Friday, April 10, 2009

The Flatmates - Central London Polytechnic, 28th November 1987

A pretty good recording for the time. A little bit tinny but I think it all adds to the atmosphere of the thing. Sounds like there was a pretty rough audiance at this one. At one point Debbie asks if someone could be kind enough to fetch her some lager to which a kind gentleman in the audience replies "Do you wanna drink it or wear it?". Nice

1. Tell Me Why
2. Sports Car Girl
3. Happy All The Time
4. So In Love With You
5. My Empty Head
6. When I'm With You
7. Barbarella Blue
8. This Thing Called Love
9. I Could Be In Heaven
10. You're Gonna Cry
11. Life Of Crime
12. Shimmer
13. Every Day
14. Happy All The Time
15. I Could Be In Heaven