Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Fifty One)

1. Pens - I Sing Just For You (Destjil)
Taken from the album "Hi Friend What You Doing". Out 28th September.

2. Asobi Seksu - Transparence (Aa Remix) (Polyvinyl) This is taken from the new 10" EP which was released through Polyvinyl last week.

3. 9dw - Stingray (Catune) This comes from an excellent split 12" which 9dw share with the brilliant Boris (see further down). The EP goes under the catchy name of "Golden Dance Classics" which might be slightly misleading but hey... Out 21st September.

4. Plaaydoh - Bas Rok (Winning Sperm Party) A while ago someone told me that plaaydoh had called it a day, obviously a complete bloody lie as they have just released their debut album and seem very much alive. The album, should you care can be downloaded for free from the Winning Sperm Party website where you can also purchase CD copies.

5. Soundpool - Makes No Sense (Promo) Taken from the forthcoming album "Mirrors In Your Eyes".

6. Proppy & Heady - Summer Of Hardstyle (Scantraxx) 12" Vinyl

7. Boris - Tokyo Wonder Land (Catune) This is one of the Boris contributions to the "Golden Dance Classics" 12" EP.

8. The Sound Of Typewriters - Naomi Watts (Sleep City) This track comes from a pink vinyl 7" single which The Sound Of Typewriters share with Lobster. Out 10th September.

9. Sic Alps - N. Mansion (Slumberland) The a-side of the current single. Yet more scrummy pink 7" vinyl!

10. The Honorable Worm - I Haven't Gambled At All (Self-Released) Strange stuff indeed. The Honorable Worm appears to have been making records since about 2001 yet this is the first thing I've heard. Taken from the "Not Someone But Some One"EP which is actually more of an album and is at times very strange indeed. Recommended!!!

11. Polvo - Beggars Bowl (Merge) Taken from the new album "In Prism".

12. Epic 45 - We Were Never Here (Make Mine Music) This is the first track on the new Epic 45 EP "In All The Empty Houses" which I think is pretty much superb.

13. Meth Teeth - I Was Wrong (Woodsist) Taken from the happiest album of the week. With song titles like "Unemployment Forever", The World Is Going To End Soon" and "A Thousand Regrets" you know this is not going to be a happy experience but it is a fulfilling one. The bundle of joy is called "Everything Went Wrong" and will be available from 15th September.

14. No Age - Genie (Sub Pop) Another track from the brilliant new No Age record "Losing Feeling". The band will be playing at the Scala in London on 19th October which appears to be their only upcoming date in the UK. I don't think it would be inappropriate for someone to record the gig and send me a copy, not that I could possibly encourage such behaviour... but I do.

15. Disconnect 4 - Disco Never Changes (Self-Released) Taken from the "Modern Love" EP.

16. Soft Circle - Don't Just Stand There (Post Present Medium) This is one of two tracks Soft Circle contribute to a new 12" which they share with High Places. You will be able to hear the High Places Track in next weeks Fodder.

17. Ducktails - Landrunner (Olde English Spelling Bee) Taken from the New Jersey band's second album "Landscapes". Out now.