. Part post rock, part electro, & part folk; love songs, fight songs, & ballads; distorted future music." which just about covers it. According to the website you will also be furnished with a copy of the Mecha mini comic whatever that may be and I should let you know that a limited number of copies are available in tins because let's face it. Any record which comes in a tin needs to be owned.

5. Boyz & Girl - Watch Out! Akily Is Dead (Self Released)
Taken from the Taiwan bands self titled debut album which can be purchased from their Myspace page. If noise is your thing then so is this.

6. Lost Harbours - Pathway Through Sky (Culture As A Dare)
When a CD comes through my door and the cover is made out of wood chip wallpaper it's always going to grab my attention. Even more impressive was the crude paint job on the CD itself and fortunately the noise the thing makes lives up to all the promise of the packaging. It's a three track EP by Lost Harbours which basically consists of the many talents of Richard Thompson with Emma on flute and zither. As far as I can make out this is the first Lost Harbours release (usually when I say that it's the seventh) and if the Culture As A Dare website is to be trusted the first of many and I for one will not sleep until I get more. The good news is that if you order a copy from the labels website then you also will become the proud owner of a lovely piece of wood chip wallpaper and a very well painted CD.

7. Liechtenstein - On The Tram (Fraction Discs)
This is a track from the Swedish bands new three track EP "Passion For Water" which is available now on Fraction Discs.

Pitch Twit - Oink
8. Pitch Twit - Oink (Original Mix) (Sic Outfit)
This is the latest offering from Tom Sidebottom aka Pitch Twit. It's the fourth Pitch Twit release this year and I reckon the best. I love electronic music that has something going on and there is plenty going on in "Oink". It reminds me of Chris Clark in many ways, talking of whom if anyone reading this knows Chris Clark could you please give him a kick up the jacksy and tell him to hurry up with a new record.

9. Redinho - Nuff Prang (Numbers)
This is just superb. It's called the "Bare Blips EP" and consists of eight tracks of just superb sounds and beats.  Exactly what you need first thing in the morning to go with your coffee (although I find a boiled egg with soldiers goes down quite well too). "Bare Blips" is available now through the Numbers label who also seem to have released quite a lot of stuff I've never heard. One to be investigated.

South Ambulance - EP#6
10. South Ambulance - Don't You Shine (Indiecater)
Sometimes all you need is a good tune and South Ambulance have always been able to lay their hands on one of them. This track is taken from the Swedish bands new EP which is imaginatively titled EP#6 and is perhaps unsurprisingly the follow up to EP#5 which followed.... Anyway the EP is available through Indiecater Records as previously and will cost you about three Euro for eight tracks.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume 82)

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1. Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss (Micky Moonlight Remix) (Modular)
This is superb. I've been starting my day with this track for the last week and I can recommend it as a viable alternative to coffee. Tame Impala come from Melbourne, Australia so I suppose the chances of seeing them any time soon is probably as high as York City winning the league this season. However if you live at the other side of the world they are playing a few gigs the details of which can be garnered from their Myspace Page. They also released an album back in May called "Innerspeaker" which I missed but a copy is fighting it's way through the post as we speak.

2. Desmond & The Tutus - High Fives (Bad Panda)
This weeks offering from the Bad Panda crew comes from Desmond & The Tutus who come from Pretoria, South Africa. This is such a good song.

Blackbird Blackbird - Summer Heart (2010) 
3. Blackbird Blackbird - Happy High (Wonder Beard)
This is a track from the debut album by San Francisco's Blackbird Blackbird (formerly Bye Bye Blackbird). They have already released a couple of free E.P.'s the most recent of which being "Let's Move Together", a track from which can be downloaded from last weeks Fodder. "Summer High" will be released as a limited edition cassette through Wonder Beard Tapes in September but in the meantime you can purchase the digital version from the bands bandcamp page HERE.

4. The Prids - When I Look (Velvet Blue Music)
Taken from the Portland bands debut album "Chronosyclastic".

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5. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Lost Saint (Fortuna Pop)
This is the b-side of the new Pains single "Say No To Love"which is available now through Fortuna Pop or Slumberland Records depending where in the world you happen to be. Now where's that new album?

25th July - Indietracks Festival
28th July - Brighton, Concorde 2
29th July - London, Heaven
31st July - Stirling, Under 18s Festival

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6. Best Coast - Crazy For You (Wichita)
Everyone seems to be talking about Best Coast at the moment, and not without good reason. Their debut album is about to be unleashed and I'm quite sure a lot of people are going to think of it as one of the best records of 2010. This is the title track from the album which will be released on Wichita on 2nd August but can be pre-ordered now from the Wichita website. I would advise you all to but the vinyl version simply because the sleeve is brilliant as well and looks superb on a 12" package.

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7. Tears Run Rings - Forgotten (Clairecords)
Tears Run Rings are back with a new record. "Distance" is the follow-up to their 2008 debut which still occasionally finds it's way onto the Burning World ipod. I think Tears Run Rings will make a lot of new friends with their new record because, and I know people throw this word away very carelessly these days but the fact of the matter is that "Distance" is a masterpiece and I've lost count of how many of those we have had this year. Distance will be released on Clairecords on 24th August.

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 8. Ten Kens - Screaming Viking (Fat Cat)
This is a track from the forthcoming second album by Toronto four piece Ten Kens (great name for a band). The album is called "For Posterity" and will be released in the UK on the increasingly esteemed Fat Cat label on 30th August.

 9. Tango In The Attic - Seven Second Stare (Keep Calm)
Tango In The Attic are a five piece from Glenrothes in Scotland and this track is taken from their impressive debut album the wonderfully titled "Bank Place Locomotive Society".

23rd July - Sheffield, Nottingham House
27th July - Glasgow, King Tuts Wah Wah Hut
7th August - Leslie, Greenside Hotel
20th August - Dunfermline, Molloys

10. Violent Soho - Jesus Stole My Girlfriend (Ecstatic Peace)
Taken from the Australian bands new self titled album which is available now on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Eight One)

Ace Bushy Striptease - A Little More Suspicion In Our Fairytales Plz 1. Ace Bushy Striptease - Pain In The Aga (Odd Box)
Ace Bushy Striptease are back with their third album. "A Little More Suspicion In Our Fairy Tails Plz" is available now on Odd Box records which is rapidly becoming one of my favourite labels. The band have apparently also being confirmed for this years Truck Festival which takes place at Hill Farm, Steventon from 23rd-25th July.

 2. Pollution - Smut sts (C6 Recordings)
This is the first track on the new Pollution album "Smut" which according to the band is the sound of "gross stripper pole/rotting woods porn". It's hard to argue.

 3. Sky Larkin - Tiny Heist (Wichita)
Sky Larkin are back with a new album. It's called "Kaleide" and if you've been paying attention you'll know that I featured the title track on a Fodder a few weeks ago. I'm still smarting from missing them in my home town a month ago but apparently it's my own fault (although you would think somebody might have mentioned it) that I didn't read the gig listings for Stereo. The same thing happened again the other week when I went to Stereo to watch Darren Hayman and saw the posters on the wall informing me that I had just missed The Wave Pictures supported by This Many Boyfriends. Anyway you don't want to read me prattling on about gigs that I've missed, you want to know if this new Sky Larkin record is any good. The simple answer is "Oh Rather". If, like me you enjoyed last years debut "The Golden Spike" album but thought they weren't been quite as good as they can be then this is the record for you. The Leeds three piece have delivered big time and as I'm sure you can imagine from this track when August 9th comes around they will be lines of people six miles long camping out overnight to get their sweaty mitts on one of the first copies. Actually that might be a slight exaggeration but it is a great record and needs to live in your house.

4. Object - Tomorrowland (Self Released)
This is a track which has been kicking around on my ipod for a few weeks now and it really should have appeared in a Fodder a couple of weeks ago but the truth of the matter is I forgot. Better late than never then this is a track from a Brooklyn band called Object about whom I have no information whatsoever but if you like this (and if you don't, go and gargle some washing up liquid) pop over to their myspace page where you will find more pleasure.

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5. Mux Mool  - Hog Knuckles (Ghostly International)
Taken from the rather strange album "Skulltaste" which was released on Ghostly International back in March. It's a bit of a monster to be honest with no less than twenty tracks to get through. I really like records when you don't know what the next track is going to sound like as in this case. Mr Mool is the man! (although his real name is Brian.)

6. Forming - The Night Before (Crooked Direction)
This is a track from a cassette now available through Crooked Direction who if you cast your mind back to last year were responsible for bringing us that rather good Weed Hounds demo tape. This is their latest release and it's by a Long Beach band called Forming. The cassette features the four tracks from their self titled 7" E.P. (which unfortunately I don't own) along with three tracks exclusive to this release. You can become the proud owner of one of these fine items simply be getting yourself over to the Crooked Direction myspace page and remembering where you left your cheque book.

 7. Weed Hounds - Skating Away From The Cops (Iron Pier)
One of the best tracks I've heard this week. It's the B-side of the New York bands "Beach Bummed" 7" single. Apparently there are only 300 copies so don't hang around if you need a vinyl copy. If not you can go to the Iron Pier website (link above) and download a digital copy for everyone's favourite price.

8. Secret Charisma - Lord Thomas (February)
This is a track from another one of those free singles made available by the very nice people at February Records. According to the catalogue number it's the seventh release on the label and as far as I'm concerned they've yet to miss the target. This one is by a band called Secret Charisma who according to the press release is the one man home recording project of Brad San Martin who might be better known for being in One Happy Island, a track from whom was featured in last weeks Fodder. The single is a taster for the forthcoming album "Satellites,  Home Recordings & Demos 2004-2009" which will be released by Casa Nueva Industries at some point in the not too distant future.

9. Bugs And Rats - Hot Skins (Self Released)
Taken from the superb new album "Adidas". You'll certainly be hearing more from these around these parts.

Wendy Darlings, The - Not A Match Made In Heaven EP 
10. The Wendy Darlings - Suffer Girl (Marineville)
This track is taken from a new four track 7" E.P. on Marineville Records and yes it is THAT Marineville. The one which released some blinding records by the likes of Fat Tulips, The Sugargliders and Jane Pow amongst others back in the early 1990's. The Wendy Darlings as far as I'm aware were last heard from a couple of years ago on an E.P. called "We Come With Friendly Purposes" which if memory serves was their debut release on Lost Music which now sadly defunct. This then is a welcome return for both band and label and both are sounding as lovely as ever.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Eighty)

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1. One Happy Island - Cave City Sunrise (Odd Box)
One Happy Island are an indiepop band from Boston who have just released their self-titled debut album throug Odd Box Records. I have to say it's a bit on the good side and I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more from them on this site.

Decadence Cover Art
2. Stellarium - Harbinger (Killredrocketrecords)
Stellarium com from Singapore and this is one of three tracks they have contributed to a compilation album called "Decadence" which you can download for free from Also featured on the compilation are tracks from Bloody Knives, Between The Cities Are Stars, Suicide Party and She Was A Vampire.

3. I'm Not A Band - She's Lost Control (Self Released)
A very nice version of the Joy Division classic. I'm Not A Band have promised they will deliver their debut album by the end of the year.

Let's Move On Together EP Cover Art 
4. Blackbird Blackbird - Pure (Self released)
This track is taken from the new Blackbird Blackbird E.P. "Let's Move On Together" which you can download in full along with all of their previous releases from their Bandcamp page HERE.

Marco Mahler : Laptop Campfire Speed 
5. Marco Mahler - Beautiful Monsters (Self Released)
This track is taken from the long awaited (in my house at least) follow-up to Marco Mahler's debut album "Design In Quick Rotation" which was released back in 1997. The good news than is that the new album "Laptop Campfire Speed" is well worth the wait and contains a number of tracks which could well feature in your end of year lists. It will be available from all the usual outlets from 29th June.

Burn It All Down Cover Art 
6. Bloody Knives - No One Else (Killredrocketrecords)
Bloody Knives are from Austin, Texas and first came to my attention just a couple of weeks ago when I heard the Killredrocketrecords compilation "Decadence" which features three of their tracks and can be downloaded for free from the Killredrocketrecords website. This then is the debut album by Bloody Knives and if you like A Place To Bury Strangers then you'll love it. It's called "Burn It All Down" and can be purchased as a limited edition of just 250 CD-R's complete with art book from HERE.

7. The Lucky Dip Escapade - Camp Fire Song (Bad Panda)
This weeks release from the Bad Panda stable is a track from The Lucky Dip Escapade which consists of a bloke called Ollie Smith who lives in the Swedish city of Goteborg and to be honest that's about all I know. Good track though.

 When Sound Generates Light
8. Laboratory Noise - She Dies Screaming (Recurring Accident)
Every week there is at least one record which comes through the letterbox, waits patiently to be heard and then proceeds to affect your life for a while. This week the culprit has turned out to be the debut album from Bradford based Laboratory Noise. It's called "When Sound Generates Light" and is available now on the bands own Recurring Accident label. As far as I can make out you have to go to the Laboratory Noise website HERE to order your copy.

27th August - Leeds, Milos
28th August - Manchester, Saki Bar

 9. Brilliant At Breakfast - If Monday'd Never Come (February)
This track is taken from what I believe to be the debut release from Indonesian pop crafters Brilliant At Breakfast. "Almost Verbose" is a four track E.P. which can be downloaded for free from the February Records website.

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10. Blind Man's Colour - We're Treehouse Kids (Kanine)
Blind Man's Colour come from St Petersburg, Florida and this track is taken from their "Wooden Blankets" E.P. which I believe was released back in February but it's new to me. Moments of pure loveliness. I particularly care for the last minute and a half.