Monday, June 15, 2009

Camera Obscura - KCRW Session, 12th June 2009

About ten years ago I first heard Camera Obscura on the John Peel show on radio 1. It was a track called "Your Sound" which was the a-side of a seven inch single released on And More Sound records. If I remember I'll find it this week and put it in a future "Fodder". The debut album "Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi" was also one of my favorites including such classics as "Eighties Fan" & "Sun On His Back". The thing is they have always been one of those bands who despite making tremendous records always seemed destined for only limited recognition (see Ballboy, Delgadoes Etc.). That was until this year. Whether it has something to do with their move to 4AD Records or just people in places actually listening to something which is not particularly fashionable. Either way I for one am delighted to see Tracyanne and Co. finally being played to a wider audience. The new album "My Maudlin Career", the promotion of which this session is part, is well up to the usual standard as the band continue their hundred percent record in front of goal. Now I for one always find cover versions interesting. Especially versions of songs which in their original form you could only describe as "crap" of "embarrassing" and on this session Bruce Springsteen's "Tougher Than The Rest" is attempted and executed particularly well. It's just a shame it's original author wasn't.

Tracyanne Campbell - Vocals, Guitar
Kenny McKeeve - Guitar, Vocals
Carey Lander - Keys, Vocals
Gavin Dunbar - Bass,
Lee Thomson - Drums
Francois Marry - Guitar, Percussion
Tim Cronin - Trumpet, Percussion

1. Intro
2. Swans
3. Honey in the Sun
4. Forest and Sands
5. Interview
6. French Navy
7. James
8. Tougher Than the Rest
13. Outro
14. You Tell a Lie