Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Sixty Five)

1. Air Formation - Low December Sun (
Club AC30)
This is the A side from the new Air Formation 7" recently issued through the consistently impressive Club AC30. The B side contains a track called "Silence Outside" which is just as good.
The new album "Nothing To Wish For (Nothing To Lose)" will be released on 1st March.

18th March - London, Scala
18th April - London, The Half Moon

3. Funckarma - Moor (Eat Concrete)
Taken from the "Dubstoned 3" E.P. which was released this week through Eat Concrete.

Product Details 3. Sambassadeur - I Can Try (Labrador)
If it's a good tune you're after then look no further. Sambassadeur are back with another collection of perfect pop. The new record is called "European" and there are at least three tracks on here which will be good shouts for the end of year lists. In short Sambassadeur have hit the nail on the head with this one.

4. Mojib - Mayday Revisited

16BIT - Chainsaw Calligraphy: The Remixes (Front Cover)5. 16 Bit - Chainsaw Calligraphy (Jakes Remix) (Boka)
You might remember hearing the original version of this track on this site last year. I still stand by what I said then, you just can't whack a chainsaw for a musical instrument and I wish more bands would experiment with one. Especially Coldplay who should try holding it the wrong way round, just a thought.

Aarktica: In Sea Remixes6. Aarktica - Hollow Earth Theory (Summer Cats Remix) (Silber)
This is probably my favorite track on Aarktica's new "In Sea Remixes" album. It's limited to just 500 copies so you'd better get your skates on. It's basically remixes of last years "In Sea" album by people like Yellow 6, Remora, Mason Jones and loads of others. In some ways I think this might be better than the original but then again I did fall downstairs head first yesterday.

7. Standard Fare - Fifteen (Melodic)
Standard Fare come from Sheffield and played in my home town of York just a couple of weeks ago. Through a mixture of forgetfulness and stupidity I managed to miss them, so I was delighted to get a copy of their debut album "The Noyelle Beat" which will be released through Melodic on 29th March

8. Gloria Cycles - Religious (A&G)
Gloria Cycles are a band who have been around for a while yet seem to have passed me by. Until now that is. This track is taken from the Brighton band's new single which will be released through A&G Records on 15th March. There is also an album called "Campfire Discotheque" which is available now and my copy is winging it's way north as we speak.

6th May - Brighton, Concorde 2
18th May - Brighton, Audio
29th May - Glynde, Meadowlands Festival

9. Apteka - Trailtors (mp3)
This track is taken from the forthcoming Apteka 7" single which will apparently be available in time for the Chicago band's appearance at SXSW.

10. Fort Fairfield - Live For The Railroads (Acustronica)
Taken from the Excellent album "The Dead Sea Scrolls".