Thursday, May 06, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Seventy Two)

1. Captain Polaroid - The Same Rules Always Apply (Self Released)
You might remember I featured a track some time ago by Captain Polaroid which I think was from his "Point & Click" EP on Filthy Little Angels. This track comes from one of his older releases which until he sent me a bunch of stuff last week I had never heard. The Captain's new album is apparently almost finished and I will certainly be looking forward to hearing that.

Product Details2. Panda Riot - Julie (In Time) (Mirror Mirror)
This is from the new and eagerly awaited (at least in my house) new EP from Panda Riot. It's called "Far & Near" and will be released through Mirror Mirror on 11th May. It contains no less than six brand new songs from the Chicago three piece. You will not be dissapointed.

3. Collapse Under The Empire - Grade Separation (Self Released)
Taken from the album "The Sirens Sound" which will be available from 21st May.

Picnic (3) - Winter Honey4. Picnic - Shareware (Seksound)
Taken from the Estonia band's new album "Winter Honey" which is available now through Seksound.

A SLIGHT CHANGE OF LIGHT5. Television Keeps Us Apart - Parents House In '99 (Series Two)
This is a track from one of my favourite albums at the moment. I think the cats are probably sick of hearing it by now to be honest. It's a mini album called "A Slight Change Of Light" which was released on Series Two records last year. Unfortunately I missed it at the time and because only 300 were pressed it's quite likely I'll never find one but never fear, it is now available as a free download and can be found HERE

6. Trunks - Kniee (Are You Trunked)
I would love to tell you all about this EP but I've lost the e-mail that accompanied it so all I know that Trunks are a French band and this is this is one side of their current single. The other track is called "Journey To The Line" and is pretty sweet as well.

  7. Ras G - Discipline 09-2 (Leaving Records)
If there was a prize for record sleeve of the week this would win hands down. From the superb "El Alylien Part 1" EP. Looking forward to part 2 which will hopefully follow soon.

8. High Places - Constant Winter (Thrill Jockey)
Taken from the new album High Places Vs Mankind.

9. Oreaganomics - Throw Yer Son In The Washer And Watch Him Spin Around (Self Released)
This track is from a brand new Oreaganomics album called "The Red Velvet Sessions" which you can download for free from THIS PLACE, and I hope you do co this is the kind of gubbins I pods were made for.

10. Tender Trap - Girls With Guns (Fortuna Pop)
This is the first offering from the new Tender Trap album "Dansette Dansette" which will as far as I can make out be released sometime in July. As I'm sure you'll detect from this track Amelia Fletcher is still rather grumpy and long may she stay that way. Apparently there will be some tour dates in July to support the new album but if you can't wait that long and you live in London you can catch them at the Luminaire supporting The Dum Dum Girls on May 13th.