Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Seventy Five)

1. Ellen Allien - Flashy Flashy (Bpitch Control)
This is the first single from Ellen Allien's forthcoming debut album "Dust". It comes from a 12" which also contains a further three superb mixes and will be released on 22nd June.

2. Radiant Dragon - Preseli (Nowa Huta Remix) (Cloud Factory)
This is the Nowa Huta Remix of the new Radiant Dragon single Preseli. The London bands debut album will apparently be released in October through Cloud Factory.

Product Details
3. Makaras Pen - Promises (Projekt)
This is a track from the Buffalo bands debut album which will be released in the US through Projekt on 8th June.

Cover art for My Love Will Follow Me by Vivian Girls 
4. Vivian Girls - My Love Will Follow Me (Wild World)
I think this 7" has been around for a couple of months but I've only just got my clammy mitts on a copy. It's released through Wild World Records and limited to 1000 copies. 

5. Teamforest - Blind (Bad Panda)
This weeks release from the Bad Panda Label

6. Broken Water - Hear (Night People)
This is a track from a brilliant debut album by Broken Water who celebrate out of Olympia, Washington. There are at least three or four tracks on here which should be in the end of year lists. I'll bet you a fiver that it doesn't happen though. The album is called "Whet" and is available now on vinyl or CD through Night People and if you pop over to their site you will find a plethora of information as top how go about furnishing yourself with one of these artefacts. I recommend the vinyl version to you because it's one of those sounds that works even better with a bit of surface noise for accompaniment.

7. DJ 19 & Moussa Clark - Acid Piano (DJ 19 Acid Rave Treatment) (19 Box)
Moussa Clark teams up with Tokyo's DJ 19 for a new 12" which will be released imminently through DJ 19's 19 Box label in Japan. There are six mixes of Acid Piano on the record and all of them are fine although this is one I keep coming back to.

Fucked Up - David's Plan
8. Fucked Up - David's Plan (Fucked Up)
This is one side of a 7" single which was released earlier this year in America and Canada. I must admit this is the first Fucked Up record I've heard but the catalogue number is FU 009 indicating at least eight earlier releases. The investigation begins... The other side of the record is a bit weird as it contains a cover of "Do They Know It's Christmas" which is just the sort of thing that sounds great in the middle of Summer although I suppose if you are reading in Australia it would seem quite normal.

9. I'm Not A Band - I'm Not A Band (Self Released)

Can't Feel Born
10. High Places - Can't Feel Nothing (Thrill Jockey)
This is the first track on a new 12" EP called "Can't Feel Born" which has just been released on Thrill Jockey. I assume you can purchase MP3's but what you really want is the vinyl edition which is pressed on what Thrill Jockey call "bad laundry" coloured vinyl which is a kind of off white with a hint of blue. There's only 1000 of them so don't hang around too long or you may never own a bad laundry coloured record. 

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