Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Forty Two)


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1. The Loves - Kaleidoscope (In My Head) (Fortuna Pop)
The Loves have been around for a while now. Almost a decade in fact and in that time (according to their myspace page) have gone through around thirty members. I don't think even The Fall have had that kind of turnover in the last years. One thing that hasn't changed a great deal though is their sound. They still know how to write a good tune and make it sound just how it should. This track is taken from their latest album "Three" which is oddly enough their third album and I think possibly their best yet.

2. Dinosaur Jr - I Want To Know You (Pias)
They never give up do they. Just when you think you've seen the back of Mr Mascis as a creative force back come his Dinosaur Jr roaring into your headphones with a damn good record. The new album is called "Farm" and although it doesn't have the same energy as say "Bug" or Green Mind" this record will not let you down. "Farm" will be released through Pias on 22nd June.

9th June - London, Mojo Honours Show @ The Forum
10th June - Derby, Rockhouse

3. The Big Pink - Velvet (4AD)
I really do love this track. I know it's been on here before but this version has a different intro which is just the excuse I need to play it again.

4. Fingees - Until You Went Away (MP3)

5. Evanti - What You Want (StraightOn Black)
I know I'm always banging on about records you should own but this is a record you must own. I fail to see how normal life can be archived without a healthy dose of this track at least twice a day. Yes it really is that good. I'm going to see if I can get hold of the other releases on StraightOn Black as soon as possible just in case there is anything else as good as this.

6. Half Man Half Biscuit - A Country Practice (Probe Plus)
Whenever I'm feeling peeved the one thing guaranteed to put a smile back on my face is a Half Man Half Biscuit record (or possibly a home made lasagne). This track comes from the 1998 album "Four Lads Who Shook The Wirral".

7. Kap Bambino - Dead Lazers (Original Mix) (Because)
This is the "proper" version of the new single which is taken from the new LP "Blacklist" which is released next week.

9th June - Glasgow, Captains Rest
11th June - Leeds, A Nation Of Shopkeepers (must find out what that is)
12th June - Nottingham, Chameleon Arts Cafe
13th June - Birmingham, Rainbow
14th June - Bristol, Cololer
15th June - Cardiff, Buffalo Bar
16th June - London, Album Release Party @ Cargo

...and then the band go off into Europe to participate in tons of festivals, details of which can be found on their myspace page.

8. Emma - Couch Potato (Mp3)
The B side of the single "Emma Not".

9. Dweazle - Choices (DMP)
This is the latest offering from Dweazle, about whom I have no information whatsoever. Storming tune though.

10. Dreamdate - Fishes (Skywriting)
This is another track from the album "Patience" which has been one of the best surprises of the year.

11. Duchess Says - Ccut Up (Backyard)
A ripple of excitement vibrated across North Yorkshire yesterday as a result of the new Duchess Says EP thumping down on my doormat (address now changed, please amend). I've been pacing up and down impatiently waiting for some new material since last years slightly brilliant "Anthologie Des 3 Perchoirs" Lp last year so imagine my disappointment (taken out on the nearest skirting board and resulting in a sore toe) to discover that all four of the tracks on here were on last years album. To be perfectly honest the first track on this EP "Black Flag" is probably one of my least favorites but we will let that pass because the other three are top stuff and as of next week you will be able to purchase this on a very sexy ten inc slab of vinyl.

12. Miss Haliwell - Amblecoat (Elementary)
This has been pretty much staple fodder on my i-pod this week. It's just a great song and is allegedly taken from an album called "Die Son Die" which I've not heard and is the soundtrack to a film of the same name which I've not seen.

13. Spectrum - War Sucks (Mind Expansion)
Good to see Mr Boom still making records, and not bad ones at that. Perhaps he could try and persuade Mr Sheilds to do the same.

14. The Mary Onettes - Kicks (Labrador)
Definitly the best track on the current "Dare" EP. I must admit this track actually brings tears to my eyes.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ride - Paris 1990

Ok so it's not the best sounding bootleg in the world but I think this is a very good performence from a band at the top of their game. Ride in 1990 were magnificent and if you don't have a copy of their first album in your collection hopefully this set will inspire you to rectify the situation asap.

1. Seagull 
2. Taste
3. Dreams Burn Down
4. Like A Daydream
5. Paralysed
6. Perfect Time
7. Drive Blind 
8. Chelasea Girl

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Forty One)

1. Johnny Foreigner - Feels Like Summer (Best Before)
This is a new single from Birmingham's ace Johnny Foreigner who I would be seeing this week had I not run out of money. It will be available officially from 22nd June through the bands Myspace site

17th May - Manchester, Deaf Institute
18th May - London, Flowerpot (FREE GIG!!!)
20th May - Liverpool, Sound City @ Barfly (with Hot Club De Paris, Tubeord & Calories)
21st May - York, Fibbers
22nd May - Wakefield, Escobar
23rd May - Newport, Meze Lounge
24th May - Northampton, Roadmenders
20th June - Bradford, The New Beehive

2. Crocodiles - Summer Of Hate (Fat Possum)
This is the title track from the American band's debut album which if memory serves is released next week. I've got a Crocodiles live recording as well but I haven't had chance to listen to it yet. If it sounds ok I'll stick it on the site next week.

3. Banjo Or Freakout - The Week Before (Half Machines)
Banjo Or Freakout appears to consist of just one bloke, Alessio Natalizia who as the name might suggest is Italian but is based in London. This as far as I know is his first release. It's a six track E.P. called "Upside Down" which has been released on twelve inch vinyl and that is the format I would recommend. I think we should start a campaign to bring back the twelve inch as the main format. It's just so big and beautiful. 

23rd May - London, Twisted Licks @ The Macbeth (with 65 Days Of Static & Giratory System)  

4. Cut City - Departure In Particular (Deleted Art)
Another new twelve inch E.P. This time it's some new stuff from Cut City. Regular visitors will remember we featured a couple of tracks from their brilliant "Exit Decades" album last year. Well the Swedes are back with a new five track E.P. it's called "Narcissus Can Wait" and if you buy the twelve inch version you get a download voucher so you don't actually have to play it... Genius 

5. Dead Leaf Echo - Half Truth (Northern Star)
This is the first track on the new Dead Leaf Echo mini album which can be purchased in it'sentirety through Northern Star Records in the UK or Tonevendor of you're not.

6. Dananananaykroyd - Totally Bone (Best Before)
Taken from the new album "Hey Everyone". 

20th May - Preston, The Mad Ferret
21st May - London, Stag & Dagger @ 93 Feet East (with The Twilight Sad)
22nd May - Leeds, Stag & Dagger @ The Library (with Vivian Girls)
23rd May - Glasgow, Stag & Dagger @ Captains Rest (with The Mai Shi)
24th May - Aberdeen, Moshulu

7. The Voluntary Butler Scheme - Tabasco Soul (Split)
This is a track from the Stourbridge band's new seven inch single which will be released through Split Records in June. 

21st May - London, Stag & Dagger Festival
23rd May - Bristol, Dot To Dot Festival
24th May - Manchester, International Festival
26th May - Manchester, Academy 3 (supporting Jason Lytle)
28th May - London, Islington Academy (supporting Jason Lytle)

8. The Fall - Cowboy George (Bootleg)
This is one of the new tracks which can be found on the bootlegs further down this page. Hopefully the new album won't be too long away and will be the best for years (I say that every time a new Fall album appears). Thanks as always to The Consortium for their sterling recording efforts this season.

9. Sinner DC - Sunrized (Ai
This is probably my favorite track on the new album "Crystallized" which according to the Airecords website sounds like "The London Symphony Orchestra being put through an electronic mangle then taken to a Berlin studio to be hung out to dry". 

10. The Primitives - Really Stupid (Lazy)
Even though it's almost twenty three years since this record was released it still sounds remarkably fresh. Originally issued in October 1986 through the Coventry band's own Lazy Record label, indiepop don't get much better than this.

11. Monroes Pills - Walking With Lenin (Self Released)
Monroes Pills come from Moscow, Russia (just in case you now of another one) and this track is take from their self released "Pet's Riots" E.P.

12. The Joy Formidable - Austere (Self Released)
Taken from the debut album "A Balloon Called Moaning" which is one of the strongest debuts of the year thus far and I'm looking forward to seeing them in York for the second time in a couple of weeks. The band will be releasing a new single "Whirring" next month. 

31st May - Liverpool, Barfly
1st June - Newcastle, Academy 
22nd June - York, Fibbers
3rd June - Derby, The Royal
5th June - Manchester, Ruby Lounge
7th June - Birmingham, Bar Academy
8th June - London, Borderline
9th June - Cambridge, Portland
10th June - Southampton, Joiners Arms
11th June - Brighton, Audio

13. Gappy Ranks - Football (Mp3)
I'm glad this season is over to be honest. This season has seen the worst York City team in history and things can only get better. At least the manager seems to be signing some half decent players now but only time will tell. This track is great although I can't quite put my finger on why. There were some really good football compilations released through Exotica about ten or fifteen years ago but I can't for the life of me find any of them. If you have any of the Exotica compilations please get in touch.

14. Lucky Elephant - Edgar (Sunday Best)
This track comes from a new double a-sided single from the London band and will be followed by an album at the end of July.

15. Future Gravity - The Engineer (Demo)
More great stuff from the east (Finland to be precise).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Williamsburg

I'm hoping to get to see The Pains myself on Tuesday but at the moment the world is conspiring against me in that respect. Still whatever happens I can always just listen to this really loud and pretend life wasn't such a cod. This set was recorded a couple of months ago in Williamsburg which without the aid of an atlas will remain lost to me. A superb performance of many of the tracks from the bands classic debut album which I'm sure is somewhere on your i-pod as we speak. I can't wait for some new material...

1. Hey Paul
2. This Love Is Fucking Right
3. Come Saturday
4. The Tenure Itch
5. 103
6. Kurt Cobain's Cardigan
7. Everything With You
8. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Orb - Close Encounters Of The Ultraworld

This is a popular bootleg which I suppose most Orb fans will already have. Personally I do prefer the earlier stuff and everything on here was recorded during The Orb's trek around Europe in 1992. "Little Fluffy Clouds" and "Towers Of Dub" sound particularly fine to my ears (not saying much). I think Alex Patterson lost the plot a bit during the mid to late 1990's but perseverance is a wonderful thing and the last couple of records have been first rate. Anyway this is The Orb at their finest...

1. Departure
2. Spanish Castles In Space
3. Little Fluffy Clouds
4. The Blue Room
5. Towers Of Dub
6. Star 6 & 7,8,9
7. Earth (Gaia)
8. Close Encounters

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Forty)

01. Seven Inches - To Boldly Go (Indie-Mp3 Records)
The Indie -Mp3 label gets of to a flying start with it's first release, a seven inch single by The Seven Inches who come from just down the road in Leeds. This is one if three tracks on their "Open-Ness & Honesty E.P." which will be released on 1st June. The title track is a bit of a belter as well. 

02. Ear Pwr - Beam Of Light (Carpark)
Taken from their excellently titled "Super Animal Brothers III" album which will be released through Carpark Records on 19th May.

03. The Appleseed Cast - A Bright Light (Militia)
Taken from the new album "Sagarmatha" which is definitely one of this years must have albums.

04. Scott Tuma & Mike Weis - On Cox (Digitalis)
Well I think the best way to describe this record is... interesting. This track is taken from a vinyl only album called "Taradiddle". I'm not sure how widely available this is but it's well worth tracking down.  

05. Pocketbooks - Cross The Line (How Does It Feel To Be Loved)
Taken from the London bands debut album "Flight Paths" which will be released through How Does It Feel To Be Loved in July. 

30th May - London, Goonite Club @ The Wilmington Arms
9th June - London, White Heat @ Madame Jo Jo's (with The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart)
25th June - Derbyshire, Indietracks Festival
26th June - Derbyshire, Indietracks Festival

06. Pterodactyl - Share The Shade (Jagjaguwar)
Taken from the album "Worldwild". 

07. The Delgadoes - Pull The Wires From The Wall (Chemikal Underground)
I still miss The Delgadoes. For me their early stuff was superior but I think it's true to say they never made a bad record. This is one of their singles from 1998.

08. Kap Bambino - Dead Lazers (Maton Remix Bin Mix) (Because)
At last. A new record from the wonderful Kap Bambino. The new album "Blacklist" will be released on 1st June and is preceded by a new single "Dead Lazers" which comes in about a thousand different mixes all of which are top top top. If the new album is half as good as last years "Zero Life Night Vision" then a treat is what we are in for. 

14th May - Brighton, The Hope (Great Escape Festival)
14th May - Brighton, Ocean Rooms Basement (Great Escape Festival)
9th June - Glasgow, Captains Rest
11th June - Leeds, A Nation Of Shopkeepers
12th June - Nottingham, Chameleon Arts Cafe
13th June, Birmingham, Rainbow
14th June - Bristol, Cololer
15th June - Cardiff, Buffalo Bar
16th June - London, Album Release Party @ Cargo
25th June - Glastonbury Festival

09. 5 Turns 25 - Desert Ants (Scattered Disc)
By the looks of it 5 Turns 25 are intending to release about a hundred records this year. They sent me a very nice sampler last week with tracks from most of them and I think this is probably the pick of the bunch. It comes from a CD called "Combined Efforts" which doesn't appear to be available from the bands Myspace as yet, but I'm sure it won't be long.

10. Nokeys - Eyes Of Riot (Mp3)
I don't have any info on this at all. It's just a great track.

11. Go Faster - Good Times (Alcopop)
Go Faster are the hottest thing in Liverpool right now, and you can take that to the bank. This track is from their debut E.P. "A Modern Education" without which your summer cannot be complete.

20th May - Liverpool, Sound City @ Liverpool University (with The Rascals & Sound Of Guns)

12. City Centre - Gladest (Self Released)
This is another band I have very little information about. All I know is that they come from New York and they have created a brilliant debut album. You'll be hearing a lot more from these boys on this site in the near future. Apparently the record will be released in the UK on 25th May. 

13. A Place To Bury Strangers - Missing You (Rocket Girl)
I really would like to see these guys live. They sound like they should be really really loud. This track is taken from their latest E.P. on Rocket Girl. There are a couple of decent remixes of "To Fix The Gash In Your Head" on here as well. I'll include one in a future Fodder if I remember.

14. Art Brut - DC Comics & Chocolate Milkshake (Cooking Vinyl)
Taken from Art Brut's third album "Art Brut Vs Satan" which is available now through Cooking Vinyl. I missed them when they played in York a couple of weeks ago. I was next door with Mr Vincent watching Sky Larkin instead. Oh well, maybe next time.

15. Dreamdate - Tables (Skywriting)
Taken from the excellent album "Patience".

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Fall - Glasgow Arches, 30th April 2009

This may well be the last time we hear The Fall before the new album rears it's head later in the year, but what a way to finish. Pleased to see another outing for "Cowboy George" which is rapidly becoming one of my favorite tracks of the year. I just hope the studio version does it justice when it finally appears. This gig was recorded at The Arches in Glasgow as part of the Hinterland Festival and is a very decent performance. Nice version of "White Lightning" at the end as well. 

1. Intro
2. Strangetown
3. Wolf Kidult Man
4. Cowboy George
5. My Door
6. I've Been Duped
7. 50 Year Old Man
8. Bury
9. (break)
10. White Lightning
11. Outro

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Thirty Nine)

Download Here

1. Butane - This Is Your Brain On Music (Crosstown Rebels)
Taken from the album "Endless Forms". 

2. Quest For Fire - Bison Eyes (Tee Pee)
Taken from the Toronto bands self titled debut album which will be released through Tee Pee records on 9th June.

3. Diverted - Big Baby Fear (Thursday Club Recordings)
Taken from the London band's self titles debut album. 

4. Yppah - The Son Saves The Rest (Ninja Tune)
I'm really into this record at the moment. Taken from the album "They Know What The Ghost Know" which will be available all over the place from next week. 

5. Bounty Killer & Lieutenant - Not Another World (MP3)

6. Hatcham Social - Sidewalk (Fierce Panda)
By the time you read this I will hopefully have seen these guys at The Duchess in York. This is another track from the brilliant debut album "You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil". 

6th May - York, The Duchess
7th May - Liverpool, Barfly
8th May - Glasgow, ABC 2
9th May - Wakefield, Escobar
15th May - Brighton, The Great Escape @ The Hope
1st June - Cardiff, Barfly
2nd June - Derby, The Royal
4th June - Bath, Moles
12th July - Brighton, Loop Festival

7. The Legends - Always The Same (Labrador)
I've been looking forward to this album for ages and disappoint it does not. It will be released through Labrador on 6th May and also contains the excellent "Seconds Away" which if you've been paying attention you will recall from previous Fodders. They don't seem to have any live dates in the pipeline but then they never do... Lazy gits!

8. Dirty Summer - Camp Carnival (Winning Sperm Party)
Another band which featured on last years "Hit The North" compilation of new Scottish bands is Dunfermline's Dirty Summer who have popped up again with a full albums worth of stuff and damn fine it is too. "The Purity Ball" is the bands debut album and can be downloaded for free from the Winning Sperm Party website. 

21st June - Edinburgh, The Electric Circus

9. Moose - Suzanne (Hut)

10. The Answering Machine - Obviously Cold (Heist Or Hit)
Taken from the Manchester band's debut album "Another City, Another Sorry". They are currently out and about supporting Twisted Wheel who I must confess to truly disliking in quite a big way. This is a great record though. 

11. Japandroids - Wet Hair (Unfamiliar)
Another top tune from the new album "Post Nothing" which was released last week. 

12. The Sleepover Disaster - Friend (Devil In The Woods)
This is a record which has been part of my staple diet for the last week or so. High in fibre and very nutritious it reminds me of an early Catherine Wheel.  This track comes from their debut album "Hover" which has been around a couple of months but has only just found it's way to North Yorkshire. Now if only it's creators could do the same...

13. Sky Larkin - Matador (Wichita)
Taken from the Leeds bands debut album "The Golden Spike" which is finally released this week. Seems to have been in the pipeline for ages. 

3rd May - Birmingham, The Victoria
5th May - Dublin, Academy 2
6th May - Belfast, Auntie Annie's
8th May - Canterbury, The Farmhouse
16th May - Brighton, Great Escape
23rd May - Liverpool, Sound City

14. The Vaselines - Think You're A Man (Sub Pop)
I had forgotten just how good The Vaselines were and now there is a brand new compilation to remind us. It's called "Enter The Vaselines" and contains just about everything the Glasgow band produced. It comes as a two disc set. The first disc is basically the same as the 1992 compilation "The Way Of The Vaselines" while disc two contains lots of live tracks and demos. If your new to The Vaselines this is a pretty essential purchase. 

15. Butane - Mutation (Crosstown Rebels)

Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Fall - Camden Crawl 2009

Recorded on 25th April at the Electric Ballroom in Camden as part of this years Camden Crawl The "mighty" Fall play a bit of a blinder. I'm really starting to like this line up and the sooner the new album is finished the better. One of the highlights in this set is the first appearance (as far as I know) of a new track called "Cowboy George" which is quite stunning. And Mark's back on his feet as well!

1. Intro 
2. Strangetown
3. Wolf Kidult Man
4. Cowboy George
5. 50 Year Old Man
6. Funnel Of Love
7. Bury
8. (break)
9. Reformation
10. Latch Key Kid
11. Outro