Friday, April 03, 2009

The Fall - Koko, 1st April 2009

The Fall on April Fools Day, marvellous. Not that I'm saying M.E.S. is a fool but he must have looked rather comical beetling around the stage in his wheelchair like Chorlton & The Wheelies (due to his broken hip). I just wish I could have been there. Still I guess this is the next best thing. Not the best recording in the world, slightly on the quiet side but decent never the less and by the sounds of it a damn fine performance by the Godlike one. 

1. Hot Cake
2. My Door Is Never
3. Wolf Kidult Man
4. Fall Sound 
5. 50 Year Old Man (Part One)
6. 50 Year Old Man (Part Two)
7. Funnel Of Love
8. Chino Splashback
9. Latch Key Kid
10. I've Been Duped
11. Carry Bag Man
13. Reformation
13. (break)
14. White Lightning
15. Blindness
16. Outro


  1. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Actually that photo is one of the few times you could actually see him, as he spent much of the gig hidden behind the amp on the left (as thats where the lyric sheets were).
    For the last 3 songs he'd disappeared completely backstage somewhere. You could hear him but not see him !
    Rumours that he was in a taxi on the M1 are unconfirmed.


  2. The full set of my pics is here:

    Pleased you liked 'em enough to illustrate the blog with one! (Grabbing that recording now...)


  3. Anonymous11:21 pm

    ..glad you like my recording...
    if I ever find this in MP3, or any other lossy format, I will be upset.

    But turn your stereo up and please enjoy.

    Foxyducker, the taper