Thursday, April 23, 2009

Inspiral Carpets - Demo Tape

I'm not entirely sure how rare (or not) this tape actually is. It was issued in 1988 on the Inspiral Carpets own Cow label with the catalogue number DUNG 4. I still actually remember buying it from Track Records in York principally because it looked interesting and was cheap, £3.99 I think which was a bargain for eleven tracks and I was only a skint young lad at the time spending any money I could lay my mucky mitts on on records. This is a bit of a classic though and still actually sounds quite good today. I always thought of this as the first album, recorded over three days after Christmas in 1987. As far as I know it was only ever on tape and will have therefore bypassed a lot of peoples ears. I still think "Joe" and "Butterfly" sound better than the later versions.

1. Keep The Circle Around
2. Seeds Of Doubt
3. Joe
4. Causeway
5. Inside My Head
6. Sun Don't Shine
7. Theme From Cow
8. Butterfly
9. 26
10. Garage Full Of Flowers
11. 96 Tears


  1. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Don't suppose you fancy selling it?


  2. Carlos12:37 pm

    I still have this in my atic, never got round to converting it so thanks!

  3. Anonymous3:11 pm

    ^ What Carlos said...except replace attic with the ex-wife. Who had a skip. Cheers!