Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Fall - Leeds, O2 Academy, 2nd October 2009

It seems like far too long since we last engaged in some Smith worship so let's put that to rights. I was actually supposed to be going to this gig but as luck would have it found myself in Peterborough on that day so it was impossible. That sort of thing always seems to happen when The Fall visit my neck of the woods. They played in my home town of York last year on the only day for months I wasn't in the City. Still at least there always seems to be someone ready to record the proceedings and share with the rest of us. Credit for this one goes to Mr/Mrs Foxyducker for whom, if I had my way a knighthood would be just around the corner.
A very good performance by the mighty ones with "Bury" sounding particularly fine. Really can't wait for the new album which looks likely to be released in January making 2009 one of those rare years without a new Fall album. Apparently it's going to be called "Our Future, Your Clutter", read into that what you will.

1. Over!Over!
2. Chino Splashback
3. Wolf Kidult Man
4. Fall Sound
5. I've Been Duped
6. Sloppy Floor
7. Bury
8. Theme From Sparta F.C
9. Reformation
10. break
11. Pat-Trip Dispenser
12. break
13. Psykick Dancehall
14. break
15. White Lightning


  1. Can't wait for the Glasgow gigs in the middle of next month. Technically, they have released an album this year albeit a live one, the rather splendid Last Night At The Palais which was not one of those exploitative live Fall albums where the quality is worse than a Consortium recording

  2. Don't suppose anyone caught the Nightingales bit on tape?

  3. As luck would have it they did. I'm in the process of converting it to mp3 as we speak.

  4. I really need to drop by here more often. Wonderful!

  5. Mike Morris11:57 am

    Thanks for this. In contrast to you I was actually in York on the night of that Fall gig you refer to. Unfortunately I went to Fibbers instead of The Duchess (thinking they were the same place) and the knuckleheads on the door said they hadn't heard of a Fall gig, rather than send me round the corner, so like you I also missed the gig. Gits.