Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pod Fodder (Volume Sixty Four)

1. Weed Hounds - Embrace (More Or Less) (Demo)
This is one of the best demo's I've heard in ages. Apparently the cassette versions of this demo have now sold out but if you check out their myspace you can still buy a cd-r version. The band will soon be released a split 7" with Dude Japan which I quite fancy getting hold of a copy of but they can't export beyond North America. If you live anywhere else you have to order your copy through Strictly No Capital Letters, unfortunately I can't find hide nor hare of it on their site at the moment.

2. Boy Genius - Weight Of The World (TRB)
This is a track from the new E.P by Preston's, Boy Genius (not to be confused with the Brooklyn band of the same name). The E.P. is called "Weight Of The World" and I'm not entirely sure how you would go about securing a copy. The best thing to do is pop across to their myspace pagewhere you will be able to furnish yourself with the relevant information.

In a cloud_cover3. The Sandwitches - Grey Wizard (Secret Seven)
This is taken from a compilation of new and unreleased material byvarious San Francisco bands. It's called "In A Cloud - New Sounds From San Francisco" and will be released on 2nd March through Secret Seven Records.

4. Whirl - Leave (Demo)

5. Oreaganomics - Create Something To Love (Self Released)
What a sound. This track has been hanging around in my inbox for a couple of weeks now and I feel thoroughly ashamed. It's brilliant and it comes from an album called "Atlas Drugged" which can be enjoyed in full HERE. I can guarantee you won't have heard the last of these even if it does mean I have to type that bloody name again.

Product Details6. The Strange Boys - Friday In Paris (Rough Trade)
The Strange Boys are back with a new album. It's called "Be Brave" and will be released through Rough Trade on 22nd February. This of course is the follow up to last years excellent "The Strange Boys & Girls Club" which I think is about to get a Japanese release. The new record is more of the same really. I think the thing which draws me into this band is Ryan Sambol's unhinged vocal style. He always sounds like he has recently gone to bed after a rather heavy night only for someone to stick a microphone on front of him and shout "sing you bastard".

Product Details 7. Babe Rainbow - Tummy Sticks (Warp)
Another winner from the Warp stable. This is a track from the debut release by Babe Rainbow. It's called the "Shaved E.P." and was released on vinyl and download formats on 8th February.

8. Archangel - Loud And Clear (King L Remix) (Self Released)
This is probably my favourite mix of the new Archangel single which will be available from 22nd February. "Loud And Clear" is the first taste of Archangel's debut album "How To Lose Your Best Friend" which will appear later in the year.

9. Shonen Knife - Rock n' Roll Cake (P-Vine)
Shonen Knife are back with a new album. "Free Time" was released in Japan last month, I'm not sure if there is going to be a British release but what with the internet and all that it doesn't really matter. The important thing is that remarkably they still manage to sound as fresh as they did back in 1991. There are four or five tracks on "Free Time" which are as catchy as a velcro bike seat. There will almost certainly be more tracks from this album ion future Fodder's.

10. Palette All Stars - Action Section (Palette)
I'm always dubious about any album entitled something like "Nothing But Love Songs" because nine times out of ten they carry the usual regurgitated crap you hear on commercial radio. Now and again though this general rule is breached and behind the title lies a good record. This is a casing point. This track is taken from a new Palette Records compilation unfortunately titled "Nothing But Love Songs". I only have a two track sampler so I can't vouch for the other ten but I think you can trust anything released on John Tejada's label.