Monday, April 05, 2010

The Wedding Present - San Diego, The Casbah 1st April 2010

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An absolutely superb set from Leeds finest and a great way to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their classic "Bizzaro" album than to play the whole thing through in order. This is a recording of the first date of the North American leg of their tour. Check out the website for more details. 
 A special mention should go to Crashingbeat who has done a superb job of recording this set. 

1. Queen Of Outer Space
2. Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft
3. Pain Perdu
4. I Woke Up Screaming  
5. I Lost The Monkey
6. Corduroy
7. Your Dead
8. Brassneck
9. Crushed
10. No
11. Thanks
12. Kennedy
13. What Have I Said Now
14. Granadaland
15. Bewitched
16. Take Me
17. Be Honest