Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Half Man Half Biscuit - Glasgow Arches, 21st May 2009

Another storming set by the boys from the Wirral. I hope there will be a new album at some point this year

1. Took Problem Chimp To The Ideal Home Show
2. Petty Sessions
3. Fuckin' Ell It's Fred Titmus
4. Four Skinny Indie Kids
5. Dickie Davies Eyes
6. Restless Legs
7. Outbreak Of Vitas Gerulaitis
8. For What Is Chatteris
9. Shit Arm Bad Tattoo
10. Bob Wilson Anchorman
11. Look Dad No Tunes
12. Totnes Bickering Fair
13. Them's The Vageries
14. Paintball's Coming Home
15. National Shite Day
16. Bad Review
17. Bad Losers On Yahoo Chess
18. 24 Hour Garage People
19. We Built thid Village on a Trad Arr Tune
20. Trumpton Riots
21. Vatican Broadside
22. Joy Division Oven Gloves
23. A Country Practice
24. Time Flies By
25. Taste of Cindy

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Forty Five)

1. The Big Pink - Stop The World (4AD)
New material from the band who gave us the brilliant "Velvet" a few months ago. If you pop over to their website and register for e-mail updates you get a free download of the Gang Gang Dance remix of "Velvet" which is well worth getting.

2. The Vera Violets - Destroyer (Safranin Sound)
It seems like quite a while since we last heard anything from the previously impressive Safranin Sound label but it's good to see they are still releasing quality records. This track comes from their latest release which is a new record by The Vera Violets. I think this is their second album but I could be wrong.

3. Kate Simko - Fear Of The Unknown (Ghostly International)
Taken from the album "Music From The Atom Smashers".

4. The Layaways - Come Back Home (Self Released)
This is a track from the latest lp by the Chicago outfit. It's called "The Space Between" and can be downloaded for free from the bands website HERE

5. The Sleepover Disaster - On A Sunday (Devil In The Woods)
Another track from the excellent lp "Hover" which must be one of my most played records so far this year. I know I probably say this every year but I genuinely believe that 2009 has seen some of the best records in years.

6. The Ruling Class - Flowers (Shelflife)
This is taken from the London band's "Tour De Force" EP which was released ages ago through Shelflife. They have a new record scheduled for release on 20th July. It's a seven inch single which contains the tracks "Sleeping Beauty" & "Marian Shrine" and will be released on Loog Records. Hopefully the band will have some copies secreted to their persons when they play at The Duchess in York next week.

30th June - York, 130a Club @ The Duchess
21st July - London, 100 Club
11th September - Leicester, Sumo

7. Bruce Stallion - Feet Of Clay Davis (Probuscus Records)
Taken from the "Bruce Stallion" EP. Cunning eh...

8. Camera Obscura - You Told A Lie (4AD)
Taken from the current and rather wonderful LP "My Maudlin Career". I fail to see how anybody can fail to take something good from this record. Even Nix likes it!!

9. Unicorn Kid - 80900000 (MP3)

10. Half Man Half Biscuit - A Legend In My Time (V.I.P. Dub)
I've spent quite a lot of time this week sorting through boxes of old cd's which have at some time or another become misplaced and chucked in boxes. Some great stuff was rediscovered, most of which I had completely forgotten about including a set of cdr's I burned a few years ago the source from which I have completely forgotten but the label is credited as VIP Dub? This track comes from one of those and is a rather good version of Don Gibson's "A Legend In My Time".
I've got a rather good recent bootleg by the Biscuits and you'll be able to hear that on this site next week.

11. Grey Machine - We Are All Fucking Liars (Version) (Hydra Head)
I need more records like this. This is the b side of a new single by Grey Machine who come from Carlisle in Pennsylvania. Apparently there is an lp in the pipeline and I can't wait to hear it.

12. We Have Band - You Came Out (Kill Em All)
New single

13. Scul Hazzards - Kerosene (MP3)
Taken from the "Slaughtered Pigs" EP

14. Crystal Antlers - Dust (Touch & Go)
I'm probably the last person on the planet to hear this record but I'm glad I finally did. Taken from the album "Tentacles".

15. Ornaith O' Dowd - Five To Four (mp3)

16. Lee Perry with Dubblestandart & Ari Up - Chase The Devil (G-Corps Remix) (Collision Cause)
Mr Perry returns once again with more dub madness. Lee must be one of the most prolific artists of all time. He seems to have been making records forever yet I've never heard one I didn't like. The new record "Return From Planet Dub" sees the legend (a mere 73 years old) hit the back of the net yet again. This time he is joined by production team Dubblestandart and Ari Up formerly of The Slits. This particular track features Ari quite heavily and is the track I keep coming back to.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Fall - HMV Forum, 10th June 2009

Another top recording by the Consortium.

1. Intro
2. Hot Cake
3. Wolf Kidult Man
4. Cowboy George
5. 50 Year Old Man
6. Funnel Of Love
7. Psykick Dancehall
8. A Figure Walks
9. Rebellious Jukebox
10. Bury
11. (break)
12. Reformation
13. Outro

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Forty Four)

1. The Lovely Eggs - Have You Ever Heard A Digital Accordion
Quite simply the love of my life at the moment. The Lovely Eggs come from the English town of Lancaster and consist of David and Holly, who used to be in Angelica (remember them?). Their debut album "If You Were Fruit" is available now.

2. Weakness - Fame (In The Fridge)
Taken from the Washington bands self titled debut album.

3. Steve Summer - Shake The House (Jack For Daze)
This is one of three tracks on the debut 12" by Steve Summer. This particular track was apparently recorded on an old analogue tape recorder which may or may not add to your listening pleasure. This is the second release on the Jack For Daze label. The first was a twelve inch by Neville Watson which is hopefully being treated with care in the Royal Mail sorting office en route to my house as we speak.

4. The Field Mice - If You Need Someone (Sarah)
I'm considering doing some kind of Sarah Records special in the not too distant future. I'm not sure exactly what form it will take as yet but I think it would be quite good to post the first track from each of the singles 1-100. If you have any better ideas let me know.

5. The Zookeepers - Bubbling Brine (Self Released)
This is a track from the new Zookeepers record "Ballin' Outrageous" which I think is the second Zookeepers record but I could be wrong, usually am. This isn't the best track on the album by a long way but it does contain the best sample I've heard this year.

6. The Longcut - The Last Ones Here (Melodic)
I had almost forgotten about The Longcut. It's been three years since the Manchester band released their debut album "A Call & Response" on Deltasonic Records and it was undoubtedly one of the best records of the year. The new album is called "Open Hearts" and produces the same kind of abrasive pounding moments as the first although, it's probably just me but I get the impression that the band were possibly slightly pissed off at various times in the recording process. The downloadable version is available now from the usual outlets but if you want hard copy such as a CD or Vinyl you will unfortunately have to wait until October. You can however pre order those formats from the bands website.

19th June - London, The Luminaire
20th June - Stoke On Trent, Old Brown Jug

7. Clark - Luxman Furs (Warp)
Another winner from the album "Totems Flare" which is rapidly becoming the most played album so far this year in my house. This really is a record which you need to have in your collection preferably in it's double vinyl format when it is released on 18th July.

8. Fruit Sand - Tell Me Before (Clinic Tapes)
taken from the album "The Renaissance".

9. Bob Log III - Manipulate Your Figments (Fat Possum)
...and the prize for title of the week goes to...

10. The Orb - A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld (Bootleg)
I still have a soft spot for The Orb. This track was recorded live at this years Coachella Festival.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Camera Obscura - KCRW Session, 12th June 2009

About ten years ago I first heard Camera Obscura on the John Peel show on radio 1. It was a track called "Your Sound" which was the a-side of a seven inch single released on And More Sound records. If I remember I'll find it this week and put it in a future "Fodder". The debut album "Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi" was also one of my favorites including such classics as "Eighties Fan" & "Sun On His Back". The thing is they have always been one of those bands who despite making tremendous records always seemed destined for only limited recognition (see Ballboy, Delgadoes Etc.). That was until this year. Whether it has something to do with their move to 4AD Records or just people in places actually listening to something which is not particularly fashionable. Either way I for one am delighted to see Tracyanne and Co. finally being played to a wider audience. The new album "My Maudlin Career", the promotion of which this session is part, is well up to the usual standard as the band continue their hundred percent record in front of goal. Now I for one always find cover versions interesting. Especially versions of songs which in their original form you could only describe as "crap" of "embarrassing" and on this session Bruce Springsteen's "Tougher Than The Rest" is attempted and executed particularly well. It's just a shame it's original author wasn't.

Tracyanne Campbell - Vocals, Guitar
Kenny McKeeve - Guitar, Vocals
Carey Lander - Keys, Vocals
Gavin Dunbar - Bass,
Lee Thomson - Drums
Francois Marry - Guitar, Percussion
Tim Cronin - Trumpet, Percussion

1. Intro
2. Swans
3. Honey in the Sun
4. Forest and Sands
5. Interview
6. French Navy
7. James
8. Tougher Than the Rest
13. Outro
14. You Tell a Lie

Saturday, June 13, 2009

David Gedge & The BBC Big Band

On the face of it this must be one of the strangest ideas ths boy Gedge has ever had. Taking a selection of his classic Wedding Present and Cinerama songs and performing them with what can only be described as a big band, given away slightly by the fact that they celebrate under the moniker of the BBC Big Band. This surreal event took place at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in David Gedge's hometown of Leeds on 29th April as part of the Fuse Festival. So does it work? If you missed the programs, two half hour sets broadcast on BBC Radio 2 then you really must give this a listen as you will probably never hear it's like again. It really is a bit of a strange experience. Most of the tracks actually work pretty well. Brassneck for example sounds incredible. The only song which to my ears falls down completely is "And When She Was Bad" but what do I know. Please use the comments facility below to vent your opinion on this... erm... thing.

>>>Part One<<<

Download Pt1

1. Cat Girl Tights
2. And When She Was Bad
3. My Favorite Dress
4. 2, 3, Go
5. Hello & Goodbye

>>>Part Two<<<

1. Come Play With Me
2. Carolyn
3. Heather
4. Don't Touch That Dial
5. Brassneck

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Forty Three)

1. Loveninjas - She Broke His Penis In Two (Labrador)
Taken from the 2006 album "The Secret Of The Loveninjas".

2. Black Channels - Feral Children (Demo)

3. Ackboo - Bangladesh Dub (Roots Youths)
This is the first record I've heard on the Roots Youths label. The catalogue number is RYR1009 which indicates at least eight previous releases.... I'm on it.....

4. The Brownies - It Kills (NR One)
More quality from the NR One stable. This track comes from the debut album by fellow Norwich residents The Brownies. The album "Ourknife Yourback" will be released on 22nd June but can be pre-ordered now from the NrOne website.

5th June - Sunderland, 7even
9th June - Edinburgh, Whistlebinkies
10th June - Dunfermline, Feature @ Montys
11th June - Leslie, The Greenside
12th June - Glasgow, Cosmopol
13th June - Aberdeen, Fudge @ The Moorings
14th June - Stirling, Bulge @ Cape
15th June, Manchester, Fuel
16th June - London, Offset/Artrocker @ Buffalo Bar
17th June - London, Club The Mammoth @ The Macbeth
19th June - Bury, Toughen Up! @ The Old Maltings
21st June - Southend, Southend Fringe Festival @ Saks
22nd June - Ipswich, Steamboat Tavern
23rd June - Norwich, B2
24th June - Chelmsford, Bitterscene

5. Pop Will Eat Itself - PWEI-zation (Chapter 22)
Whatever became of Pop Will Eat Itself? This track is take from their 1989 release, the superbly titled "Very Metal Noise Pollution" EP which I only have on cassette. I presume it was on vinyl too. I have a feeling I probably purchased this for the packaging as it comes in a very nice cardboard box type thing with the cassette tucked away in the middle.

6. Boy Genius - Blame Love (Self Released)
This is the excellent new single by Brooklyn's king of pop Boy Genius. If only we had more records like this.

7. Ducktails - Friends (Not Not Fun)
This is a trackfrom what I believe to be the debut Ducktails album which is well worth a purchase for the sleeve alone. I think there are 100 black vinyl pressings floating around one of which needs to find it's way to my house.

8. Evanti - Unleash The Essence (StraightOn Black)

9. Dananananaykroyd - Infinity Milk (Best Before)
Taken from the Glasgow band's debut album "Hey Everyone". The "Dans" as they are known around here are playing at quite a few festivals over the course of the summer.

23rd June - Glasgow, Nice n Sleazy
2nd July - London, New Slang @ McClusky's
5th July - Kent, Hop Farm Festival
7th July - London, LOTW @ Vibe Bar
14th July (my birthday) - Belfast, Waterfront
18th July - Cheltenham, 2000 Trees
19th July - London, Lovebox Festival
1st August - Derbyshire, Y-Not Festival
7th August - Invernesshire, Belladrum Festival
14th August - Leicestershire, Summer Sundae Festival
21st August - Hasselt, Pukklepop
28th August - Reading Festival
30th August - Leeds Festival

10.The Joy Formidable - Chwyrlio (Friends Vs Friends)
This is the b-side of the bands current single "Whirring" which I picked up at their recent York gig which I have to say was totally brilliant. They played a new song during their set which sounded great and I can't wait for some new material. This track is basically a mellowed out Welsh version of "Whirring".

11. Engineers - Brighter As We Fall (Echo)
Apparently it has taken two years for Engineers to record this follow up to their 1995 debut but the wait has been worth it. The new album "Three Fact Fader" will be released through Echo next month. The only date planned at the moment will take place at Bush Hall in London on 10th July. I hope there will be a more widespread tour later in the year. I remember seeing them in York a few years ago and they were tremendous and had one of the best projection shows I can remember seeing.

12. Pullover - Holiday (Starfish)
A nutritious portion of indiepop from 1996.

13. The Cubists - Hallelujah Hollywood (Semi Precious)
Taken from the album "Mechanical Advantage".

14. Clark - Rainbow Voodoo (Warp)
Chris Clark is back with a new album and it is a stormer. The new record is called "Totems Flare" and has been on my i-pod pretty soliudly for the last few days. "Totems Flare" will be released through Warp on 13th July (the day before my birthday) on cd, download and double vinyl.

15. The Lovely Eggs - If You Were Fruit (Cherryade)
The Lovely Eggs are completely new on me although they released a seven inch last year entitled "Have You Heard Of The Lovely Eggs" to which we can now retort a resounding YES!!! This track is taken from the Lancaster duo's debut album "If You Were Fruit" which is available now through Cherryade Records.

12th June - London, Twee As Fuck @ Buffalo Bar
13th June - Brighton, Put It On Promotions @ West Hill Community Hall
18th June - Cardiff, Loose Club (with Shonen Knife)
20th June - Manchester, Mrs Boon's Tea Party @ TV21
20th June - Stoke On Trent - Norfolk Inn (with Moofish)
26th June - Blackpool, West Coast Cafe (with The Three Ages Of Elvis)
25th July - Ripley, Indietracks Festival
26th July - Ripley, Indietracks Festival

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart & Manhattan Love Suicides - Live In Leicester

Right then. This will probably be the last Pains Of Being Pure At Heart posting for a while. There is such a thing as overkill after all. This one is a bit special though because we also have a recording of the support band, the wonderfull Manhattan Love Suicides. These sets were recorded at Leicester, Musician on 15th May.

>>>The Manhattan Love Suicides<<<

1. Never far From You
2. Misery City
3. Keep It Coming
4. Jonny Boy
5. Veronica
6. Suzy Jones

>>>The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart<<<

1. Intro
2. Doing All The Things That Wouldn't Make Your Parents Proud
3. This Love Is Fucking Right!
4. Young Adult Friction
5. Come Saturday
6. The Tenure Itch
7. Stay Alive
8. 103
9. Everything with You
10 .The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
11. (break)
12. Kurt Cobain's Cardigan
13. Hey Paul