Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Forty Eight)

Some great tunes for you this week including tracks from the new records by the rather cute Cola Jet Set and the rather brilliant Jackie O Motherfucker who apparently have been around ages and managed to pass me by completely. Talking about bands who have been around since the dawn of time we also have a track from the new Yo La Tengo album which is a bit of a return to form and will be released through Matador on 8th September. One of the highlights this week is a new single by Randan Discotheque which will be released as a seven inch single on 31st August and limited to just 500 copies. The single also acts as some kind of raffle ticket which gives it's owner the chance to win stuff made by the band such as screenprints, t-shirts, flags and whatever else they decide to throw in.

1. The Peter Green Corporate Juggernaut - Hey Dr Beeching (MP3)

2. Yo La Tengo - Nothing To Hide (Matador)
Taken from the new album "Popular Songs" which will be available from 8th September.

3. Cola Jet Set - Subidubi (Elefant)
Taken from the new album "Guitarras Y Tambores".

4Bold. Jackie O Motherfucker - Nightingale (Fire)
FromBold the excellent new album "Ballads Of The Revolution".

5. Biff Bang Pow - 50 Years Of Fun (Creation)
This was the third release on Creation back in 1984.

6. 93 Million Miles From The Sun - The Times We Have Are Now (Parallax Sounds)
From just down the road in Doncaster comes one of the best albums of the year. 93 Million Miles From The Sun released their self titled album a couple of months ago and you need a copy. Simple as...

7. High Rankin - The Tale Of Clarence Baskerville (Cheaper Thrills)
From the "No Money For Guns" EP

8. Randan Discotheque - Daily Record 18th May 1993 (Bonjour Branch)
New single from the Edinburgh band. Out 31st August.

1st August - Lancaster, Dolphinstock Festival
28th August - Edinburgh, Wee Red Bar (single launch)

9. There Will Be Fireworks - Midfield Maestro (The Imaginary Kind)
Taken from the Glasgow bands self titled debut album which is well worth a punt.

27th August - London, Queen Of Hoxton (free entry)
4th October - Glasgow, Classic Grand
6th October - Edinburgh, Cabaret Voltaire

10. The Cavalcade - Rooftops & Chaotic Streets (Self Released)
Another track from the Preston bands new EP which can be purchased from their Myspace.

31st July - Manchester, The Roadhouse
8th August - St Helens, Fluid Live Lounge
17th September - Glasgow, The Captains Rest

11. Sonic Youth - Calming The Snake (Matador)
IBold think it's fair to say the new Sonic Youth album is not the best thing they have ever done but it's still well worth a listen.

12. To The Bones - Sonic Mammoth (Medici)
No real reason for including this apart from stumbling across it during the week and playing it again. Great single from last year. There is an album called "Duke Type A" which I don't own and will try and find.

13. Zola Jesus - Crowns (Sacred Bones)
TBoldaken from the album "The Spoils"

14. Heat Ray - Come Closer (Pop Echo)
These guys remind me so much of early Swervedriver, and believe me that's no bad thing. Taken from the debut album "Loveallover" which is scheduled for release on 4th August

15. Alchoholic Faith Mission - Nut In Your Eye (Ponyrec)
Taken from the album "421 Wythe Avenue"

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Fall - Manchester Academy 1, 18th July 2009

I'm getting more and more excited about the new Fall album by thye day. The new songs seem to sound better with every gig. Songs like "Cowboy George, Bury & Funnel Of Love have already become live favorites and this gig gave a storming debut to "Sloppy Floor" which is simply magnificent. This will be the last Fall gig until October by which time the new album will hopefully be just about here.
On a side note does anybody have a recording of Mark E Smith's recent Q&A session in Huddersfield. I've heard it was hilarious and I will perform painfull experiments with rusty razor blades until a copy is in my possession.

Thanks as always to the mighty Consortium.

1. Intro
2. Hot Cake
3. Strange Town
4. My Door
5. Wolf Kidult Man
6. Cowboy George
7. 50 Year Old Man
8. Fall Sound
9. I've Been Duped
10. Psykick Dancehall
11. Bury
12. Funnel Of Love
13. Sloppy Floor
14. Reformation

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Los Campesinos! Announce Tour Record Box Competition

Los Campesinos! are about to hit the road on their first tour since
finishing their upcoming album.

To celebrate the tour, the return to the US and the band's general
adoration of the 'local record shop', they've decided to build the ultimate LC!
fan's prize: a hand-picked selection of records... Neatly packed in a durable
tour-proof* box.

The band will be filming the box's travels across the tour, documenting
everything that goes in - be it a lucky find from a bargain bin, or a
friend's band's signed pressing.

To win the box, you'll have to follow its travels, across the US and
across the internet.

Gareth Campesinos explains all on

* Los Campesinos! make no guarantees that the box is actually tour
proof, and would hope that dents, scratches and general tampering with its
appearance would be part of its eventual charm.


04 - Webster Hall (18+) - New York, New York
05 - 9:30 Club (All Ages) - DC, Washington DC
06 - Grog Shop (All Ages) - Cleveland, Ohio
07 - Spin Nightclub (21+) - Indianapolis, Indiana
08 - LOLLAPALOOZA, Chicago
12 - Record Bar (18+) - Kansas City, Missouri
14 - Emo’s (All Ages) - Austin, Texas
15 - Granada Theatre (All Ages) - Dallas, Texas
16 - Warehouse Live (Studio) - Houston, Texas
19 - Launchpad (21+) - Albuquerque, New Mexico
20 - Hocofest Green Music Festival - Tucson, Arizona
21 - El Rey Theater (All Ages) - Los Angeles, California
22 - The Glass House (All Ages) - Pomona, California
23 - Detroit Bar (21+) - Costa Mesa, California
25 - Beauty Bar (21+) - Las Vegas, Nevada
26 - Howie and Sons Pizza - Visalia, California
27 - Brookdale Lodge Concert Hall - Santa Cruz, California
28 - Outside Lands Festival - San Francisco, California
29 - Street Scene Festival - San Diego, California

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Forty Seven)

1. The Landfill Harmonic - Myspacerealpeel (Demo)
I came across this while scouting the web for new bands. I nicked this from the brilliant Unpredictable Porridge website which is a great resource for new music although there is some questionable stuff on there as well but if you look hard enough you can find some great stuff.

2. Bombay Bicycle Club - Dust On The Ground (Island)
Taken from the London band's new album "I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose".

3. What's Up - Seasoning's Greeting (Obey Your Brain)
Bad name, great record. Taken from the album "Content Imagination".

4. The Cavalcade - Meet You In The Rain (Self Released)
The Cavalcade come from the north western town of Preston which is somewhere I've never been. This track is the title track from the bands debut ep which can be purchased from theirMyspace.

15th July - London, Half Moon
17th July - Liverpool, Magnet
31st July - Manchester, Roadhouse
8th August - St Helens, Fluid Live Lounge
18th September - Glasgow, The Captains Rest

5. 16 Bit - Jump (Southside Dub Stars)
Another awesome release by 16 Bit. If you have been paying attention you will recall the brilliant "Chainsaw Calligraphy" from earlier in the year. Well this is almost as good.

6. Revolving Paint Dream - Flowers In The Sky (Creation) CRE002
Following on from last weeks CRE001 is logically CRE002 which is a lovely slice of classic indiepop from 1984.

7. The Joy Formidable - Greyhounds In The Slips (BBC Session)
This is one of the tracks from their recent BBC session which can be downloaded in full below.

8. Cold Cave - Love Comes Close (What's Your Rupture)
Taken from their recent Etzel & Ruby 12" which is limited to just 300 copies. This track is also the title track of the bands new album which will be released through Heartworm records on July 14th (my birthday).

9. Black Time - Glass Shatters (Telephone Explosion)
Taken from a split 12" which they share with Ty Segall.

10th July - London, Arch 897
11th July - London, Union City Warehouse Party
29th August - London, Know Your Product @ Ryans Bar

10. Clark - Future Daniel (Warp)
Another track from the brilliant "Totems Flare" album which is released on 13th July.

11. St Christopher - Dive (Vinyl Japan)
Taken from the 1994 album "Love You To Pieces".

12. The Zookeepers - Sicky Sweet (Self Released)
Taken from their superb second album "Ballin Outrageous".

13. Benga - Buzzin' (Tempa)
I think this track first appeared on a white label some months ago but it's finally had a proper release through Tempa and the track which accompanies it "One Million" is pretty fine as well.

14. Ty Segall - In Love (Telephone Explosion)
This is one of the Ty Segall tracks from the 12" which he shares with Black Time.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Joy Formidable - Radcliffe and Maconie Show, 17th June 2009

This was broadcast live on BBC Radio 2 last month and I can't believe it's taken me this long to listen to it. The Joy Formidable have given us one of he best records of the year with their wonderful "A Balloon Called Moaning" which I'm sure you're all well familiar with by now and if your not shame on you. I've seen the band live a couple of times and am always impressed by their pure energy on stage and if you get the chance to see them you should drop everything and make it a priority. You won't be disappointed. This session features three tracks performed live including an interesting version of the current single "Whirring" on which Rhydian forgets to plug his bass in until near the end. A new track which they have been playing live recently called "Greyhounds In The Slips" and an unbelievable version of "While The Flies" which is just spellbinding. In the interview the band indicate that they are currently hard at work on their next record and I for one grow damp with excitement.

Ritzy - Guitar/Vocals
Rhydian - Bass
Matt - Drums

1. interview
2. Whirring
3. interview
4. interview
5. Greyhounds In The Slips
6. interview
7. interview
8. While The Flies
9. interview

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Forty Six)

1. The Longcut - Tell You So (Melodic)
Another track from the Manchester bands second album "Open Hearts".

2. Dublin - Like Magic (Like Me Riddim) (MP3)

3. Ant - Time I Was Gone (Acuarela)
The former Hefner drummer returns with his first record in....ages. It's a six track mini album/ep which features appearances from former bandmates Darren Hayman and Jack Hayter.

4. Kikumoto Allstars - I'll Make You Jack (International Deejay Gigolo)
Just when you thought the retro boom was over this happens. Had this lp been released in 1988 it would already have sounded dated but in 2009 it actually sounds good. The album is on DJ Hell's International Deejay Gigolo label and cunningly entitled "House Music". This really shouldn't work at all and could easily have been an embarrassing cock-up but somehow the Kikumoto Allstars (great name by the way) have created one of the most entertaining records so far this year. I can just imagine these sounds emanating from caravans up and down the country all summer.

5. The Radio Dept - David (Labrador)
Taken from the new four track ep which was released last week. There are a couple of good remixes on here as well.

6. Billy Bragg - Between The Wars (Go Discs)
Just felt like hearing this again. Taken from the 1985 ep of the same name.

7. Hyperbubble - Better Set Your Fazers To Stun (Bubblegum)
New single featuring legendary pop queen Helen Love on vocals.

8. Boys Noise - Starter
Taken from the new maxi 12". There will apparently be a new album in the autumn.

9. Lost Valentinos - Midnights (Original Parts 1 & 2)
This is a rack from the debut single by Sydney's Los Valentinos. Bit of a blinder I'm sure you'll agree. The bands debut album "Cities Of Gold" will be released shortly and on the strength of this it should be worth looking forward to.

10. 93 Million Miles From The Sun - Yesterday Morning ()
This is definitely the most played track on the Burning World ipod this week. The whole album is brilliant but this track in particular jumps out at me.

11. Neokarma Jooklo Trio - Night Revelation (Conspiracy)
This is great. It comes from a four track ep which is being marketed as an lp. Two of the tracks are well over ten minutes so I suppose you could. The ep is called "Times Vibes" and was released in March through Conspiracy Records. The Neokarma Jooklo Trio have been around for a few years now and have released at least two previous albums which are on my shopping list and as soon as I find them you will probably hear the results on this site.

12. The Legend - 73 In 83 (Creation)
For some reason I've recently been digging out all of the early Creation Records singles and listening to them in order (shut up I know what you're thinking). I had forgotten just how good most of their early releases were so, just in case you have no idea what I'm blabbering on about I'm going to post one track from every seven inch in every Fodder until I get either bored of told to stop. This track was the first release on Creation back in 1983. (CRE001)

13. Engineers - Emergency Room (Kscope)
Taken from the album "Three Fact Fader".

10th July - London, Bush Hall
8th October - Leeds, Academy

14. Laurel Aitken - Halfway To Paradise (Pressure Drop)
Taken from the album "Says Fire" which was originally released back in 1969. It has recently been re-issued on cd through Pressure Drop which I think has something to do with Cherry Red and contains a lot of bonus tracks. I'm not usually impressed by bonus tracks because they tend to be stuff which was not good enough to feature on a regular release but the tracks on here make it well worth the entrance fee.

15. Scul Hazzards - Keep Quiet (MP3)
Taken from the "Slaughtered Pigs" ep.