Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Fifty Eight)

Another great selection if I do say so myself. The new Animal Collective single is particularly good and should make your world a brighter place.
If you don't fancy downloading the whole thing you can now stream the playlist from or by clicking on the picture of Scooter the cat on the right. Unfortunately I had to remove the Pixies track from the stream because the file size was too big and something had to go.

Brakes - Rock Is Dodelijk 1. Brakes - Porcupine Or Pineapple (Fat Cat)
I must admit I'm quite into Brakes at the moment. This track somes from the Brighton band's new live album "Rock Id Dodelijk" which was recorded between two shows, Brighton August 2008) and Cologne (May 2009) and, it has to be said sounds pretty damn fantastic.
Brakes blasted onto what I tentatively call "the scene" last year with the release of their impressive debut album "Touchdown" and have nearly made me crash my car on two occasions since then. They have just released a new single "Why Tell The Truth/Worry About It Later" also through Fat Cat and if you downloaded last weeks Fodder you will already have heard a track from it.

12th November - Leeds, The Well
2. Sloth Bear - Don't Taunt A Tiger (Rack & Ruin)
New single from Sloth Bear. I'm looking forward to hearing the new album "Qids" which will be released shortly.

Electrojuice: Solrock 3. Electrojuice - Panpan (VUF)
Taken from the Danish duo's debut album "Solrok" which apparently is named after a Pokomon.

4. Animal Collective - Brother Sport (Domino)
This is a track from the new Animal Collective 10" which was released last week through Domino. Animal Collective will release a new EP on the label entitled "Fall Be Kind" on 14th December.

5. Schlomo - Socks (Error Broadcast)
Taken from the "Shlo-Fi" ep which is available now through Error Broadcast.

Doolittle 6. Pixies - No 13 Baby (4AD)
Released back in 1989, yes I know it doesn't seem like twenty years. This is one of my favourite tracks from the album "Doolittle".

7. Guitar - Hira Hira (And Records)
Taken from the new album "Friends" which is only physically available in Japan but you van get the mp3's via i-tunes. Guitar consist of Michael Lueckner & Ayako Akashiba and have completely passed me by. There appears to be about six previous records to investigate and I think I need all of them. The dog in the picture by the way is Ayako's dog "Sakura".

Extended Play 8. The Raincoats - No-one's Little Girl (Blast First)
I've included this track simply because Mr Vicent reminded me about them last time we went out for a beer. It's taken from the "Extended Play" ep which was recorded in 1994 when the band had re-formed to support Nirvana. Unfortunately Kurt Cobain departed before they got a chance to do that. They recorded these tracks as a Peel Session in April 1994 and subsequently released them as the "Extended Play" ep later in the year. I think this version of "No-one's Little Girl" is just perfect.

fredricson - Misc - 9. Fredricson - Rub (Preco)
I can't tell you very much about this at all aside from it comes from an album which appears to be called "Misc".

10. Beauty Feast - Soon We'll Know (Vanity Imprint)
It doesn't get much cuter than this.

Oppressed by the Line11. Oppressed By The Line - Sunset From The Sixteenth Floor (Winterlight Remix)
Aaahhhh that's better. Taken from the "Kiku" ep. Recommended!

Grace and the Bigger Picture 12. Johnny Foreigner - Ghost The Festivals (Best Before)
Another track from one of my favorite albums at the moment "Grace & The Bigger Picture".

13. Singing Bridges - Crazy Street (Skipping Stones)
Taken from the new "Three Trains"ep

14. Krash - Keep The Bass (Download)
I'm just not hearing enough of this kind of thing at the moment. I'm sure there is loads out there I just need to look harder. Bangin'

Derivative 15. Remora - Every Prince (Gears Of Sand)
This is just so beautiful. Remora is basically Brian John Mitchell who is the bloke behind Silber Records who have sent me quite a bit of stuff recently including a new Aarktika album which I hope to get round to later today.