Monday, November 16, 2009

The Fall - 2 Sets

Right then, it's been at least a couple of weeks since we heard anything from The Fall which is clearly too long so to put that right here are two recent sets. The first was recorded at Renfrew Ferry in Glasgow on 13th November and the second set at Manchester, Moho three days earlier. Superb stuff all round and as usual a massive debt of gratitude is owed to those nice people who hide microphones around their genitalia.
Glasgow Ferry 13th November 2009

1. Intro/Wolf Kidult Man
2. My Door
3. Cowboy George
4. Chino Splashback
5. Hot Cake
6. I've Been Duped
7. Psykick Dancehall
8. Bury
9. Sloppy Floor
10. White Lightning
11. Over Over
12. Reformation
Manchester Moho 10th November 2009

1. Intro
2. Instrumental'
3. Wolf Kidult Man
4. My Door Is Never
5. Cowboy George
6. Chino Splashback
7. Hot Cake
8. I've Been Duped
9. Over! Over!
10. Psykick Dancehall
11. I'm Not from Bury
12. break
13. Our Future, Your Clutter
14. Slippy Floor
15. break
16. White Lightning
17. Reformation
18. Outro


  1. The Saturday night at the Ferry was better, Friday was good but the next night was amazing, one of the best renditions of Blindness I've heard. This version of the gruppe is so good it must be about time for them either to implode or all get the sack.

  2. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Hiya, out of interest, why do you not credit the tapers of the various shows that you share here?

  3. I'd love to credit both tapers but I only know the identity of one so I didn't thank them personally because I wouldn't want anyone to feel snubbed. The fact is whoever the tapers are they have been good enough to make their recordings public and I'm sure everybody who listens to them hold them in the highest regard.

  4. Anonymous12:32 am

    You should get an account with Dimeadozen. Both gigs were originally seeded there with full details of tapers. Similarly your Spectrum and Half Man Half Biscuit Glasgow shows from earlier this year.

  5. Got the Glasgow but thanks for Manchester.

  6. as always fanx v much. please, very pretty please, could you put up whichever of the recent west country gigs you deem best, ..., they're certainly getting rave reviews at fall fan central.

    thanks for all you other stuff too btw

  7. just so you know
    white lighning on the M/cr gig seems to be corrupte & ont unzip