Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Bloody Valentine - The Palladium, Texas, April 2009

This is the latest bootleg from the American leg of the MBV tour. The sound is a bit on the quiet side for such a loud band but all in all not a bad recording. The rumours continue about the promise of some new material this year but still no official word. 

This is what the Dallas Morning News had to say about the gig.

 By PRESTON JONES / Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News 

As the crowd filed into the Palladium Ballroom on Wednesday night, each person was handed a fresh pair of earplugs. While the protective devices are not an uncommon sight at rock shows, it's rare when a band insists on providing them.

But then, most bands don't have My Bloody Valentine's reputation.

Fronted by the enigmatic, exacting Kevin Shields, the Dublin-formed and London-based foursome (vocalist-guitarist Bilinda Butcher, bassist Debbie Googe and drummer Colm Ó Cíosóig ) lived up to its billing as one of music's loudest acts. Indeed, the finale – "You Made Me Realise" – was capped by nearly 15 minutes of sustained, tooth-rattling, gut-thumping cacophony; there was a veritable blizzard of feedback, some white noise, and, buried somewhere in there, the crash of Ó Cíosóig's cymbals.

For 90 minutes, from within a cocoon of dense, strobe-lit murk, My Bloody Valentine – which kept the stage patter to an absolute minimum – riveted a sadly thin but nevertheless ecstatic audience. Visceral in every sense of the word, the punishing wall of sound reeled from Shields' and Butcher's barely there vocals to spiraling guitar lines to thudding, breath-catching bass to cascading percussion.

My Bloody Valentine, which has only five U.S. dates scheduled, delivered the sort of performance that sticks with you long after the house lights come up and one which will surely be remembered come year's end. It's difficult to articulate precisely what it meant – and most crucially, felt like – to see and hear one of the most respected bands in the world do what it loves.

1. I Only Said
2. When You Sleep
3. You Never Should
4. When You Wake
5. Cigarette In Your Bed
6. Come In Alone
7. Only Shallow
8. Thorn
9. Nothing Much To Lose
10. To Here Knows When
11. Slow
12. Soon
13. Feed Me With Your Kiss
14. You Made Me Realise


  1. Part 1 isn't working for me.. anyone else having problems?

  2. Anonymous12:45 am

    links broke

  3. having problems downloading both parts. Any chance you could re up them?

  4. actually, just having a problem with part 1.

  5. Seems to be working ok now.

  6. Anonymous11:22 am

    track 6 in part one is corrupted

  7. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Thanks for the recording.
    Above is right, Come in Alone is corrupt...
    Any chance of fixing it for us??
    It's such a shame to not have the complete show, because the recording is really good!!!

    THANK YOU!!!

  8. I've re-uploaded Part One which now seems to work fine. Should be no more probs

  9. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Track 6 Come in Alone is still corrupt, any chance of upping just that track on its own? Many thanks for sharing this,

    All the best,

  10. Anonymous2:06 am

    Part 2 is not working.

  11. thanks for sharing....would it be possible to get a lossless copy?

  12. nevermind, i've already got this in lossless format, i was thinking (hoping) it might be a different taper. thanks for sharing!

  13. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Any idea whether Josh Pearson's support set was taped?

  14. Thanks for sharing this.

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    Once again excellent work.