Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pod Fodder (Volume Thirty Eight)

1. The Appleseed Cast - As The Little Things Go (Militia)
I just love this track. It's the first track on the new Appleseed Cast album "Sagarmatha" which is available now on Militia. I must admit to not having heard a great deal of their previous work but on the strength of this record I'll certainly be checking them out.

2. Reigns - Everything Beyond These Walls Has Been Razed (Monotreme)
This records has been hiding in the pile for ages and I feel kinda bad for not listening to it earlier. Reigns come from somewhere down south and this is a track from their excellent "The House On The Causeway" album which apparently was released last month on the increasingly impressive Monotreme label.

3. Clark - Seaweed (Warp)
Another top tune from Chris Clark taken from the recent "Growls Garden" EP. Can't wait for the new album. 

4. Copy Haho - Bad Blood (Big Scary Monsters)
Taken from the EP "Bred For Skills & Magic". 

30th April - Glasgow, Hinterland Festival @ The Arches (room 2)
31st April - Glasgow, Hinterland Festival @ Classic Grand (DJ set)
8th May - Edinburgh, This Is Music @ Sneaky Pete's
9th May - Aberdeen, Teenage Lust @ TBC
12th May - Southampton, Joiners (with Johnny Foreigner & Calories)
13th May - Birmingham, Victoria (with Johnny Foreigner & Calories)
15th May - Leicester, Sumo (with Johnny Foreigner & Tubelord)
16th May - Carlisle, The Brickyard
17th May - Manchester, Deaf Institute (with Johnny Foreigner & Calories)
18th May - Sheffield, The Harley (with Electric Tape Recorder & Sycamore)
19th May - Glasgow, Stereo (with Crystal Antlers & Viking)
21st May - York, Fibbers (with Johnny Foreigner & Calories)
22nd May - Wakefield, Escobar (with Johnny Foreigner)
23rd May - Newport, Meze Lounge (with Johnny Foreigner & Calories)
24th May - Northampton, Roadmenders 3 (with Johnny Foreigner & Calories)
25th May - London, Old Blue Last
3rd June - Aberdeen, The Tunnels (with Joan Of Ark & Love Of Everything)

5. La Snacks - Kristin Was A Meterologist (Self Released)
La Snacks come from Austin, Texas and so probably had quite a time at SXSW. I just wish there was something as good in the UK. This track is taken from the EP "Newfangled". 

6. Morton Valence - Funny Peculiar (Bastard)
There's nothing like a portion of pop when you're feeling miserable. This is a track from the debut album by Morton Valence who come from London and have an interesting way of financing their releases. They are offering you a chance to invest in their next record in return for a percentage share in the release. Obviously they are one of a growing number of bands who can see the way the music industry is changing and in my opinion for the better. See theirMyspace page for more details. The album "Bob & Veronica Ride Again" will be released through Bastard recordings on 25th May.

7th May - London, Electric Ballroom (with Art Brut)
8th May - London, Islington Academy 2
21st May - London, Islington Academy 2
4th June - London, Islington Academy 2

7. Pterodactyl - First Daze (Jagjaguawar)
Every week there is at least one record which changes my life in some way. This week it's the turn of Pterodactyl of whom I know next to nothing apart from the fact they have made an incredible record. It's called "Worldwild" and is available now through rough trade. I always like it when you can't pin down a bands influences and I have no idea what these guys have been listening to but I don't like to know too much. Records always sound better when there is a sense of mystery about their creators. This is actually the second Pterodactyl record. I can't wait to hear the first. 

8. F - The Untitled Dub (7even Recordings)

9. Magik Markers - The Lighter Side Of...Hippies (Drag City)
Another track from the Brooklyn band's new album "Balf Quarry" which will be released on 5th May. The sound of the summer!

10. The Coathangers - Killdozer (Suicide Squeeze)
This album is rapidly becoming one of my favorite records and if you haven't downloaded the live set further down this page then I would recommend you do so post haste. The album is called "Scramble" and will surely contain at least two tracks that will be in you end of year lists. 

11. Man Like Me - 9 Lives (Our Time)
Taken from the London bands debut self titled album which will be released on 11th May. 

7th May - London, New Slang @ McCluskys
9th May Bristol, The Lanes
14th May - London, YOYO
16th May - London, Dirty South

12. Art Brut - Just Desserts (Cooking Vinyl)
...well this is as good as anything on the new album. It's the b-side of the new single "Alchoholics Unanimous" and in my opinion is better than the a-side with Eddie at his lyrical best. 

13. Brighter - Noah's Ark (Sarah)

14. Dreamdate - How Low Are You (Skywriting)
Taken from the Californian bands second album "Patience" which is released this week through the well named Skywriting label.

15. Dananananaykroyd - (Best Before)
Another track from the new album "Hey Everyone".

16. Man Is Slapped - Running To The Airport (Demo)Italic
I saw Man Is Slapped just last week supporting Casiotone For The Painfully Alone at Fibbers in York and well impressed I was too. Lots of twiddly bits and improvised beats. I think I actually enjoyed his set more than Casiotone! This track comes from his four track demo which can be downloaded for free from the Man Is Slapped mypace page.