Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Fifty Three)

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1. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Higher Than The Stars (Fortuna Pop)
At last, a new single from The Pains who as you may have noticed have made a bi of a splash over the last year or so what with their self-titled debut album which can only be described as "a bit good" and features on just about every blog page in the world. This is the lead track from the new EP which also features another three new songs all of which would have felt at home on the album. If you buy the CD format you will also discover a Saint Etienne (yes they are still going) remix of the title track. If I remember I'll put that in a future Fodder. "Higher Than The Stars" will be released on 5th October.

2. Zorch - Crying During Circumcision Is A Shame To The Whole Village (Demo)
Seriously, with a song title like that it was always going to end up on here!

3. The Voices - Silver Queen (Self Released)
It's quite sad really. This is taken from the second and final Voices album. They have decided to call it a day and their new album "Death Of A Lovers Song" will not be released, which is a shame because it is really quite excellent. Perhaps I should put the whole thing up for dor download on Burning World, at least then it would get heard.

4. T.H. White - Fantasy Pictures (Sky Council)
Taken from the new album "Company Book" which will be released on 29th September.

5. Apteka - Traitors (Self Released)
Very nice new track from Apteka. I'm not sure what their future plans are but if this is anything to go by they will be grand.

6. Bromheads Jacket - Boots (Self Released)
This is a new single from the Sheffield boys. Judging from their website their will be quite a few more to follow. "Bromheads return with a string of secret shows, making appearances in bedrooms, at house parties, in train carriages and anywhere else they can get away with it. They will be releasing a single and a video on the first day of every month for six months, completely free. The first single "Boots" will be released on 1st October and is available from their websitewww.bromheads.tv"

7. Memory Tapes - Bicycle (Memory Tapes)
Taken from the album "Seek Magic".

8. The Octagon - Radio Days (Serious Business)
This is a track from the new EP "Arm Brain Heart and Liver".

9. Tickley Feather - Trashy Boys (Paw Tracks)
The new album "Hors D'Oeuvres" will be released through Paw Tracks on 12th October and features, in my opinion Annie Sachs finest work to date. Apparently the whole thing was recorded in an old dilapidated farmhouse in Shenandoah woods, nice.

10. The Twilight Sad - I Became A Prostitute (Fat Cat)
Scotland may not have qualified for the football World Cup but if their was a competition for producing great band the country would be a superpower. The Twilight Sad return next month with another great album from where this track was plucked. "Forget The Night Ahead" will be released on 5th October through Fat Cat.

11. The Clientele - I Wonder Who We Are (Merge) The Clientele seem to have released tons of records over the last few years most of which have failed to live up to the standard set by their early singles on Elefant records of Madrid. However their new album "Bonfires On The Heath" is a real return to form and is heartily recommended to your ears. It will be released through Merge on 6th October.