Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Sixty Seven)

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Image: fall new logo 11. The Fall - Cowboy George (Domino)
This is another track from the best album of the year thus far. For all the people who thought Mark E Smith was a spent force (and they do exist) this record mus be a real smack in the teeth. "Our Future Your Clutter" will be available from 26th April and the clever money will be spent on the vinyl version which comes as a double album with two extra tracks! This essential item can be pre ordered HERE . This is The Fall at their most mighty and I can't wait for the tour which also kicks off at the end of April.

24th April - Edinburgh, Studio 24
25th April - Aberdeen, The Warehouse
29th April - Dublin, Tripod
2nd May - Keel Uni, Ballroom
4th May - Nottingham, Rock City
7th May - London, Shepherds Bush Empire
8th May - Aldershot, Palace
9th May - Brighton, Concorde 2
11th May - Birmingham, O2 Academy
15th May - Frome, Cheese & Grain
16th May - Minehead, All Tomorrows Party's
21st May - Wakefield, Bain Lane Working Mens Club
22nd May - Barrow In Furness, Old Canteen Media & Arts Center

2. Flying Lotus - Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph (Warp)
Taken from a four track promo which contains tracks for the new Flying Lotus album "Cosmogrammer" which will be released through Warp on 1st May.

3. Damien - Unaware Unaware (MP3)
Taken from the album "Crippled Cute" which will be released in the UK on 22nd March and followed in early May by a new single "Lesser Thoughts".

4. Ulaan Khol - Untitled 1 (Soft Abuse)
What a wonderful sound. This is taken from what I assume to be Ulaan Khol's third release, based on no fact other than the title of the album is "III". It's made up of eight tracks, none of which have titles and quite frankly don't need them. "III" was released last week through Soft Abuse.

5. Singing Bridges - Edith Keeler (Skipping Stones)
This track is taken from an E.P. called "Three Trains" which was released as long ago as last November. Oh well, better late than never.

6. Thrushes - Crystal (Birdnote)
This is one of several tracks on the new Thrushes album "Night Falls" which are getting a lot of i-pod time at the moment. "Night Falls" is the follow up to the Baltimore bands impressive 1997 debut album "Sun Come Undone" of which praises were sung on these pages. If anything "Night Falls" is even better and if it takes another three years to come up with their next record it will be a wait worth waiting. "Night Falls" was released through Birdnote Records last week.

7. Maryos - African Era (Bad Panda)
This weeks instalment from Bad Panda is a track from an artist who describes himself as a 16 year old Australian guy. Sounds like the first line of a dating agency ad but of course being only 16 he's got all that to come. It has to be said, Bad Panda are putting out some superb stuff at the moment.

8. Fort Fairfield - Too Long A Sacrifice Can Make A Stone Of The Heart (Acustronica)
I can't leave this album alone at the moment. Every single track has a different effect on me. I really believe every home should contain one of these. It's called "The Dead Sea Scrolls" and is quite simply lovely. If you ever hear anyone saying different drag them up to the top floor of a tower block and dangle them until sense is seen (Burning World does not condone the dangling of people from Tower Blocks except in extreme circumstances). The really really good news is that if you head over to the Acustronica website you can download the album for free until 31st March.

9. Annemarie - Blue Sky On Holiday (Promo)
A new song from Annemarie who are in the process of recording their second album as we speak.

10. Egyptian Hip Hop - Wild Human Child (Radiant Dragon Remix) (Promo)

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