Thursday, February 04, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Sixty Three)

1. The Century - Heartbreak (
Keepreal Creative Label)
This is a track from the latest Keepreal compilation "Keepreal vol 2" which can be downloaded in full here.

2. Sleep In - Skin (Enemies List)
Taken from the album "Pyramid" which is the work of an Australian bloke called Hamish Duncan who says, This is my new album, and it’s called Pyramid. Recorded in a bedroom with a microphone, two guitars and Ableton Live between June and August 2009. Vocals are present, as are samples, and it will probably remind you of artists such as Atlas Sound. It is probably the best work I can do at this point in time, and I’m pretty proud of it, so thank you for checking it out. I hope you like it."

3. Chariots Of Tuna - A New Beginning (Tweefort)
Chariots Of Tuna are a quartet from New York. This track is taken from the bands current single "I'm So Good At Shining" the other tracks from which can be downloaded for free from theTweefort Records website.

4. Apteka - Cicada Song (Self Released)
This track is taken from the current Apteka tour E.P. which is quite simply brilliant and it's well worth going to see them just to buy one of these. Apparently there is a new 10" E.P. in the pipeline and the bands debut album to look forward to later in the year. Apteka will be appearing at SXSW but then again you could say that about anyone really.

5. The Electric Pop Group - Out Of Sight (Matinee)
Another track from the best album of the year thus far. "Seconds" is easily as good as last years classic debut from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart but you can bet your fingernails that it won't get half as much coverage which is a great shame. I really would like to see this lot come over to our shores for a few dates this year.

Product Details 6. A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Nitetime Rainbows (Mis Ojos Discos)
A Sunny Day In Glasgow return on 2nd March with a new E.P. "Nitetime Rainbows" the title track on which is remixed from last years impressive "Ashes Grammer" album. It will be released on two formats. You could purchase the digital download if you were so inclined but the sensible money will be spent on the clear vinyl 12" which will be limited to 1000 copies. You get four tracks on the a-side (Nitetime Rainbows, Daytime Rainbows, So Bloody So Tight, Piano Lessons) and on the b-side there are three different mixes of the title track. And all for $12 from the Mis Ojos Discos shop.

7. Errors - Bridge Or Cloud (The Twilight Sad Remix) (MP3)

8. Harlem - Friendly Ghost (Matador)
Another track from the new album "Hippies" which will be released through Matador on 6th April.

9. Hot Club De Paris - Extra Time Then Sudden Death (May 68 Remix)

Product Details 10. Eluvium - Cease To Know (Temporary Residence)
This track is the last track on the current Eluvium album which will be released through Temporary Residence on 23rd February.