Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Sixty Eight)

1. Here We Go Magic - Collector (Secretly Canadian)
Kicking off this weeks Fodder with a track from the new album by Here We Go Magic. It's called "Pigeons" and will be released through Secretly Canadian on 8th June. The New York band will be coming over to the U.K. for a few dates in May. Check out their Myspace for more details.

2. Les Pitits Pelous - Bielle (Original Mix) (BNR)
Taken from the "Bielle E.P."

3. Kid 606 - Lou Reed Gimped (Important)
Taken from the Kid's new and wonderfully titled "Songs About Fucking Steve Albini" album which will be released on the Important label this very week.

4. Karen Cooper Complex - Heads (In The Other Room) (Free Music Archive)
I'm not entirely sure if this is getting a proper release or not. It comes from an album of material recorded back in 1981 (when I was a wee nipper) which was never released. It reminds me at times of early Sonic youth. To be honest I love anything which contains deranged female warbleings. You can listen to or download the whole thing from the Free Music Archive website. Well worth an hour of your time.

5. Audioglider - Shards (Exceptional)
Audioglider will release a new single on 29th March. It's the first single from the London band's debut album which will be released later in the year. I think it's a tremendous record but unfortunately I can't play you any of the track from it so you'll just have to make do with this one for now. If you like this you'll love that!

6. Double Dagger  - Imitation Is The Most Boring Form Of Flattery (Thrill Jockey)
Taken from the new E.P. "Masks" which was released last week through thrill jockey

APTEKA RELEASE 7" VINYL 'TRAITORS' IN TIME FOR SXSW7. Apteka - Aragon Sound (Crash Avenue)
This is the b-side of Apteka's current 7" single "Traitors" the a-side of which appeared on a Fodder a while ago. I'm led to believe that there will be another 7" released in the very near future as well. I wish Apteka would come over to the U.K. and play somewhere in the north of England. The word is they are some live act.

8. Rx - Bumble (Tony Rocky Horror Mix) (Nightshifters)
This is a track from what is the third in the Nighshifters series of free E.P.s which makes me wonder why I can't remember hearing the first two. I think further investigation must be carried out into those recordings. This E.P. contains four mixes of "Bumble" all of which are perfectly good but this one is by some way my favorite. The whole E.P. can be downloaded for free from

9. Sambassadeur - Sandy Dunes (Labrador)
Another great moment from the new Sambassadeur album "European" which is available now through Labrador.

Image: Your Future Our Clutter Packshot10 . The Fall - Weather Report 2 (Domino)
Possibly one of the strangest Fall tracks ever but also one of the best. This is how the new album "Our Future Your Clutter" signs off and indeed how this weeks Fodder will also. The album will be released through Domino on 26th April.

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