Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Flatmates - London, ULU 28th October 1988 (re-post)

Great gig this. Slightly bad tempered due to what can only be described as a tricky audience and the sound could be a bit better but then is was twenty years ago when tape recorders were massive and you had to sneak them into gigs down the front of your pants. Despite everything this is one of my favorite bootlegs ever.

1. Happy All The Time
2. So In Love With You
3. Is It Me
4. This Thing Called Love
5. You're Gonna Cry
6. On My Mind
7. Heaven Knows
8. Nothing Kills
9. Don't Say If
10. Shimmer
11. I Could Be In Heaven
12. Love Cuts
13. My Empty Head
14. Heaven Knows

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