Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Seventy)

1. Micropenis - Jeremy Warmsley Stole My Trust Fund (Leaving Home)
Taken from a superb 7" which will be released on 26th April and features three new Micropenis tracks on one side and two Charity Shop tunes on the other one of which features Mr Eddie Argos for Art Brut. Quality stuff and apparantly ther will be a new Micropenis E.P. before we are very much older.

Image of THE MEN/NOMOS-split cassette  2. Nomos - Omar Hammami/Andrew Joseph Stack III (Vinyl Rites)
These are the first two tracks on a cassette which Nomos share with The Men. Both bands come from Brooklyn and make a terrific noise. You can go become the proud owner of one of these tapes by going here. There are only 100 of them and they are green so you'd better get a move on.

3. Ifwhen - Linked (Self Released)
This is a track from probably my favourite record of the week. This sounds simply spectacular and comes from an E.P. called "Null Set" which as far as I can see is self released and will be available from 3rd May.

4. Gouthy - I Lost You (Acustronica)
This track is taken from the new Gouthy album "A Long Travel For The Space". I really like the stuff Acustronica Records are putting out at the moment.

5. The Seedy Seeds - My Roots Go Down (Eurodorable Recordings)
I'm a little late with this one. This track comes from an album called "Count The Days" which was released about 18 months ago but I've only just heard it. There is however a new E.P. There is however a new E.P. called the "Roll Deep E.P." which is released this week and there is every chance there could be a track in next weeks Fodder.

6. Stripmall Architecture - Is This Science? (Self Released)
Taken from the San Francisco bands new five track E.P. "Feathersongs For Factory Girls" which will be released on 20th April. It's the follow up to last years debut album "We Were Flying Kites" which I remember not being terrifically impressed by. This E.P. however is well worth investigation.

7. Friendly Foliage - Masonic Meadows (Bad Panda)
Friendly Foliage come from Alabama and are the stars of this weeks release from the ever wonderful Bad Panda recordings and if you pop over to their site you can enjoy the video as well.

8. The Fall - Funnel Of Love (Domino)
Only a couple of weeks to wait now before the monster which is the new Fall album is unleashed on a very suspecting public. I would like to think this album would sell millions and be found on coffee tables in upmarket establishments but the truth of the matter of course is that it will be criminally overlooked by most of the music industry and most people will never get to hear a record which is quite simply wonderful. "Our Future Your Clutter" will be released through Domino on 26th April on all the usual formats including a double vinyl version which contains a couple of extra tracks. This track is a cover of Wanda Jackson's "Funnel Of Love".

24th April - Edinburgh, Studio 24
25th April - Aberdeen, The Warehouse
29th April - Dublin, Tripod
2nd May - Newcastle Under Lyme, Keel University
4th May - Nottingham, Rock City
7th May - London, O2 Shepherds Bush Empire
8th May - Aldershot, The Palace
9th May - Brighton, Concord 2
11th May - Birmingham, O2 Academy
15th May - Frome, Cheese & Grain
16th May - All Tomorrows Parties, Butlins Holiday Camp, Minehead
19th May - Liverpool, O2 Academy
21st May - Wakefield, Balne Lane Working Mens Club
22nd May - Barrow In Furness, Old Canteen Media & Arts Centre
23rd May - Oldham, The Castle
24th May - Manchester, FAC251
25th May - Manchester, FAC251

9. Dirtblonde - White Horses (Filthy Little Angels)
This is a track from the new Dirtblonde single which is available as a free download from the Filthy Little Angels website.

10. Slothbear - Djam (Vanity Imprint)
This is a track from the debut album by Slothbear who have been featured on this site before. The album Qids is a bit of a treat and is well worth checking out. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Vanity Imprint website. I know what your thinking. Your wondering why I'm not telling you what it sounds like and basically I don't think I could quite beat the description from their own site "Qids is about people known and things occurred. Some chords squeak like fractured playgrounds, others itch like sprawling lawns. Guitar solos got their fingers stuck in tar, cymbal wash sounds the way your breath looks in the winter air and the bass guitar tans your hide. Sort of like a cure for the headaches induced by computer screens.".... so now you know