Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Seventy Three)

1. (((Oh Dear - Rabbit Punch (Culture As A Dare)
This comes from a split 12" which (((Oh Dear share with The Hillmisters, a track from whom will probably appear in a future Fodder. It's being released through a new label from Southend on Sea which celebrates under the banner Culture As A Dare who have being putting on gigs around the area for the last couple of years. They are also releasing a split 7" featuring Plantman and Neon Harvest and both records can be purchased from the labels website.

Cover art for Catch As Catch Can/ Set It On Fire by Moon Duo2. Moon Duo - Set It On Fire (Agitated)
This is the b-side from a new 7" on Agitated Records featuring Moon Duo who are Ripley Johnson from Wooden Shjips and Sanae Yamada. The a-side is called "Catch As Catch Can" and is well worth tracking down not only for the wonderful noise it makes but also for the sleeve which is kind of 3D if you look at it for long enough and quite scary after a bottle of wine.

Schemes EP Cover Art3. Sea Exchange - LED (Self Released)
Taken from the "Schemes EP" which is actually not an EP at all but a fully fledged album which the band are kindly making available for free download from the bands Bandcamp site HERE

Pitch Twit 5 large copy4. Pitch Twit - Treatment (Original Mix) (Sic Outfit)
This apparently is the third single from Pitch Twit, unfortunately it's the first I've heard. It was released last week on is own Sic Outfit label and if you like the sound of this you can pop over to the Sic Outfit Soundcloud page where you can download the whole EP for free.

Product Details5. Shuttleworth (with Mark E. Smith) - Englands Heartbeat (Yip Yop)
Traditionally football songs are meant to be rather tedious and usually a bit embarrassing to be caught listening to and the very worst tracks are often reserved for England. To be honest I don't have a clue what our official song is this time but as far as unofficial songs are concerned how you can't really go wrong with this. It's a new single from Shuttleworth which also features the talents of Ed Blaney and his majesty Mark E. Smith. It will be released in early June as a seven inch single and the only real problem is the sleeve which along with the cover of the new Fall album is pretty awful.

Product Details6. Born Ruffians - Higher And Higher (Warp)
It's a strange thing. Just last week Mr Vincent was asking me if I had heard anything new from Born Ruffians since their "Red, Yellow & Blue" debut album a couple of years ago and less than a week later a new record puts in an appearance. The new album is called "Say It" and sounds a bit more stripped down than their earlier material. "Say It" will be released through Warp Records On 1st June

7. Fuck Buttons - Rough Steez (White Hot Heat Remix) (ATP)
This one almost passed me by. It's the fourth track on the "Olympians" single which has been around for about a month now and I'm ashamed to say I didn't know about it until last week. Blinding stuff as always but the two tracks on the b-side are particularly satisfying. You get a "Spaceman Vs The Olympians" remix of "Olympians" which is remixed by Jason Spaceman and it's followed by this beast which in it's original form was one of the highlights on last years "Tarot Sport" album. This version has been remixed by Suicide's Alan Vega and even has vocals!

8. Errnois - Happiness (Bad Panda)
This is one of six tracks Bad Panda records are putting out this week in celebration of... something or other. There's every chance a couple more of them could appear in next weeks Fodder.

Benga Phaze One9. Benga - Mini Moto Cross (Tempa)
I'm not sure of the exact release date for this but if it's not available now it soon will be. It's a new double 12" pack from Benga called "Phase One" and maintains the quality we have come to expect from Tempa Records.

10. The Month Of June - Call It Art (February)
This is the first track on a superb debut single by The Month Of June who as far as I can tell are basically Michael Murphy who used to trade as Manchester By The Sea. This is the title track from his debut release as The Month Of June. The rest of the EP can be found at the February Records website

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