Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Thirty Six)

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1. Dananananaykroyd - Watch This! (Best Before)

This is a track from the best named band in Glasgow's new album "Hey Everyone!" which is quite simply bloody fantastic and available now.

16th April - London, Camden Barfly

25th April - London, Camden Crawl

1st May - Amsterdam, London Calling @ The Paradiso

2. Social System - Up Below It (Archipel)

Taken fron the album "Autumn > Spring" which is the fourth CD release on the Archipel label.

3. Magik Markers - Don't Talk In Your Sleep (Drag City)

This is definitely the best thing Magik Markers have done to date. Don't get me wrong I've enjoyed their previous albums by no small amount but this record is massive. The new album is called "Balf Quarry" and will be released through Drag City on 5th May. 

4. Primal Scream - Higher Than The Sun (Creation)

I played this earlier for no other reason that I wanted to hear it again and it still sound utterly mighty. Doesn't sound dated at all to my ears. 

5. The First Solidarity - Rootin' For A Tootin' (Lucky Hole)

The First Solidarity advise you to listen to this through decent speakers which is a damn good tip although I find decent headphones work just as well. This track comes from an E.P. called "Side By Side 001". 

6. South Ambulance - Davy Crockett (Indiecater

I'm sure your already familiar with this tune as it seems to be popping up all over the place at the moment, or maybe it's just my imagination. It comes from the new South Ambulance record which is cunningly titled "E.P.4) which is as you might have suspected the Swedish bands fourth E.P. although I'm pretty sure their previous material was on Labrador Records. The band say "E.P. 5" will be inflicted upon us later in the year. 

7. Fangs - S.I.C.K.O. (King Tuts) 

New single from the Glasgow band.

30th April - Glasgow, Hinterland Festival

2nd May - Glenrothes, Greenside

15th May - Brighton, The Great Escape @ Komedia

20th June - East Kilbride, East Kilbride Arts Centre

8. The Candy Twins - Good Friends (Lost Music)

Taken from their impressive "Sad Glad Songs" E.P. which unfortunately will be one of the final releases on Lost Music as Trev has decided to call it a day which is a great shame as there have been some fantastic records on Lost over the last few years. 

23rd May - Hampton, Party On The Pool

16th July - London, Dublin Castle 

9. Clark - The Magnet Mine (Warp

This new E.P. by Chris Clark almost slipped through the net. If your a regular in these parts you will undoubtedly remember me banging on about Clark's brilliant "Turning Dragon" record last year, well this is just as good. It's a six track E.P. called "Growls Garden" and was released a few weeks ago. Apparently we are going to be treated to a new album later in the year. My nipples quiver with expectation.

10. Easy Star All Stars - When I'm Sixty Four (Easy Star)

Let's face it if you were going to cover the whole of The Beatles "Sargent Peppers" album you would have to be either incredibly bold or very stupid. I'm not entirely sure which category Easy Star All Stars fall into but that is exactly what they have done and to be fair it's not a bad effort. Some of the tracks sound a bit over cooked but on the whole it's quite an enjoyable listen. This is my favorite track on the album particularly after about 2.40 when it goes all dubby. There is a whole festival of guest vocalists used throughout the album including the likes of Luciano, Max Romeo, U-Roy, Steel Pulse, Kirsty Rock, Matisyahu and so it continues. This track features the not inconsiderable vocal talents of Sugar Minott. The album is called "Easy Stars Lonely Hearts Dub Band" and will be released through their  own Easy Star label next week. 

11. Fallen - Clung To The Wreckage (Dizzy) 

This is one of the best records to fall through my letterbox recently. It's a very sexual three inch CD called "Feathers" on the rather reclusive Dizzy Recordings. Apparently there are only thirty of these so I'm not sure how easy it'll be to secure one but if you can it's well worth the effort. You could probably start at