Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Forty Two)


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1. The Loves - Kaleidoscope (In My Head) (Fortuna Pop)
The Loves have been around for a while now. Almost a decade in fact and in that time (according to their myspace page) have gone through around thirty members. I don't think even The Fall have had that kind of turnover in the last years. One thing that hasn't changed a great deal though is their sound. They still know how to write a good tune and make it sound just how it should. This track is taken from their latest album "Three" which is oddly enough their third album and I think possibly their best yet.

2. Dinosaur Jr - I Want To Know You (Pias)
They never give up do they. Just when you think you've seen the back of Mr Mascis as a creative force back come his Dinosaur Jr roaring into your headphones with a damn good record. The new album is called "Farm" and although it doesn't have the same energy as say "Bug" or Green Mind" this record will not let you down. "Farm" will be released through Pias on 22nd June.

9th June - London, Mojo Honours Show @ The Forum
10th June - Derby, Rockhouse

3. The Big Pink - Velvet (4AD)
I really do love this track. I know it's been on here before but this version has a different intro which is just the excuse I need to play it again.

4. Fingees - Until You Went Away (MP3)

5. Evanti - What You Want (StraightOn Black)
I know I'm always banging on about records you should own but this is a record you must own. I fail to see how normal life can be archived without a healthy dose of this track at least twice a day. Yes it really is that good. I'm going to see if I can get hold of the other releases on StraightOn Black as soon as possible just in case there is anything else as good as this.

6. Half Man Half Biscuit - A Country Practice (Probe Plus)
Whenever I'm feeling peeved the one thing guaranteed to put a smile back on my face is a Half Man Half Biscuit record (or possibly a home made lasagne). This track comes from the 1998 album "Four Lads Who Shook The Wirral".

7. Kap Bambino - Dead Lazers (Original Mix) (Because)
This is the "proper" version of the new single which is taken from the new LP "Blacklist" which is released next week.

9th June - Glasgow, Captains Rest
11th June - Leeds, A Nation Of Shopkeepers (must find out what that is)
12th June - Nottingham, Chameleon Arts Cafe
13th June - Birmingham, Rainbow
14th June - Bristol, Cololer
15th June - Cardiff, Buffalo Bar
16th June - London, Album Release Party @ Cargo

...and then the band go off into Europe to participate in tons of festivals, details of which can be found on their myspace page.

8. Emma - Couch Potato (Mp3)
The B side of the single "Emma Not".

9. Dweazle - Choices (DMP)
This is the latest offering from Dweazle, about whom I have no information whatsoever. Storming tune though.

10. Dreamdate - Fishes (Skywriting)
This is another track from the album "Patience" which has been one of the best surprises of the year.

11. Duchess Says - Ccut Up (Backyard)
A ripple of excitement vibrated across North Yorkshire yesterday as a result of the new Duchess Says EP thumping down on my doormat (address now changed, please amend). I've been pacing up and down impatiently waiting for some new material since last years slightly brilliant "Anthologie Des 3 Perchoirs" Lp last year so imagine my disappointment (taken out on the nearest skirting board and resulting in a sore toe) to discover that all four of the tracks on here were on last years album. To be perfectly honest the first track on this EP "Black Flag" is probably one of my least favorites but we will let that pass because the other three are top stuff and as of next week you will be able to purchase this on a very sexy ten inc slab of vinyl.

12. Miss Haliwell - Amblecoat (Elementary)
This has been pretty much staple fodder on my i-pod this week. It's just a great song and is allegedly taken from an album called "Die Son Die" which I've not heard and is the soundtrack to a film of the same name which I've not seen.

13. Spectrum - War Sucks (Mind Expansion)
Good to see Mr Boom still making records, and not bad ones at that. Perhaps he could try and persuade Mr Sheilds to do the same.

14. The Mary Onettes - Kicks (Labrador)
Definitly the best track on the current "Dare" EP. I must admit this track actually brings tears to my eyes.